Jerry Seinfeld’s nightmare hour has maybe caused this contestent’s divorce from his, admittedly, ticking time bomb nightmare wife. Oh, how surprising. What can’t celebrities debating the edited-for-reality-tv marital issues of fame-seeking couples do?

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  1. I also blame Jerry Seinfeld for all my romantic failures. Admittedly, I may have less basis to do so, but I will not let a silly thing like logic detract from my grudge match!

  2. “The producer kept saying her lips looked great, and all of a sudden she was getting a lot of Botox…She wants to do Playboy. We almost got kicked off the show because she was putting racy photos on Facebook…Since then, she’s appeared in a New York-based reality pilot, “Shopaholics.”

    Jesus Christ, this guy should be thanking Seinfeld for saving him!

  3. So, his wife’s desire to attain fame without accomplishing anything is Jerry Seinfeld’s fault now?

    Very cool husband. Very cool wife. Very cool values. I hope they have kids to pass them on to.

    • Right? I mean, yes, Jerry Seinfeld is grating and should be blamed for all the world’s problems, from the housing bubble to my hair frizzing in the humidity, but this husband is just a prick. Also, going on a show to promote your spa business? What? “You know, i really should treat myself. A deep-tissue massage, get a nice ear candling…does anyone know a place? Oh, what’s that? Those two awful people who chose to use a fledgling, comedically-themed tv show to air out their personal matters ALSO happen to own and operate a spa? TO THE BATMOBILE!”

  4. Yes, it is all Seinfeld’s fault that you willingly signed up to be on a show about bickering couples so you could promote your spa business and make tons of money. That’s insane underpants gnome logic.

  5. I don’t care for that host. I say we say it’s his fault.

    • Isn’t Tom Papa technically the host/criminal mastermind?

      • I’d just like to se credentials. Who’s this guy, just waltzing in from off the street and being some all powerful arbitrator in these peoples lives? In front of an audience? Shouldn’t these things be happening in private? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, TOM PAPA?

  6. Dear Mr. Kohlenberg:

    We formally invite you to the secret cabal of people who don’t link Jerry Seinfeld. Meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month.


    The Airline Food Chefs of America and The Union of DMV Employees

  7. Alec Baldwin, what do you think? DO men have a problem? DO they flip through the channels too often? SHOULD they wait to see if the show is any good before moving on? FIND OUT THE ANSWER WHEN WE COME BACK!

    Seriously though this show’s from another fucking planet/dimension.

  8. This is just like that time Maury Povich forced me to lie during that lie detector test about how he made me cheat on my girl right after he made me try to make out with a skank in his green room.

  9. Ratings: ‘Family Guy’ Repeat Beats out ‘Marriage Ref’ Season Premiere

  10. “Jerry, Mr. Billionaire, I blame. And his show,” he said.

    Yeesh. Someone get this guy a Sentence Construction Ref!


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