For years, no one has had the courage to record themselves in their bedroom in their parents’ basement giving a profanity laden anti-NASA rant and posting it to the Internet. UNTIL NOW! YouTube user UFOHunterVlog has FINALLY broken his legendary silence about the American space program in the second part of his devastating expose into whether or not NASA should go fuck itself. (Full Disclosure: I have not actually seen “Fuck You NASA!!! (Part 1)” but I kind of feel like I get it? Pretty sure I get it.) This guy really lets NASA have it! Those motherfuckers. He is mad as hell and he is not going to take it anymore. And by mad I mean probably clinically diagnosable with any number of mental health problems. And by not going to take it anymore I mean a bunch more vlogs very much like this vlog on the wayyyyy!

Headphones UP!

My favorite part about this whole video is the idea that the alien visitors are actually super nice and want to e our friends, but NASA just doesn’t think we can handle it. FUCK THEM! (Thanks for the tip, Benjamin.)

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  1. So if. YouTube can predict the future, maybe I can predict the future of YouTube.

    This guys next video will suck.

  2. When I first saw the title of this post, I thought it said “Fuck you Nasal!!!” which has an entirely different context. I am disappoint.

  3. You might even say, that he is…mercurial? no really, you might say that.

  4. This guy special orders his posters.

  5. Part 2 is definitely a lot like Part 1 and I got pretty bored during it, but at least Zach Galifianakis was funny.

  6. It’s a damn shame that this video didn’t come out during the Great Autotune Craze of 2010. A goddamn motherfucking shit ass cunt bitch of a shame.

  7. “One of these days, NASA. TO THE MOON! POW!” – Glackie Jeason

  8. Apparently, NASA is tweeting the human race?

  9. i didn’t realize NASA was so powerful.

  10. True Storygum: I joked on Twitter a few weeks back about wanting to go to Space Camp. Someone from NASA tweeted back that there is an adult (not ADULT XXX, though that would also be awesome) version of Space Camp. WHY ARE WE ALL NOT THERE RIGHT NOW, YOU GUYS?!

  11. This video is much better if you believe that he has every word written out on a teleprompter.

  12. “Fuck you bitches, we can handle the truth. We are more grownups than you are.” – Lt. Daniel Kaffee

  13. This guy is really pissed about Doctor Who’s midseason break. The truth is out there (I know that’s 2 different shows)

  14. NASA fucked ALL this guy’s bitches.

  15. Meanwhile, in a dark parking garage in Langley, VA:

    “He knows. He must be silenced.”
    “But we can’t just…”
    “I don’t care what it takes, all I want to hear from you is that UFOHunterVlog is… shall we say… out of commission…”

  16. “Bad things have happened.”
    -NASA, talking to this guy, crying

  17. Relax, SpaceJeremy

  18. The Croatian X-Files makes up in directness what it lacks in CGI budget.

  19. This guy talkes like my dad talks when he was giving me important talks. Make a point, and reiterate that point 20 times in the conversation. “So, like I was saying, motherfucker’s gotta know, that college is motherfucking important, so fucking, you know, work fucking hard, cocksucker. Work hard in college, fuckers, I won’t quit.”

  20. You guys, what if he’s right?

  21. Oh no! :(

    NASA may be weak but it is still really darn cool.

    PSA: LAST SHUTTLE LAUNCH EVER IS SCHEDULED FOR FRIDAY, JULY 8, 2011 at 11:26AM. Watch it live. I promise you won’t regret it. It is truly an end of an era.

  22. Wait… what was does he want to tell NASA?

    I’m not sure he really expressed a clear thesis or central theme for this video blog.

    JK you guys. I totally got the video (before you downvote me).
    Clearly this guy wants to have sex with astronauts. Get it?!

  23. You guys, it’s just a viral marketing campaign for HBO’s newest show Spacebound and Down featuring Michael Peña.

  24. I have to deal directly with people from NASA all the time for my job. I can say I pretty much agree with the guy’s sentiment, albeit for entirely different reasons.

  25. Well, this guy seems pretty worked up, but I feel he’s put the definitive stamp on his feelings behind NASA. He certainly won’t put out another 14 installments over the next six months and we certainly won’t be revisiting this guy at some point in December. I stake my reputation on this.

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