Hey, remember that other Eminem video when the Hobbit from Lost had a hotel fight with Megan Fox in a song about domestic violence? Those were the days. I’m not even sure what is going on in this video. I feel like I’ve already seen this video and it was a movie starring John Cusack and it was dumb then too. Did M. Night Shyamalan direct it? Just throw water on him! Hit a glass of water with a baseball bat and Eminem will go back to space. (He has an alien face now from Planet Yikes from the Too Much Surgery Star System.) Sasha Grey, though, you guys! Love her work. Very big fan of her work.

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  1. I don’t know if Identity is the right comparison. If anything, Sasha Grey’s success in entering mainstream entertainment proves that whores DO get second chances.

  2. What? Who is that? I have no idea who that is nor have I ever seen her naked or anything what why would I even say that? By the way I call dibs on the domain name PornGum no reason.

  3. “My greatest failure was never rhyming ‘succubus’ with ‘what’s up with this’.” – William Shakespeare, probably

  4. That’s the least enthusiastic Sasha Grey has ever been on camera.

  5. Did Eminem just make emo-rap? ‘Cause that is both awesome and tragic, all at once.

  6. For all the relationships that I’ve had that go from diner-date to murder-suicide, this jam gets it right.

  7. I think the slowmo soap dispenser was my favorite part.

  8. guys, I think Eminem needs a hug.

  9. When I was in highschool I asked this girl I liked if she liked Eminem.

    “Who’s Eminem?” she asked.

    “Like, the rapper,” I said.

    “I have M&M wrappers in my car,” she said.

    And that was pretty much the end of that.

  10. Did JJ Abrams direct this? Holy lens flares.

  11. “Very big fan of her work.”

    Well, now we know what Gabe did with his three-day weekend.

  12. Sasha Grey, please stop not doing porn.

  13. ‘Suck it, Universal Music Group.’ – me, after arriving here too late.

  14. Géza Horháth  |   Posted on Sep 20th, 2011 0

    Sasha Grey i love you!

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