• Paul Reubens discusses the status of his Pee Wee Herman screenplay for Judd Apatow and being nominated for an Emmy. I love you, Pee Wee. -THR
  • This is just a very cute little thing to have on the bumper of your car. -TheDailyWhat
  • The tea party’s self-financed TV show is sure to be a MAJOR hit with the no one. -Gawker
  • Every opening quote from The Wire – which I have never seen, I wish I could just download it into my brain, I really do — in under three minutes. -Warming Glow
  • Our first look at It’s Always Sunny‘s “Fat Mac.” Like normal Mac, except fat? You get it. He gained weight. Same Mac except fatter. Fat Mac. -Splitsider
  • Oh my god, this is the exact reason why I am going to be cremated instantly upon declaration of my death. AHHH! Read this, it is terrible! -BWE
  • Michael Bay made a model walk in the desert. NOT the dessert so don’t even think about it, MEN! Men are always thinking about that. -Film Drunk
  • Apparently Jennifer Anniston is shown topless in one of my most anticipated movies. MEN. -Celebuzz
  • The new Spy Kids movie is going to be shown in “Aromascope,” And by that I mean, that thing you’ve been eyelash wishing about has finally come true! -Movieline
  • The old, disgusting kombucha defense. -The Superficial
  • Maybe James Spader is going to be the new Office boss? -EW
  • Owen Wilson is singllleeee laaddiiiiessssssssssss. -Dlisted
  • John Krasinski are Aaron Sorkin are making a miniseries about the Chateau Marmont? -Just Jared
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  1. From what I could tell, Jennifer Aniston went topless at the set of one of your most anticipated movies. I mean heck, she supposedly were to have a “nude scene” in The Breakup, but that ended up not being the case. They left pretty much everything to the imagination that time as I suspect they will in Wanderlust as well. I guess that’s more enticing. It’s kind of like not showing the big bad monster in a movie because you imagining the big bad monster makes it so much more terrifying. No, wait, it’s not kind of like that; it’s EXACTLY like that.

  2. This is too much news for me to keep straight, and I’m telling all my friends that Aaron Spader is flashing his Pee Wee in the new Fat Kids movie.

  3. It appears NBC cannot decide what it wants to do with the Office. Spader was fantastic in the otherwise lame season finale.

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