I’ve never owned a cat. I lived with a cat once and it killed all the mice in our house, which was nice, but it also peed on everything and was unaffectionate and kind of acted like it didn’t even know there were ever any other living beings around it. Other than the mice, which it killed. It was a stupid thing to have around, if I can be direct about it. Though I am certainly not a cat person, maybe because — like I said — I’ve never owned a cat. I’ve only had dogs. But I’m sure there ARE cats that are cool to be around, I guess. Not that I want to get into a big cats vs. dogs debate because really who cares, they’re all fine, whatever, let’s not discuss it, unless you want to, then by all means, but oh my God this cat is A JERK!

“Boxing.” Uh, no? Not boxing. Your cat is ONLY being a jerk. And also you are being a jerk. (Via VVV.)

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  1. It’s Friday! Time for something puzzlingly stupid.



  2. That cat is a bully! Don’t worry, pup, it gets better.

  3. Kelly: this cat is a jerk
    Ian: ahem all cats are jerks, they sometimes look cute on the internet but they are all jerks

  4. Nuh-uh. The cat is small and feels threatened and just wants to be left the eff alone, but that big dog keeps bugging her and being an annoying jerk. Don’t worry, cat, I’m on your side.

  5. Manny Pacquimeow

  6. Dog = My Motorola Droid. Cat = AT&T Network.

  7. That dog could end that cat at any moment it pleases. It chooses not to. I would just like that to be known.

  8. I like to think the dog is glad to accept the cat’s lightweight jabs. I’m sure he’s thinking ‘Really? Well, fine I guess. I mean, you’re still hitting me, which is hilarious, so you might as well keeping going. Feel free, cat.’ And I’m sure the cat is thinking ‘GOD I HATE YOU DOG!’ #ThingsImSureAbout

  9. Poor dog! He keeps looking at the lady taping the assault as if to say “why are you allowing this, human?”

  10. whoops, sorry for the double post! what a dumb tizzdogg.

  11. Heaven just got a little more Peter Falk…RIP, Princess Bride Grandpa!

  12. My cat does this to my 6-month-old Pug.

    In related news, my cat is a jerk.

  13. That cat is declawed and clearly confused by it’s own impotency. I think he needs to talk it out with Dr. Birdie.

  14. This is actually a common reaction you face when trying to sniff a woman’s crotch. I understand your pain, dog.

  15. Every time my cat does this to my dog, I laugh at him. My dog also does not care in the least that he is taking tiny little cat jabs to the face.

  16. uhh my cats are both really nice and they chase each other around the house and bite and bat at each other. It’s how they play. Now, I can see that this particular cat looks really pissed, but it’s just because he’s not getting his point across which is, “I know we are friends sometimes, but right now we are not friends”
    Very cute dog ;) (and that’s from a cat person)

    PS- I kind of hate always having to be a cat diplomat. It’s not fair how much people hate cats… and that’s how i feel when i step in a steaming pile of dog crap left by a cat hating dog owner. booo to bad dog owners! You are giving those sweet little poop machines a bad name!

  17. I think the dog just wants to lay his head down. C’mon cat! Not everyone wants your lady parts! Typical cat pysche.

  18. I like cats and dogs, you guys. I don’t understand why so many people act like you can only like one or the other. They are both cute and furry and ridiculous.

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