Hi, guys! I hope you’re as excited about reliving this week in GIFs as I am. Because I am VERY excited. So many things happened this week! I can hardly wait. In fact, I can’t wait. In fact, let’s all click through right now together!

Gabe liked the season finale of Game of Thrones!

Gabe, and everyone else, hated the season finale of The Killing!

Our generation finally got our own Salsa Dog: El Willy!

Running With Scissors was, in fact, the worst movie ever of all time!

Tom Hanks is great! (This GIF is not that great, though.)

Britney Spears‘ new video was very strage!

We had a fake interview with Ian McShane!

And, finally, today is Mindy Kaling’s 32nd birthday! Happy birthday, Mindy Kaling!

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  1. Britney gif party!

  2. Dear Mindy Kaling,

    Please be my best friend, big sister, and mentor.

    xoxo Kate

  3. So I guess I’m still weirdly attracted to Evan Rachel Wood for some reason, super

  4. More like “This week in Little Red X’s on my Phone”, right, a minority of you?

  5. Wait, not to reopen an old fight, but was that really the problem? Another reason I love still having my regular ol’ DumbPhone.

  6. Ok, I know this is a weird cross-pollination of over-saturated pop culture figures LONG PAST their time in the spotlight, but doesn’t Britney totally look Sarah Palin-ish in this shot:

    You know you see it too!

  7. This is probably a unique experience for my week in GIFs but I begrudgingly watched Happy Endings and fell in love with it.

  8. I liked “This week in GIFS” way better when it wasn’t pushed into this corner and just flowed naturally in the “this weeks best comments” thread.

  9. It’s Friday!

    I’m outa here.

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