I don’t know, it’s not like they’re weird or anything? They’re just, I mean — listen, I’m not trying to put this dog on the spot about any of the noises he’s making. It’s just that they’re all SO correct it would be more of a thing to not point out how correct they are, you know? I’m just saying what everyone is thinking. (Thanks for the tip, Nate!)

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  1. Meanwhile, there’s a redneck in West Virginia that is trying to spit out some Skoal that sounds like a Boston Terrier.

  2. Now that’s a good E.T. impression boy, I would give you a Reese’s Pieces but dogs can’t have chocolate

  3. I like how he’s smiling like he’s in on the joke. And also that thing that he does where his mouth is closed but just the very tip (TWSS, obvs) of his tongue is sticking out is like the cutest/funniest thing that pets do, ever. Not sure why, it just is.

  4. Where is this dog located, exactly? Do we have a uh… a city? Or an address?

    Asking for a friend.

  5. JJ Abrams really swung for the fences with Cloverfield 2.

  6. I still say Heath Ledger was the best Joker.

  7. Hm, it seemed to me like the person was making those noises, not the dog…

  8. I don’t know if this dog really likes having it’s belly rubbed, but i support it. It’s cute.

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