Wow, that is very horrible to see! Don’t look at this unless you want to see something shocking and horrible. (“Yes, please.”) Apparently the 7-11 employee who is seen hit in the surveillance camera footage sustained leg injuries, but is recovering well. That’s good! But! WHAT! What even happens in this video? Why does that women get out so casually and where does she go? Why does the other person FALL out? Why did they go to 7-11 in the first place? Was it to get taquitos? Which ones? Spinach and buffalo chicken? What is going on here? Holy moly. They, the police, have not yet caught Willaisha Rankins, the driver, but they at least know that her name is Willaisha Rankins and that she is a nurse from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, where Tina Fey is from, so I’m sure that they will probably find her soon since they know her entire life story already.

As a small aside, when you go on the campus tour of the University I attended, they tell you that the 7-11 on campus is the “highest grossing 7-11 in the country.” Is that true? I doubt it. I don’t know they tell you that untrue fact, it’s not even flattering. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Can’t wait to hear what Roger Ebert has to say about this.

  2. Big Gulp

    That was my reaction, not what she was going to purchase

  3. is this an awkward time to ask if the Slurpee machine was alright or should I come back later?

  4. This is the better of the Cars 2 trailers I’ve seen.

  5. another reason why humans should not be allowed to drive cars

  6. Never forget 7-11.

    Is there a back door to this place? Don’t worry, I’ll see myself to it.

  7. Passenger: The cashier didn’t give me proper change
    Driver: we’re already in the car, just forget about it.
    Passenger: No i think i’ll go back in. Just wait here.
    Driver: But I have to be somewhere in like 5 minutes
    Passenger: C’mon it’s like 3 bucks… that’s a lot of money
    [something snaps]
    Driver: OK let me just get you a little closer….to….the….ENTRANCE!
    Passenger: Crazy b*tch
    [walks away]

  8. That looked like a video the lead detectives in a Hollywood action thriller/buddy cop movie would review when investigating a kidnapping. And one of the cops would definitely ask to “zoom in” and “sharpen” the footage.

  9. “Is that guy changing the trash? Oh no, I lost my engagement ring in that trash can! We’ve got to stop him!” – Probably what happened.

  10. I would never wish harm upon my local 7-11 cashiers. They never judge me when I make my weekly purchases of cheap wine and Star magazine. Okay, maybe they silently judge me.

  11. I tried looking for a GIF of the “big gulps, huh?” scene in Dumb and Dumber, but then got too sleepy and lazy. I am also eating a delicious burrito.

    So let’s pretend I posted it up here and everyone upvote me for the intention.

    Thanks everyone!

  12. It really does kind of disturb me how everyone just walks away. I assume everyone in that car was fucked up but it’s still upsetting to see them walk away without a second glance. In any case, this is a nice reminder that 85% of humanity is dangerously asinine and are barely functional.

  13. This is what they get for sponsoring ‘Super 8′

  14. He should’v gone inside a grabbed a Gator-AID!

    At least he’s alright. The Sun-chips always brighter on the other side.

  15. “If you have any information on this incident, call Detective Splain at 610-259-1228″

    It looks like the driver’s got some Splainin’ to do.

  16. I have friends that walk to 7-11, you guys. I’m worried for their safety.

  17. Improv Everywhere has gone too far this time.

  18. Did you by any chance go to Michigan State? Because they told my tour group the same thing about one of our (we had 3!) 7-11s. If you did not go to Michigan State, then I would have to guess that one of our tour groups lied, and that makes me sad.

  19. The anti-smoking warnings are getting very hyperbolic!

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