• Very impressive, very expensive, and incredibly gross Charlie Sheen mask that I would consider getting for Halloween if I hadn’t already decided on being Nick Burns. Just kidding I would never consider it. I’m definitely being Nick Burns, though. -Warming Glow
  • First still of Freida Pinto from Rise of the Planet of the Apes. And does anyone have her pager number for Gabe he just needs to ask her a quick question thanks. -ONTD
  • Jeff Garlin talks about British comedy, his health problems, and how stand-up comedy is like surfing. Not THAT he surfs, which is how I misread it the first time. -The Guardian
  • Emma Stone was offered the part in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies that Natalie Portman was once offered! Remember when Natalie was offered this part? -Just Jared
  • Footage from 1976 of the Toulambi tribe of Papua New Guinea encountering a white man for the first time. Ah! Watch this! -TheDailyWhat
  • Ron Howard is going to direct a live action Spy Vs. Spy. That…might be…good? -Deadline
  • Shia LaBeouf says Transformers: Dark of the Moon will be the “greatest 3-D film ever made.” But there are so many other good ones!!! -Movieline
  • Louis C.K. Mini Promise: Louis C.K. interview in Time Magazine. Watch his show tonight on FX! -Time
  • Addiction expert says Lindsay Lohan has a problem. PROVE IT. -Celebuzz
  • This walmart shopper HATES crime. -Dlisted
  • A look into some of the greatest TV writers rooms ever. -Splitsider
  • I bet you thought you knew what Green Lantern was, but you don’t really. -Film Drunk
  • A pretty great Tom Lennon interview, even though lots of the questions are a little weird. “Is Cameron Diaz the hottest person you have acted alongside?” Huh? Anyway, read this.  -Blackbook
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  1. That mask would be the perfect base for a really good Mr Cool Disguise costume. Now we can all try and not be recognized in public!

  2. “Garlin now resembles a supersized Jewish Elvis Costello” might be the greatest thing I have ever read

  3. I don’t understand why Shia Labeouf is still a thing. He is not a very good actor, people! He was Lous Stevens! He’s the poor man’s Ben Savage! And he opens his mouth way too much, and every interview with him makes him look like a pompous jackass who has no idea what he’s talking about. Go away, Shia The Beef!

  4. Guys, I’ve said this already, but is it lame to be bummed Pixar made a movie that has a lower rating on Rotten Tomatoes than Bad Teacher? Cause, uh, I am.

  5. Ha! That Wal-Mart shopper’s last name is Lawless. Because of course it is.

    Also, I didn’t know you could be called a good Samaritan by trying to stop kids from stealing beer. It doesn’t really live up to the Samaritan name, you know?

  6. Throughout that Toulambi video you can see the geniune concern on the tribemen’s face that, hey, maybe this guy is friendly right now, but really wants me to come back to his land and do some farming.

    • P.S. It’s really an amazing video, well worth a viewing. They check to see if the white rubs off (I did this with a black friend of mine when I was little.) And they’re amazed by matches and a knife, and are terrified of a mirror.
      P.P.S. That was in 1976. I bet they all have iPhones now.

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