Quentin Tarantino, filmmaker, had decided on Jamie Foxx (passing on Idris Elba, Terrence Howard, and Chris Tucker) for the lead in his next film, Django. In other news, this movie is definitely not a Django Reinhardt biopic, which some of us may have previously assumed it was.

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  1. Chris Tucker: Did I get the part?

    Chris Tucker’s Agent: Ha, no.

  2. my excitment for this has gone down about 25% thanks to Jaime Foxx.

    yup, sure good in Ray and Collateral, but when he plays “cool” or “badass” you can just SEE how hard he’s trying. and he will only make Tarantino’s dialogue that much more obviously overwrought….whereas Elba’s cool is effortless and he would make the overwrought dialogue feel like a 40 degree day.

  3. I guess I can understand why they passed up Idris Elba. TOO SEXY. TOO SMART. TOO GOOD AT ACTING.

    • Agree! On one hand I am happy for Idris Elba not to be in this, but on the other hand if he was in it that would be one more thing I could watch him in. Both my hands agree on one thing: they want to touch Idris Elba. That sentence sounds sloppy so let me rephrase: I want to touch Idris Elba with both my hands. Much better.

    • “I want to order a hit out on Quentin Tarantino.” -Stringer Bell to Avon Barksdale

    • They didn’t pass on Idris Elba, he was given the lead role in Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim. I remember when they reported on that news that people assumed that Jamie Foxx was a shoe-in for Django, and so it is. I demand a correction videogum, Idris Elba wasn’t passed on by Quentin Tarantino, Idris Elba passed on Quentin Tarantino and Jamie Foxx just gets the scraps.

  4. In Tarantino’s defense, Jaime Foxx is an Oscar winning actor. I believe that the Oscar was for this film

    • I love that one of the blurbs is “Crazy! Sexy! Foolish!”

      Also, because I am 6, I find it “Very funny” that the blurb about “Two thumbs up” is right under a circled butt.

  5. Clear oversight from the casting agency. This guy can do all Jamie Foxx does and then some.

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