Nothing gets me going in the morning like a good lego prank. I have to imagine that this particular lego prank, played on the general manager of Legoland, is part of a viral marketing campaign for Legoland only because, for one, every video I see on the internet I assume is part of a viral marketing campaign, and for two, I feel like I should want to go to Legoland now, after having seen this video. Except that I don’t! Because I bet it’s boring. Even if their employees play ridiculous pranks on their GM and then hold on his reaction for kind of an awkward amount of time. Have you ever been to Legoland? Is it as boring as I’m imagining it to be? Also, do you remember that episode of Full House where DJ put her principal’s car on the school’s roof as a senior prank? That’s what this is kinda like, because it’s a prank and it’s a car. Goooooood morning! (Via Reddit.)

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  1. But Gabe! You always say pranks are the worst. Now you are saying you need pranks to get up in the morning? Make up your mind, man.

  2. At least they didn’t put lego bologna on the hood of his car. That would have really boiled his blood.

  3. Something tells me these pranksters will either have less time for malarkey at work, or all the malarkey time, because fired.

  4. Just wait until he gets home to see his LINCOLN LOG HOUSE LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

  5. Oh man, Ann-hogs coming? Alright, load her in the car.

  6. That must have taken at least three of those Lego buckets to build.

  7. “I got into middle management for the cell phone holsters and Lego pranks.” -that guy

  8. This is really stretching the definition of ‘prank’, California staff of Legoland. Doesn’t the target of the prank have to be tricked or made to look the fool in some way? Pretty sure neither happens to this GM. And if you’re going to film his reaction maybe not have him know you’re filming him way before he reaches the dumb Legomobile. Speaking of the Legomobile, I can only assume that’s not actually made of individual Legos. No one put that together, it’s just a big plastic mold made to vaguely look as if it’s made of individual Lego bricks. In other words: FAKE! … Yeah this is lame.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually made out of Legos. A cursory search on Google shows Legoland full of crazier stuff than that car.

      And somehow, making a mold and then molding this as one giant piece seems somehow crazier.

      (Look at me, an adult making points/arguments about Legoland!)

      • I’d like to think they have Prankster Interns who work on those projects. ‘Prankterns, Susan is being a real bitch and needs to be taught a lesson. Make me a Lego package of Lego tampons. yes, a Legackage of Legopons. Have it on my desk before noon!’

  9. Whoa, somebody’s jocking my Autoblog-tip swag.

  10. That dude was about to shit a brick…

    …a Lego brick. Good Night Everybody!

  11. remember the time that DJ and Stephanie drove Joey’s car through the kitchen? that prank was so much better.

  12. Funny, I used to drive a volvo and everyone either called it the tank or the lego, on account of it being sturdy and square (physically and socially)

  13. I would like to leave a good review of Legoland. Now mind you I went when I was 12 and it was the original one in Denmark (thats right I’m a Legoland snob) but, it was amazing! They also have a really cool doll house there (not made out of legos) that I was highly captivated by. Basically I have no opinion on this prank but, I do have a high one of Legoland.

  14. My only experience with Legoland came one night last week when I couldn’t sleep and spent about twenty minutes looking through a friend’s Legoland photo album on facebook. It was truly the most boring twenty minutes of my life. Maybe it’s fun if you’re not an adult/are seeing it in person?

  15. related videos

  16. Once on Mythbusters they got an assist from a dude from Legoland. He had a title like ‘Senior Lego Engineer’ or something. He seemed pretty confident that he could build anything. They take their Lego-ing seriously over there. As they should, I reckon.

  17. Legoland California is definitely boring and full of too many screaming kids.

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