For awhile, it looked like Chace Crawford might star in the Footloose remake, but then that fell apart, I guess. This was after Zac Efron already backed out. At this point, you might think they just wouldn’t bother remaking Footloose, since they probably shouldn’t have been remaking Footloose in the first place, because who asked anyone to remake Footloose, but you would be so wrong it’s ridiculous how wrong you would be. Oh, they went ahead alright. First of all, they got Kenny Wormald. That’s right, KENNY WORMALD! Who’s laughing now? Stop laughing and tell me who Kenny Wormald is. Second of all, they released a trailer, and oh man. If you thought a remake of Footloose was silly, poorly thought out, and completely unnecessary, you were right, but, like, in a way that is so intense that it might scare you. Like, Nicholas Cage in Knowing right. (I have not seen Knowing, but it’s about how Nicolas Cage is almost TOO right, right? Right.) Wait until you see it. You’re gonna die. Wait. Well, don’t wait too long!! Watch here:

THIS IS OUR TIME, I’M SURE! It’s funny for the tagline to be “it’s our time” in a remake of a movie from 27 years ago. Is it? Is it our time? or is it 1984 still? I do like how the town made dancing illegal and so everyone just gets together in an old abandoned parking lot and FUCKS now. Whoa. I also don’t think I remember the part in the original when a bus exploded, but I also didn’t remember the part in the Three Musketeers trailer where they have to do battle with a dragon-shaped gatling gun on a floating pirate ship happening in the book but I’m sure it did. Memory is a tricky thing!

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  1. Quote from Kenny Wormald’s Wikipedia article:

    Wormald grew up in Stoughton, MA and began dancing at the age of 6 after his mom saw him dancing
    to a New Kids On The Block video.

    Cool story. Cool mom. When I was 6 I wanted to be an astronaut and also a weatherman. Too bad I wasn’t born a Wormald, or else you’d all have accurate predictions for when it was going to storm in space.

  2. This Kenny Wormald character doesn’t have a Teenage Rebel face, he has an 80s Game Show Host face.

    I don’t remember the original all that well, but why was dancing banned in that one? I had always thought it was just because the town was uptight and thought dancing was sinful, but in this one it looks like they banned it because kids were dancing and then got killed drunk driving? Did I misinterpret that? Because I don’t think the dancing was really the problem there (amiright, Roger Ebert?)

    • Oops, I asked about the reason for banning dancing in the original because I didn’t know if it was a new thing or taken from that one.

      Also, that looks like Ted Bundy’s car.

    • In the original dancing was just viewed as immoral. At the time of the film’s release it seemed plausible that a small town would try to make that happen but the remake doesn’t seem to make any sense whatsoever. Dancing led to drinking which led to driving? Make the first thing illegal! Okay, sure, great law book, small town.

      • Actually, in the first one, the Preacher’s son dies in a car accident on the way back from a dance (much like the remake), thus leading to the ban on dancing.

      • That’s what I was thinking, too. Nice attempt to update for modern times, but not well thought through. But then I considered the alternatives. They could have gone too far and made the town ban, I don’t know, sexting or whatever. We could all be watching a trailer for Textloose. So I guess we should just count our blessings.

    • those kids Dunn fucked up…but not 140 mph .196 BAC fucked up….they were just driving in the wrong lane or something. they should really watch where they are going.

  3. The scene where the guy tells Kenny Wormald that the car is a piece of shit but it’s all his if he can find a way to make it work seems pretty symbolic of this movie as a whole.

  4. Watched this a few days ago, without the audio, and I still sunk into a depressive funk. I just wish they’d turned the stage musical (OH YES, THERE’S A MUSICAL VERSION) into a movie rather than remake or reboot or reWHATEVER the original. That film’s hardly a game changing classic but it has Lithgow and thus actually seems to have a point for existing.

    • A movie based off of a musical based off of a movie? Why not, it worked for Little Shop Of Horrors! And Hairspray!

      • ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ did indeed work. ‘Hairspray’ not so much. Not so much at all. All I’m saying is at least it’d be more interesting in a batshit insane sort of way if this was a musical. I’d likely buy a ticket is all I’m saying (I’m the worst).

  5. is every movie going to have a moment where one character says “It’s OUR TIME!” now?

    very cool. very current.

  6. Next thing you know they are going to remake The Breakfast Club. They remake that, they remake Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, they remake it all. IT’LL BE ANARCHY!!!!

    • Pretty sure Zombie John Hughes would eat the brains of the producers of either remake before they started filming.

      Actually, THAT would be a cool movie.

    • The next big remake will be Pretty Woman with that new Roberts girl… Emma? And this time… she is okay with kissing! Richard Gere reprises his role.

  7. So then I assume you guys have seen the fan scene by scene remake: ?
    Because if you haven’t seen this, then you should probably take a minute and watch at least a little bit of this.

  8. “Rated Argh for pirates, fuck you.”

  9. i was going to say that kid’s boston accent sounds forced…but he’s from Stoughton, so maybe not. but it still sounds like he’s doing it wrong.

  10. I had to 720p the trailer and watch it in slow mo when the cop had the MA ID in his hands to verify whether or not that was actually the worst Boston accent ever.

  11. Chace Crawford turned it down because he is working on his Emmy. He can’t win an Emmy AND an Oscar in the same year.

  12. I made it to 1:19. Not bad, right?

  13. I can’t wait for the exclusive MTV interview with the kid playing Willard Hewitt where he says some fake bullshit about how “it’s a tremendous honor in recreating Chris Penn’s role and how he loved all of Chris Penn’s movies (he’s only seen Rush Hour) and how he studied for hours and hours Chris Penn’s dancing.”

  14. No matter who wins, we loose.

  15. I watched this movie probably 30 times growing up. I was obsessed with it. Granted I’m from a small southern town and I had Baptist friends who weren’t supposed to dance, so maybe it just kinda seemed really important to 9-year-old me. Also, Kevin Bacon did all his own gymnastics (if that’s not an urban legend) so, like, whuuuuut? Awesome. So, yeah, this, this new remake thing just blows. Hollywood can’t leave well enough alone. They should never have laid their hands on the Karate Kid, and this should have been left alone too.

  16. I wish I lived in a town where the fascist preacher didn’t let us watch bad remakes of corny 80s movies.

  17. One major problem with this remake is that in 2011 it’s far more plausible that some random extra at the end of the movie would be inexplicably awesome at popping and waving even though he lives in a rural middle-of-nowhere town in which dancing has been banned. The best part of the old movie was when that guy kicks ass for 4 seconds at the dance and you’re thinking “has this dude has been practicing in his room for years in the hopes that one day somebody would start a revolution and he’d finally get to show his friends?” But in modern times, that seems totally reasonable.

  18. Footloose! On NXT!


  20. You think I’m small town, huh? Well, you should see my downtown.

  21. What makes me very sad is that all of the dancing feet in 80s footwear that I love will be replaced by dancing feet wearing, I don’t know, UGGs and Sketchers (we are talking about a backwards small town, right?).

  22. It’s really charming how they ban PUBLIC dancing? So people can just go to a kid’s house and dance but no raucous street dancing, which, as we all know, is an epidemic among our young people.

  23. This is going to secretly be some republican thing about how big government is bad because it takes away dancing, isn’t it?

  24. You could show me the first minute of this trailer, tell me this was a remake of Herbie, and I would believe you.

  25. RIP Chris Penn
    Also, grinding? really? I’m not sure the whole “praise him with dancing” thing at the end is going to go over so well when the dancing is dry humping. I mean, i think Jeez was a cool guy, but that’s just gross.

  26. We all know whose time it really is…

  27. Can I be honest? Because honestly, this movie needs vampires. There, I said it.

  28. Footloose was PERFECT the first time (stunt double dancing out your feelings and all). I feel embarrassed about this. And a little sad.

  29. This from the director of Hustle and Flow?

  30. This is the first time I’ve ever said the phrase “I’d rather be watching the original ‘Footloose’.”

  31. that guy was so mad, that the only thing he could do was DANCE

  32. Huh, I thought for sure that given a second chance he *wouldn’t* save her from the train.


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