Pogo — the guy who remixes things and makes them into other things — has released his latest mix of things. (I am doing a very good job with this right now, everything I’m saying is good.) He’s taken bits and pieces from different Disney movies and e-sewn them all together in a way that is just a delight for your eyes and ears, but mostly your ears. Take a listen and remember that it’s almost the end of your work day. You feel better now! (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Is he still doing his around the world music thing? His Johannesburg remix was great and full of so much :) .

  2. I am 25 years old, and now I would like to go to Disney World again. That is all.

    • I am 23 years-old and have never been to disney world. This video just makes me want to bake cookies with a bunch of friendly forest animals.

    • I strongly suspect that tonight I will brave my storage locker and bring out my disney princess collection for the first time in probably 15 years. Unless they have been annexed by the centipedes. I know my limits.

  3. I want to go to there, and buy a nice home and settle into a new life in this song

  4. That was really cool, but it could have used some 101 Dalmatians

    - an impartial party

  5. When I read the words “Bloom” I thought it would be a remix of the opening track of the new Radiohead album and would show disney characters dancing around like Thom Yorke in the Lotus Flower video, but this is still nice.

  6. OH YAY I LOVE POGO!!! Good one Kelly! THis almost makes up for your ‘don’t like sketch comedy’ comment!

  7. I’m pretty down for Pogo but at the same tiiiime, all his stuff sounds the same. Although “Go Out And Love Someone” is perfect.

  8. Psssh, I’ve seen better. This guy knows what I’m talking about:

  9. 1:59. Grumpy pops in with “dig dig dig”. Made the wholeeeee thing!

  10. Now this I understand. Sleeping Beauty is the best, seriously. I couldn’t love the Once Upon a Dream scene more, and then I watch it again and I still find a way to do so.

  11. I dunno, I always love the back beats on Pogo’s stuff, but the disjointed word thing bothers me so much. At first I thought, “Uberstellar, you just don’t understand techno, this is where it’s at”, but then I found out that the words actually make up cognitive lyrics to most listeners? This makes it worse! Now I strain my brain trying to hear the hidden messages or whatever and nope, I never have.

  12. Fuck CGI. That’s what I kept thinking. Animators used to animate the shit out of their characters. No, I’m not drunk.

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