• A Dog and an Orangutan are friends and guys it is the best thing. -BWE
  • How to defend The Killing if you absolutely have to, other than just by crying until the other person gives up which is how I win every argument.-Vulture
  • Have you seen these videos of Alison Brie, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, and John Krasinski being very cute and doing karaoke together? Ohhh, you should see them/watch them again! -Movieline
  • Here is a campaign video some people put together for Brian Williams. Yay, Brian Williams for anything! -Gawker
  • Set photos from the upcoming Harry Potter movie, nerds! Nerd alert!  -ONTD
  • The ten worst answers for what is the best show on television, says Warming Glow. They’re wrong though because Parenthood was actually the correct answer. I love Parenthood! -Warming Glow
  • Vince from Film Drunk has a different opinion on Rogert Ebert’s Ryan Dunn blog post than Gabe from Videogum. -Film Drunk
  • Photos of George Clooney’s past girlfriends. Someday that’ll be us, guys. -Celebuzz
  • God, if Emma Stone is really dating Andrew Garfield then the celebrity couple god I’ve been praying to really DOES exist. Christopher Hitchens take note. -Just Jared
  • Dogs in a toy car race a girl in a toy car, proving that my dogs in a toy car racing a girl in a toy car god exists. Hitchens! -The Daily What
  • Ugh, Lindsay Lohan. Ugh, house arrest. Ugh, interviews. Ugh, me. -The Superficial
  • It’s your last day to enter to win a bottle of Que cologne! Ahh, do it! -Videogum
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  1. Stop reminding people about the barbecue cologne! It’s mine!

  2. Looks like Gabe needs to get himself an orangutan
    Birdie, Clyde
    Clyde. Birdie

  3. I like Gabe’s Roger Ebert opinion much, much better.

  4. I just noticed an easter egg for the super fans in that Ebert article, look at that first comment

  5. Is second place a bottle of Pee cologne? Because I’m not entering.

  6. The best television show of this past year that I’ve seen is Downton Abbey.

    I’ve not seen season 2 of Justified or finished Sherlock, however, so my opinion may be premature.

  7. Is it just me, or is Associate Editor Kelly very good at these link lists? Just the best associate editing!

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