Motorcycles are incredibly scary. (“____” is incredibly scary. -Kelly) Recently I was dining al fresco (impressive) and I heard a crash sound behind me. I looked behind me and a guy had fallen off of his scary motorcycle and was just in the road, with his motorcycle lying next to him. Ah! And cars were zooming all around. It was a scary scene! Someone stopped to help him, though, and he drove his motorcycle away, so I guess he was fine. Don’t worry about him, relax. Also, remember when Billy Idol was in a motorcycle accident and that’s why he’s only the top of him is shown in the “Cradle of Love” music video? Billy Idol! The motorcycle accident featured in this video is much more entertaining and lighthearted than both of those motorcycle accidents.

Sometimes you just need to take a break and have a little fun, and that’s what these motorcycles understand. Weeeeeee! Spin spin spin. Leave those motorcycles alone, let them be kids for just five minutes! (Via Reddit.)

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  1. I had a friend who had a motorcycle once. He was completely unreasonable. He would not attach a sidecar to it so that I could ride in it, even when I offered to pay for it. Needless to say, he and I are no longer friends.

  2. Sometimes when two motorcycles love each other very much, they hug and 9 months later, they have a little moped.

  3. I did not know Cobra Command had entered the motorcycle racing circuit

  4. “Wait. Wait. Waitwaitwait. Now! SHIT! Wait. Wait! Wait. NOW! Fu…SHIT! Wait! Now! Now! Now! Damn! Wait! Shit! NOW! FUCK!” — Green motorcyclist.

  5. Aw, I think we just saw those two motorcycles fall in love! Why do you hate their love, motorcycle drivers?

  6. This is the greatest thing I’ve ever done. Please click on it so I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my life.

  7. We’re gonna need a bigger Benny Hill theme song.

  8. I like to think that he was mad at the bike for dancing with someone else, much like some bro in the club might react.

  9. I like how angry the guy who was hit got. After the bikes were separated he’s just super upset and throwing a fit and the first guy is all “I’m sorry, its not like I did it on purpose, lets just keep racing” and the second guy is all “no, its over, my day is ruined!” On a related note, I think motorstelevision should hire me to commentate for these races, cos I think I have some real insight into the drama of bike racing and why people watch it in the first place and what they’re looking for in professional bike race commentary.

  10. Pixar does it again! Much better than the first one!

  11. I once was a valet for a 5 Star restaurant that was a adjacent to a microbrew bar. I was cold-hired because I had a gear-head friend who bussed there there that recommended me (actually, the day I interviewed was the day when I later met up with my family to go see Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, then was called in the middle of the film because they hired me and needed me that night and so I left the theater). I’d never been a valet before, and have never known much about all sorts of cars. I do know how to drive stick, which I’m sure was a huge selling point.

    Anyway. One night after all the parking of cars was done and I was hanging outside waiting for the retrieving of cars to commence, a couple guys came out of the microbrewery, one of them carrying his motorcycle helmet. They walked over to the dude’s motorcycle, which was parked at the curb about 30 feet away from my station (and by station I mean light pole I stood next to- the parking set up wasn’t very ritzy at all). The dude strapped on his helmet, got on his bike and backed it up into the street while his friend stood in the empty parking spot. The plan— from what I can gather from what I witnessed next— was that the guy was going to show off his burning rubber skills to his buddy as they parted ways.

    Instead, the guy cranked the gas, the wheels spun for about a second, then he took off for about 10 feet before the front wheel violently wobbled back and forth then bucked the dude over its handlebars. Thankfully, the guy had cat-like reflexes and stopped his fall, dive-rolling to safety. Nope. Just kidding. He broke his fall with his face. His visor shattered into a bunch of pieces and he skidded along the curb for a couple feet. Thank god for that helmet.

    So as this all happened my eyes widened to the size of Suckerpunch buttons and my trusty Nokia 6100 cell phone (LADIES) was out in an instant and dialing 911 as the motorcyclist’s friend and I ran towards him to help. His face took a bruising with some minor lacerations (faces bleed SO MUCH). Three cop cars and an ambulance were there shortly, and the dude was treated and probably got a DUI or something. I wasn’t sure of the charges, but it was clear he had been knocking back some Laughing Lab or what have you.

    What I WAS sure of was I got shit for tips that night because right when this happened was when the dinner wave ended and I had to go get everyone’s cars. Unfortunately the ambulance was parked in front of the valet lot entrance, and I couldn’t valet shit until they treated this guy and left. OH WELL.

    Other fun valet adventures include: Unknowingly driving a Rolls Royce with the parking break on; taking a Plymouth Prowler for a quick ride aound the block; Locking myself INSIDE a brand new BMW SUV after breaking the door handle mechanism; and Getting stiffed by EVERY SINGLE OWNER OF A CORVETTE (fuckers).

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