This is a photo of Ryan Gosling carrying his dog, George, through the Los Angeles airport, so don’t say I never did anything for you, ladies. YOU ARE WELCOME. You, too, fellas. Don’t you start in either. Because let’s be honest: Ryan Gosling is one of those guys where women want to sleep with him and men want to be him and also sleep with him. He’s very handsome! And charming! Maybe not quite as much during that one scene in Blue Valentine when he was punching holes in the health clinic walls, but that was just acting! and besides, his BITCH of a wife was driving him to despair. He specifically asked her not to give him that “you can have my body but not my heart” stuff but that is exactly what she gave him. So, he was not as handsome and charming with his fake thin hair and his fake brute rage, and I also hate those weird ads that are running before movies these days with a scene from The Notebook recut so they’re talking about cell phone service or whatever, but for the most part: VERY HANDSOME AND CHARMING. And now he’s carrying a gigantic as all hell dog in his arms? Oh now it is just unfair! Now, obviously, we all know what Ryan Gosling is thinking: he’s thinking whatever you want him to be thinking. It’s your fantasy. He’s here for YOU. But the question that remains is WHAT IS THE DOG THINKING?!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. BARK BARK!

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  1. Lars and the Real Girl 2: Ryan and the Real Dog

  2. Good thing the dog’s red lipstick cannon did not unsheath itself at an inopportune time, friend

  3. “He can give me a bone!” – Thisismynightmare, probably.

  4. Man’s best friend and worst enemy, together at last.

  5. “I hate that bitch.” – thisismynightmare

  6. “Who is Thisismynightmare and what is a Videogum?”
    -Ryan Gosling

  7. Ryan Gosling likes his shaved.

  8. “Thisismynightmare reference” -Monsters

  9. “I’d hit that!” -Clara Bow

  10. “I love this dog but he’s blocking the view of my abs.”

  11. “I’d hit that” – Michael Vick (sorry)

  12. Ryan leads a busy life, sometimes he just doesn’t have time to keep in shape the traditional way. That’s wear dogbic comes in!

  13. I’m going to stay out of this contest. I already tweeted this to thisismynightmare on Sunday and The Narrator called it porn.

  14. #1 perk of being that dog? All the Dead Man’s Bones.

  15. “Excuse me, miss thisismynightmare? I seem to be stranded in your locale, and with no luggage but this stray dog I found who seemed to need medical equipment. Of course, being an amateur vet, I helped her out and carried her to safety, but now this shirt is all dirty and really needs a wash. Can I use your washing machine? I know it is a bother so I will bake a cake as payment.”

    (I am sorry for this.)

    (Please don’t hit me, The Narrator)

  16. “I will not leave this dog’s side until ‘Turner and Hooch 2: Hoochier!; is done filming!!”

    • I am a firm believer that all Part 2s must follow the Die Hard or Breakin’ rule, so:

      Turner and Hooch 2: Hooch Harder


      Turner and Hooch 2: Interspecies Boogaloo

  17. “There are other aspects of my personality beyond my love of Ryan Gosling, you gu–OH MY GOD HE’S CARRYING A DOG!!!” -thisismynightmare in this thread

  18. Wait, so who is who here?

  19. RT @ebertchicago Friends don’t let dogs walk through airports.

  20. The photo takes on a whole different connotation if you imagine that Ryan is walking backwards.

  21. Hey girl,
    I was just
    riding up
    this escalator
    carrying this dog,
    he was you.

  22. Let’s just make this a Ryan Gosling dog movies thread. I’ll start:

    Lars and the Real Dog
    Remember the Corgis
    Crazy, Stupid, Cats.

  23. In this scene I am carrying my costar Maggie Gyllenhaal, wonderful actress. You notice something different about her, eh? She’s a dog now. Body swap movie. It’s kind of rude that you didn’t notice, she’s not that bad! Come on be nice.

  24. ruff luck, ladies. he’s taken.

  25. ”Delahaye/Gosling rivalry for ‘cutest dog’ escalates.”

    I am so sorry.

  26. Dog: Why didn’t you carry me? Why? It wasn’t over for me, I waited for you for seven years. But now it’s too late.
    Ryan: I carried you up 365 escalators. I carried you everyday for a year.
    Dog: You carried me?
    Ryan: Yes… it wasn’t over, it still isn’t over.
    *kisses dog*

  27. “The picture worked.”

    -Detective Holder

  28. Scene from “Officer and a Furry Man.”

  29. “Eat your heart out, Birdie.” -that dog

  30. Why’s this dude gotta my job?

  31. I’D HIT THAT!!!!!*

    *comment made from my phone. I am dedicated to the cause, you guys. Fucking work…

  32. Guys, I was going to make a “Footprints” joke but I couldn’t really remember it. Since I’m weird, I googled it and not only is there an “Official Website For Footprints in the Sand” but it is the most gloriously Web 1.0 thing since the Space Jam site. Tiny little clipart footprints follow your cursor everywhere and it’s amazing.


  33. We finally get a look into his acting process.

  34. why does this dog have a mohawk?

  35. ‘bitch’ – women

  36. “Ok Woofheim, I’m going to make it look like you’re flying. Are you with me? Because it’s important you stay with me. You have to be extra extra cute so nobody notices me. Then they’ll all think you can fly, and you’ll get the lead in Air Bud VIII, not that HUSSIE.”
    -Ryan Gosling, apparently.

  37. “Can mohawks get erections?” -dog

  38. I would just like to say that dog is really cute, but what happened to his fur? There are no comments on this! I call shenanigans!

  39. I’m 6 years old- put me down.

  40. It sort of looks like the pup had some surgery based on half of the fur being shaved. And if so, he probably can’t walk that well and Ryan is just being a good dad dog. Also, realizing all of this just made me ovulate. So I can have babies with Ryan Reynolds. Or at least adopt puppies together.

  41. His strict new V.I.G work out has him doing dog lift escalator climbs daily.

  42. Ain’t no rule says a dog can’t be carried through an airport by Ryan Gosling.

  43. God he is so handsome and so charming but also totally insane? Whatever that’s maybe just a part of the charm. Remember when he gained 50 lbs for a movie (by drinking microwaved haagen daz ice cream) without asking anyone making the movie if that was the right move and then was surprised when he was fired from that movie? And that’s still not even the craziest thing he’s ever done. He is so crazy and handsome and TALL and handsome and charming. BUT I have to say, that picture has nothing on this picture:

    The Sloth represents society.

  44. “George is such a famewhore.”

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