It’s sometimes hard to have a real opinion about Barack Obama and whatever he does for a job when there are so many stupid reasons to just be in unconditional love with him forever. Remember when he told jokes well? Remember when he gave the Queen an iPod? Remember how handsome he is? Remember when he calmed this baby down? I forget everything else! Marry me! (Thanks for the tip, Frank Lloyd Wrong.)

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  1. I’ve told funny jokes, given a queen an ipod, and calmed a baby just this past Saturday, Why aren’t you in love with me? Is it because you find me less than handsome?

  2. That baby’s diaper needed a change we could believe in, that much is for sure.

  3. That woman is never getting her baby back, Sasha,Malia meet your new sister

  4. Sometimes appearances can be deceiving. Calming is just one of the side effects of stealing it’s soul.

  5. I like when I get a tip posted on here because it improves my SEO, which I’ve been told is beneficial for some reason for something I don’t completely understand.

  6. HE’S A WITCH!!!

  7. i for one think we need to take better advantage of this republican litmus test.

  8. I like to think that this is a metaphor for the state of politics. Like the baby is the media or bipartisanship or the Economy? Maybe a donkey or elephant? FEMA? Honestly, I don’t know what the metaphor is until political cartoons tell me.

    • That baby is the American people, we are all crying and worried about putting food on our families, but Obama’s charisma and charm comforts us and then we feel okay

    • I refuse to suckle at the government’s teat. That said, I am not really adverse to being held against its chest, while being gently rocked in the government’s strong, manly arms.

  9. But I thought Obama and Pelosi wanted to murder all of the babies!

  10. Another thing Obama excels at which i fail. Do you guys have a relationship with babies in which you like them and want to hang out and hold them and what not but you’re too afraid they’ll start crying if you hold them and then everyone will silently judge you and think you’re a terrible person. Because that is my relationship with babies.

    • That’s my relationship with adults.

    • i babysat for my prof once. unfortunately it was at the point when her 10 month old only wanted to be held by mommy and if mommy wasn’t there she screeched like crazy. it was awful, i felt like the worst person in the world. like the baby hated me, but then mommy would come back and baby would be all smiles and pretend she liked me again.

      babies mess with your head so easily.

      • I went to Baby Shower on Sunday and the moment i went to pat the babys cheek or whatever it is that people do with babies, she started making the face that almost always prequels crying, and i pretty much just loudly blamed it on a friend next to me “Wow the baby REALLYYYY hates you man”.

        Am i proud of it? No. But anything to risk being judged at a Baby Shower.

    • My super secret baby trick? Smile and laugh a lot, but – and this is really important! – genuinely. Babies are cute but dumb and will instinctively think you are good news, which is usually very effective at keeping them tear-free.

  11. Funny jokes about coddling and babies and how it is analogous with his attitude as a leader toward the majority of American people GALORE!!!

  12. what you don’t realize from watching the video is that this baby is a SOCIALIST who hates AMERICA and wants to take away your FREEDOM. #angryrepublicanrandomcapitalization

  13. It’s his smirk at his wife after that makes me the most charmed. Anyone who can be that endearing and mocking is always going to have my heart!

  14. Obviously this happened because he is the DEVIL and that baby is Damien Thorn!

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