This is basically the opposite of all those horrible Eli Roth torture porn movies. Like, you go backpacking with your friends all around the world, and one night you get way too drunk at some ex-pat bar and befriend this group of guys that you THINK is harmless, but the next thing you know, YOU ARE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER WITH SOME OF THE GREATEST DUDES IN THE WORRRRRRLD. (Thanks for the tip, Merrill.)

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  1. That’s what I’ve always wanted to happen. Really, though, I just get drunk and spill stuff on myself and think it’s a funny joke to buy a whole bunch of flowers and give them to the 40-year old hookers who hang out outside the train station and start soliciting at like 4:30 in the afternoon, and also I think it’s a good idea to eat sandwiches that are bought from a vending machine in same train station. SPOILER ALERT none of these are really very good ideas.

  2. Finally! The FB Connect curse is broken! Thomas Murphy is dead! Long live brotherladypantz!

  3. Gabe really seems to like these guys. I would’ve thought he’d be more Hostel toward them.

  4. Kinda Pissed My BFFs totally filmed without me.
    But they produced a Nice Palate Cleanser.

  5. friend 1: so how was Europe?

    guy in the video: pretty cool. went to this one bar that blasted techno music and had a green screen. got really yayo-ed and danced all night. anyway…i’m also really into soccer now…

  6. Hey that fat guy in the back right (who looks scarily like me) stole my dance moves!….is there a chance that I blacked out and filmed this video somehow? This would be, by far, the best result yet of me getting ruffied.

  7. I guess I don’t have to wonder anymore how the Turkish Eurodance Shadows would look. #ApacheConnection

  8. Happy dancing Euro-dudes.

  9. Hey, where did you get the video from my high school’s ‘Grad Night’? I still can’t believe Steve left his shades on the whole time. Man, that dude used to really crack me up.

  10. I feel like these guys are my children. I can’t pick a favorite. They are ALL my favorite!

  11. I love Turkish dudes. Hilarious.

  12. i saw this post and was all “whatever” and then had a bad day but then i watched it and now im all “:):):):)”

  13. Gabe, you have been wrong all along. . .these guys are my boyfriend.

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