BIG NEWS, you guys! HUUUUUUGE NEWS! Frankie Muniz, perhaps best known for having 40 million dollars, has announced that he will be running for political office! In 5 years from now! He made the announcement on Twitter! Oh this is huge and definitely real 4 sure. Look at this, can’t argue with this:

BOOM! The next Geraldine Ferraro! Get it? Ferraro sounds like Ferrari and Frankie Muniz likes to race cars. If anything it’s too easy of a joke to get and find hilarious. Obviously, we are all thrilled at the prospect of a Frankie Muniz presidency (I assume that he’s just going to run straight for the top) in five years. Normally, of course, political candidates don’t announce their candidacy five years in advance (on Twitter) because that gives their potential opponents that much more time to prepare targeted and specific negative-campaigning against them, but Frankie Muniz ain’t care because “Frankie Muniz” is just another way of saying “nothing left to lose.” The man is dead.

FRANKIE MUNIZ 2016! Four more years! And then one more year after that!

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  1. Do we even know his political stance? I’m not sure, he could lean pretty far left or right, but I’d think his views fall pretty much In The Middle.

  2. I always knew that someday he would go on to say he would go on to do something kinda big in the relatively distant future.

  3. I wish I had confidence enough in the sanity of the American public to simply assume that this won’t work out for him.

    • Even that’s going too far. I just wish I had enough confidence to assume that his campaign won’t be the subject of a reality show.

  4. first the Terminator, and now Agent Cody Banks. the two greatest action heroes in the history of cinema, now (or soon to be in 5 years) in politics. it is a great time to be an American.

  5. Holy crap, you guys. I just remembered, the series finale of Malcolm In The Middle involved his mother’s long-term plan that Malcolm would become president. Life imitating art? Nope! Just life imitating Malcolm In The Middle.

  6. Frankie Muniz numbers I and II were monsters, but I have a good feeling about this Third iteration of Muniz #Muniz2016

  7. I honestly did not know this guy was still alive. Not a joke. Just a fact.

    Has he been trying to act? Or has he just been fuming with jealousy over Bryan Cranston*?

    *(note to self: catch up on Breaking Bad)

  8. I’m going to run against him and in every debate I’ll respond “Well, you look like you’re 12″ and everyone will love me.

  9. Wonder what Muniz-ipality* he’s running in?

    *Only because Facetaco beat me to the Malcolm in the Middle pun.

  10. Honestly, I would totally vote for him over Michele Bachmann*

    *That probably does not need to be said, but I will say it anyway. Ya hear me, Bachmann?!

  11. - Malcolm in the Center Left
    - Racing Stripes 2: THESE COLORS DO RUN
    - Agent Cody Banks 3: Operation ROCK THE VOTING
    - Barack Obama Is A BIG FAT LIAR


  12. we were so close to First Lady Hilary Duff too! because they dated 10 years ago when they were both famous

  13. He’ll probably just spearhead a giant winter sports complex called “Ice Town” and bankrupt the city.

  14. Dear Gabe:
    I would like to throw my support behind a new “What’s up with Frankie” section PLS thx .


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