Rob Zombie (musician, director, brother of Spider One) has directed a new commercial for Woolite. And that is, of course, very weird. It’s not even Halloween! If it were around Halloween it would seem kind of normal, I think. And it would seem pretty cool and like a kind of good idea that showed that Woolite has some bright young(ish) people on their marketing team, who are only slightly misguided and who use the term “viral” a lot, a lot a lot. But to release it right now it’s just kind of like, huh? Why are you trying to scare me? I’m kind of scared, so you did it, but why? I just want to go to the beach with a Dave Sedaris book from three years ago and be left alone. And I definitely don’t want any Woolite because I barely wash my clothes anyway and I wouldn’t even know how to use it, maybe include how you’re supposed to use it in the commercial. (Which I assume is EVERYONE’S reaction.) But anyway, here it is, and it is exactly how you would imagine a Rob Zombie-directed commercial for Woolite would be.

Definitely not a bad commercial! I think it’s good. Good use of Rob Zombie. Good use of getting me to think about that Goosebumps book. Bad use of understanding when a commercial would work best in late October.

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  1. Goth kids be all over this. Really, the only reason they all wore black in the first place was because they never knew how to get their whites whiter and their brights brighter. This is really more of a PSA for all of his fans.

    • You’re wrong, but don’t feel too bad because it’s a common misconception.
      Goth culture actually is just an offshoot of the recreational laundry scene. Goths were super into keeping black clothes from fading, so they use Zero (by Woolite). So this ad is confusing to me because they’re obviously just preaching to the choir.

  2. Marketing 101: Associate your product with torture whenever possible.

  3. “wow, this really DOES get the blood stains out! Thanks Woolite!”

  4. We wanted Rob Reiner, oops
    -Woolite Marketing team now

  5. Whoa. You know what’s spookier than that commercial? The fact that I was gonna buy Woolite after work today before I even saw this.

    Today, Videogum and I are one.

  6. If you want to keep your Zombies looking their Whitest, trust Woolite.

  7. Not to be Captain Obvious or anything, but now we’re all talking about Woolite. So.

  8. I was going to make some pun about cleaning products using something from Rob Zombie’s career, but then I was Googling his albums and none of his songs were even a little recognizable and I realized what I was spending time on and now I hate everything.

  9. Uh, excuse me? Not all of us are talking about Woolite. I happen to be downloading this commercial onto my iPod so that I can show it to people in the pharmacy and THEN talk about Woolite.

    Not all of us have friends, man. Don’t assume.

  10. I’ll hire those zombies to do my laundry. I don’t care if they torture it. I hate laundry.

  11. I really don’t know why that made me so uneasy watching that, but it did.

  12. THIS is awesome! love it!

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