ARGHHHHHH! Well, you have to hand it to The Killing: it was incredibly consistent from the very beginning until the very end! What did you expect, that they WOULDN’T end the season with yet another ham-handed bait and switch? Ugh. This show. THE MURDERER WAS GAS MILEAGE! The real mystery is why Detective Sarah Linden can’t seem to make it to the airport until five minutes before her plane is going to take off. Come on, Detective Sarah Linden. You are almost as bad at getting on planes as you are at your job and also at being a mother! (Meanwhile, there is also the on-going mystery of whether or not Councilman Darren Richmond has The Machinist Disease just kidding, no mystery there, he is riddled with it.) Look, I’m fine with this case remaining unsolved, I guess. If you’re going to rip-off Twin Peaks so much, you might as well take it 2 tha limit. (Needs more dancing midgets.) There is, of course, the small (not small) problem that I don’t like any of the possible outcomes? Like, none of the potential killers seem even remotely satisfying at this point, and if it turns out that it’s someone we haven’t even met yet, well, that’s infuriating. Also, Dear The Larsen Family, I am sorry for your loss, now get off my TV. Oh, and now Detective Stephen Holder is a dirty cop? Oh brother. You can’t spend an entire season pretending like a cop is clearly a dirty cop only to finally convince us that he is not actually a dirty cop and then just have it turn around at the end and have him be a dirty cop the whole time. Gross! Also: lazy! Ambiguity: yes, please! I’m a very big fan of the final episode of The Sopranos and I was mostly satisfied with the ending of Lost even! But this? Also: the idea of waiting a year for MORE EPISODES about WHO KILLED SOME GIRL ONE TIME is RIDICULOUS. “Ooh, I can’t wait to continue to wonder who killed Rosie Larsen in 2012,” said no one. Sorry, The Killing, but you kind of blew it.

You know, after the first episode, when they showed a preview of the season and said “this season on The Killing,” I thought it was funny to imagine multiple seasons of this show still focussed on the same case, but, like, as a goof. NOT AS THE FOR REAL THING THAT THEY WERE GOING TO DO!

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  1. It was Leland Palmer. Now let’s move on and never speak of this again.

    • Do you think David Lynch watches The Killing while brushing dirt off his shoulder?

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        ————Make Season 2 all about what’s happening with Linden’s ex fiance in Sonoma and call it The Sideways.

    • I thought it was Aaron Echolls?

    • Whoa, spoiler there, buddy!

      Also, because I’m in search of a cool new buddy, but don’t want to read this due to spoilers, is this show worth watching at all? The “ARGHHHHHH!” – Gabe Delahey quote makes me think maybe not (Gabe, you need to try to get that on the dvd case).

  2. Kind of worth it to see normally staid television critics freaking out over this. Critics be pissed.

    I gave up on this show four episodes ago. Four hours I was able to dedicate to Battlestar Galactica Season 2. I made the right choice.

  3. ways to make the killing good:

    2. do it in 5 episodes.

  4. As if the show itself wasn’t infuriating enough, please read Alan Sepinwall’s interview with creator Veena Sud.

    Not only does she compare an episode to ‘The Suitcase’ episode of Mad Men and an episode of Breaking Bad (!!!!), she also says this:

    “The great pleasure for me, and I’ll couch it in terms of that versus positives and negatives, was for the first time as a writer of this genre to invest and really get to know characters. I love that, I loved the experience of that, I loved getting to know all these people, I loved creating perceptions of them, which is very true to life. That was a great pleasure for me.”

    I’m sorry, did we “get to know” any character, AT ALL?

    • The mom seemed, umm, sad?

      • And turns out she was exactly like Rosie and she was trying to stifle all her dreams because she could never achieve them on her own. For as much time the mom creepily spent in her dead daughter’s room, you would have thought she’d find her old photo album and dream book much sooner.

    • OMG! That is insufferable! “The great pleasure for me, and I’ll couch it in terms of being as wordy as humanly possible without really saying much of anything, is to just spout off some BS about how deep my characters are, when really and truly everyone on this show is completely unlikable and totally unrelatable, especially our ‘heroine,” who constantly looks as though she is about to burst into tears, but in fact she really shows no emotion ever.” GAH!

  5. I cant understand how the same network that gave us Mad Men and Breaking Bad (and gave the creators of those shows the freedom they needed for the shows to be great) gave us this. And they renewed it for a second season?! Fuck

  6. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, and by that I mean The Killing. -Shakespeare

  7. I’m amazed this show took two actresses I have loved in previous series and make them both unbearable to watch. In all this time, Cathy Marquart would have solved the case, popped out a couple kids, changed the oil in your car and had dinner on the table. Adm. Cain would have just lined up the suspects and shot them. Either would have been preferable to the actual ending of the series.*

    *I won’t acknowledge season 2, and you can’t make me.

  8. Yeah whatever, boring. Let’s turn this into the Shadow Line Season One Finale Discussion. I mean, OMG.

    • No? Well ok but come on, nobody seems to like The Killing and The Shadow Line was really good. Wait, was it not on TV in the US? What’s with the blank stares? Don’t you know we all walk the shadow line and sometimes we have to cross over to bittorrent because we love our families?

  9. Never saw it. But this was the best thing I’ve seen all morning:

  10. Linden on the plane.

    Me: Her phone is going to ring.

    Her phone rings.

    Me: She is going to find out that Richmond didn’t do it.

    She finds out that Richmond (probably) didn’t do it.

    Me: Come the fuck on!

    • Mitch and Stan in kitchen. Shot of weird shaped suitcase.

      Me: [imitating Mitch in weepy voice, referring to suitcase] gmy bowling team is meeting at 9
      Husband: LOL!

      Mitch: [ in identical weepy voice ] everything about this place hurts me

      Me: LOLOL!!

      uggggggh that lady is insufferable. Just. For real. I’ve known too many people who have suffered terrible tragedies and all of them speak in normal tones, Michelle Forbes!

  11. This finale was disappointing in layers. It was the Inception of disappointment. Most of the show played out like an episode of SVU. It felt like a boring way to end a frustrating season. At a certain point I looked up at the clock and noticed there was only a couple minutes left.. They wouldn’t just blow up the show’s conclusion in less than 2 minutes. WRONG! Goddamn you “The Killing,” goddamn you.

  12. What are you guys even talking about? Linden is great at her job!

    Her job is to get wrongly accused murder suspects killed by third parties, right?

  13. #UnpopularOpinionCommentAhead

    I dunno, guys, I kinda liked it. Granted, I wasn’t glued to the TV for every single episode, but I read recaps online and watched probably every other episode.

    Was the finale unsatisfying in the sense that we didn’t find out FOR REALS if Richmond is the killer? Sure, I guess. But I mean, who else could it possibly be? IMO, the show stopped being about Rosie’s killer and started being about everyone else and the ways they’re killing themselves through this investigation. Richmond with his Dead Wife Drowning fetish, Gwen with her Supplicant Woman schtick, Linden and her Novocaine Affect (constantly).

    TLDR; I liked it. I like the ambiguity that the finale set up for us. I like how Richmond is totally the killer, now the question is how Linden fixes Holder’s fuckup-slash-betrayal. Will I watch in 2012? Probably, but I wish AMC would reboot the second season in the fall.

  14. Eh. For me, The Killing (which I didn’t start watching until episode 4, so I must all the sad set up and murder intrigue) was merely a tool I used to bridge the gap from the regular tv show season finales to the summer shows. Louie, Futurama, gonna try out Wilfred, final season of Rescue Me(It’s the LOST of firemen shows that have gone on a very long time!), Ugly Americans, then of course Breaking Bad.

    Only The Killing helped bridge the gap, as I don’t have HBO and didn’t see any of Game of Thrones. Catch you on the Netflix, Game of Thrones. Coincidentally, Netflix is also where I will be catching Eastbound and Down season 2 and also Bored to Death season 2 and also hurry up with the dvd releases HBO. You take fucking forever.

    In conclusion: Bring it on, summer shows.

  15. No matter what, I won’t be back for season 2. Too long. Too boring. Too rainy. Too gray. And now, too uninterested.

  16. I almost want to watch the original Danish to see if I can purge this from my mind…and if it was as bad as this.

  17. I will only watch the second season of The Killing if Mitch Larsen gets murdered. Seriously, she is the least likable character on the show, and there are a lot of unlikable characters on the show!

  18. The original Killing was so supremely excellent (and I watched almost all of it over a single weekend in a state of addiction) that I couldn’t bring myself to watch this version. After reading recaps I know that this was the correct decision. I highly recommend the original but warn you that if you watch it as quickly as I did that you may find yourself thinking that you can speak Danish.

  19. It was Linden. She’s only PRETENDING to be an awful cop. She’s 4 realz a bad mom though.

  20. I liked how the finale opened with the GUY WHO ASSAULTED ANOTHER GUY so badly he’s in a coma state just casually visiting him in his hospital room — as if that would be allowed in any universe, ever.

    This show sucks hard.

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