One time I asked my friend Lindsay why everyone was so upset about a particular obituary post on the site when in theory every obituary post should have the same level of gravity and/or inappropriateness* to it, and she said it was because the person who died was not an old person passing sweetly into the hereafter, but a young person who died tragically, and that therefore saying “heaven just got a little more” seemed crass or at least particularly ouchy. That makes sense, I guess. I will say this: the death of Ryan Dunn from Jackass at just 34 years old is definitely ouchy. From TMZ:

Dunn and an unidentified person both died in the crash which happened around 3 a.m. at Route 322 and New Street in West Goshen Township. It’s unclear who was driving the car.

Just hours before his death, Dunn posted a photo on Twitter showing himself drinking with friends.

Man, that is a bummer. I mean, people die horribly and tragically in car accidents by the hundreds on a daily basis and don’t get national attention for their equally meaningful passing, but there’s nothing we can do here to resolve that particular problem. But just because it’s equally sad when it happens to anyone, doesn’t mean that it’s not also sad when it happens to a famous person. Ryan Dunn was one of the more compelling members of the Jackass gang, which is genuinely one of the most compelling gangs out there. This stinks! Total Bummer Town.

R.I.P. Ryan Dunn. You will be missed. You are in heaven now, shoving toy cars up the angels’ butts.

*The inappropriateness I am referring to here is the deep emotional imbalance that comes from anyone’s complicated and complete human life coming to its final conclusion and then being discussed not just on this pop-culture website, but any pop-culture website, in the midst of everything else the site is discussing, which is mostly farts and people fall down stairs. It’s weird and sad always, but what are you going to do? NOT blog about it? Be realistic.
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  1. I’ve never really had a problem with these obituary posts, but this one really just seems like a Jackass move.

    • Sorry, that was terrible, I know, but it just had to be Dunn.

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        • I don’t even know how that would work. Empathy is something that can be developed if you devote enough time to it?

          • I’m not really offended by your jokes here. I’ll be honest enough to say that they are pretty much Jay Leno jokes he wouldn’t get away with, but you probably kind of know that anyway.

            But, since it looks like you’re sincerely asking about empathy, I’ll jump in to talk about that. Yes, definitely. It’s nature and nurture of course, but mostly nurture. You’re basically asking “can people become more understanding of other people, especially in the case of learning to understand the pain that other people are feeling?”

            The answer is yes, man.

          • This is a question that I’m asking but I make sure that it’s kind of not so that everyone knows I can write like Gabe/effectively use sarcasm like Gabe?
            It’s a personal opinion. I think you can develop empathy crotchtaco. Maybe it’s from experience, or perception, or a combination. Maybe you should try to figure it out instead of trying to be a hard shell – you’re really a soft shell*

            *That is to say, you are a soft shell taco. Like what I’m saying is that you are soft**?
            **Like a soft shell taco***
            ***GET IT!

          • “Awaiting moderation” – don’t censor me THE MAN

  2. That’s a bummer. He was always my favorite when I watched the show back in the day.

    I seem to recall a lot of people were upset with that old Natasha Richardson post because of the “Heaven just got a little more” line. I suppose it seemed crass? Or something? I thought the post was fine. Had it been used before then? Because maybe people just weren’t used to it at that point.

  3. You Dunn, goofed.

  4. I’m not really sure why, but I’m kind of upset by this (the death, not the headline). This might sound insensitive, but I always thought to myself, “Those Jackass guys are going to have the most lame deaths after living through all the stunts they do”. And now one of them has died and I’m saying “drunk driving accident? Yes, very lame. In multiple ways”.

    Is this even a coherent post? That’s how upset I am!

    • This death kinda got to me as well. I was never a fan of the jackass movie series, nor the shows their crew spawned, but Ryan Dunn always seemed like the one with a conscience? Like, he always helped clean up, felt Genuinely bad about some of the ridiculousness his compatriots were involved with (esp on Viva Bam)… It’s just really shitty. But TBH, as a friend of mine expressed earlier when confronted with the news of Dunn’s death, it’s surprising none of them have died from any of their dumb antics.
      RIP Ryan Dunn. First Jackass to fall

  5. And still the Russian prankster continues to live.

    • I mean, I guess I don’t know that for a fact. For all I know, there’s an obituary post about him on Videogumsky* this morning.

      *the inferior Russian Videogum equivalent, no duh

  6. i will be sticking a hot wheels up my ass in remembrance.

  7. Of all the Jackass cast members I wished death upon, Ryan Dunn was always at the bottom of the list.

  8. No knock on Ryan Dunn, but can I ask why we aren’t talking about the passing of one of the ‘Three Most Important People In The World’ this weekend?

    • Clarence Clemmons. R.I.P.

    • My parents had Springsteen playing through the house, but I was only educated with “Born in the U.S.A.” It was until high school that I watched the Live in NYC HBO special that I knew there was so much more to this band. The rule of thumb for me is listen to anything and everything that predated “U.S.A.” This music changed my life. “Wild, Innocent” will always be my favorite summer-time album. I bought tickets for my mom’s birthday in 2002 to take her to see them play when they came to Cleveland. I told myself this year that I was going to get tickets no matter how much they cost the next time they toured. Sadly, I am too late. Every person in that band has a presence, an ingredient, but the band’s playful soul could very well be gone forever.

    • You should ask Notsewfast about that one.

  9. WE miss LINDSAY!

  10. Nice homage to Jon Stewart in the asterisk. As if this blog were MOSTLY about farts and falling down videos.

  11. Man, this just sucks. Always thought he was the most underrated of the crew.

  12. He died as he lived, with car parts in his butt.

    • I snarfed on that one.

      • I was bored by what I consider a terrible, predictable, boring joke, while simultaneously made very sad and very angry by the meanness of the joke.

        • I don’t mean to try to tone down the jokes or the conversation in any way. I was just sort of sad and thought I’d say why as straightforwardly as I could. I’m not really that offended though, and I’m not saying it’s that big a deal or you should feel bad. just saying that I was sort of sad.

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  14. God, people are weird. This comes from a random person on Facebook about Dunn’s death:

    “I felt the same way :( I’m going to stop liking celebrities…First Heath Ledger, now Dunn…I have a bad track record…”

    Haha, WHUT?

  15. I hate to admit that I watch Minute to Win It but the episode he was on aired Saturday night. Creepy.

  16. Reading the comments on that linked Natasha Richardson post, I was amazed by how many more dick commenters there used to be. Thanks for being decent, monster community. It’s nice.

    • Are you serious? I cringed at basically every post here. People have no problem being babypants on most other posts, but when it comes to someone fucking DYING its all word-puns and crushing cries for approval being upvoted.

    • yeah, maybe I don’t know cause I don’t remember the Natasha Richardson thread, and this thread is so relatively decent and nice that it’s worth commenting that. Objectively though, this thread wasn’t really THAT fucking decent man. This is a weird videogum back-pat.

      • Sorry – I actually didn’t mean this thread in particular (I had barely even read it) – just read through the other and it was very… contentious when compared to most of the commentary now.

        That’s all.

  17. I’m not going to get into a philosophical argument here about what people should or shouldn’t say about somebody’s death in the comments section of a post on a trampoline accident weblog, but I do want to say this:

    This is very sad. One of those incredibly unfortunate reminders that none of us are “above” the impairment involved with drinking and driving.
    Monsters, do not take shots and then drive your car home.

  18. Wow, I just saw a picture of that car wreck on the TMZ… That is terrifying.

    If this was caused by drinking and driving, I will be very pissed.

    The whole appeal of Jackass is to watch a bunch of moderately good-looking and funny guys do things that would normally make me scream “that’s going to get yourself killed!” And for one of the better ones to possibly have gone out in such a mundanely idiotic way is very upsetting.

    Plus, I always thought he was pretty cute.

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    • 9 Thumbs Down? Must be 9 Richard Roepers (Get it? Because Ebert?) Sorry for speaking the truth that their homoerotic shenanigans are not compelling in the slightest.

    • Just generally stupid

      • I agree. Unless you mean me, in which case I’m going to require some elaboration. Gabe constantly says pranks are the worst to the agreement of most of the monster community, and yet the Jackass crew who do nothing but play pranks on each other for millions of dollars, are somehow compelling? I’ve seen one of the movies (I think the second one), but I sat stone-faced through the entire movie. I don’t get what’s funny about it.

        • Sorry, that was harsh.
          I guess it’s compelling because it is rare to see individuals who are ostensibly functioning at a competent level to deliberately engage in such destructive and dangerous acts. How is watching people drink milk until they puke not compelling? “Oh, you drank strawberry milk ’til you puked pink?” *yawn* (THE ASTERISKS IMPLY ACTION)

          “You took a shit on a moving toilet while travelling downhill?” *fart* “I’m so content I could fall asleep”.

          Sarcasm. Look it up.

          • I understand what you’re saying, as I’ve witnessed someone drink milk until they puked right in front of me before. But that guy wasn’t getting paid millions of dollars. That part kinda kills it for me. I think if they’d come about when I was 13 I’d have been all over it, because kids are cruel and stupid, but as an adult I find it very hard to give a shit sitting on my couch that they’re taking a shit on a downhill-moving toilet. Again, it’s one thing if they were crazy teens, but they’re getting paid millions of dollars for these fairly uninteresting stunts. They don’t have any particular talent, they just happen to be the ones getting paid/taking abuse.

            I just remembered I did laugh exactly once during the movie though. In the fart helmet or whatever scene, where someone poops and the guy barfs, because it was an actual unexpected moment. Every other scene it’s just waiting for the inevitable crotch/face-punch or something going up someone’s asshole (always with the going up assholes), but that moment couldn’t have been planned and made me laugh heartily as a result.

        • Touche.
          Now the poop fart helmet puke is something we can both agree on, friend.

          • Agreed. I love that the commenters here can disagree on things but still discuss them like human beings who live in a real world! Very refreshing.

  20. Drinking and driving sucks. This is one of those things which isn’t really that surprising but all the same kind of disappointing and quite sad.

    Also Ebert kind of being a dick about it. I agree that drinking and driving is pretty terrible and this should be a lesson to all that none of us are invincible, but the whole cheap quip, particularly with such an audience is quite poor taste.

  21. I already found a girl who is 12 to 14 yrs older that agrees with me all the time! Thanks, though.

  22. show some goddamn respect, lynnselov.

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