• VBS chats with Rob Corddry about Children’s Hospital, how he became interested in comedy, and drugs. -VBS
  • New York Times doesn’t like the New York Times movie very much. -NYT
  • Game of Throne‘s Emilia Clarke talks about all the weird stuff she has to do for Game of Thrones. -Vulture
  • Charlie Day may have a role in Guillermo Del Toro’s next monster movie. He’s the best! (Charlie.) -AV Club
  • Pauly Shore has honestly the saddest Twitter feed I’ve ever seen. -Splitsider
  • Slate talks with Louis C.K. about the new season of Louie, his thoughts on the Tracey Morgan scandal, and other things you are interested in. -Slate
  • Thailand’s reaction to its Hangover II portrayal is a kind of surprising. -Movieline
  • A mashup of cinema’s worst dads. Happy fathers day, these dads! And your dad! And my dad! -Film Drunk
  • If I had a bunch of wishes, one of them might be to be really good at skateboarding. Here are skateboarding monks! -The Daily What
  • Jason Sudeikis talks about gross things. -HuffPo
  • Watch Ken Jeong’s new CPR PSA and then know how to do CPR. Yay, good job! -Celebuzz
  • Rebecca Black is “back” don’t worry we can all stop worrying ugh. -Dlisted
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  1. Cinema’s worst dad? Easy, it’s Ghost Dad. No contest.

  2. Interests: Magnets, fighting monsters

  3. Apres pos of nothing, Here’s Tom Cruise’s next role

  4. Thailand’s reaction to Hangover 2: “Anything to help humankind forget about ‘Bangkok Dangerous.’”

  5. That “SHPROING” sound you just heard was Louis C.K.’s PR guy hanging himself.

  6. “Before you ever went there, we had reporters there reporting genocide after genocide. So just because you put on a [expletive] safari helmet and look at some poop, that doesn’t give you the right to insult what we do.” An imperial silence, then Mr. Carr says, “So continue.”

    So the New York Times movie wasn’t *all* bad, then.

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