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  1. SPOILER ALERT It is deciduous.

  2. You watch the seed germinate in real time.

  3. Tree of Life

    (See previous BNPG post)

  4. If your Tree of Life lasts longer than 6 hours, contact your doctor or seek emergency medical attention

  5. When I first got wind of this I was ecstatic until I read the new stuff focuses mostly on the family. The first ninety minutes are some of the best pure cinema that I’ve ever seen – fucking transcendent. Once it settles in to the more traditional portrait of the nuclear family and Brad Pitt’s stern, emotionally unavailable father, it loses so much steam. I realize that this is the more personal material to Malick, but resonates is the cosmic stuff.

    • Fully agree. Some compelling scenes in the second half, but the cosmic stuff leading straight into the sequence of the children being born and growing up was as good as anything I’ve seen in a while.

    • The “cosmic stuff” is actually only about 25/30 minutes of the film …but technicalities I suppose. While I loved the cosmic Kubrick-esque sequence/content I personally found the portions of the film that focus on the kids/family resonated with me more. I chalk it up to whether you are more inclined to the grandiose or the minutia. This is not to suggest the two are distinctly separate, far from it, but what is at the forefront is distinctly different between the two.

      • There were also kind of two parts to the family story too. In the first half you had a fast-paced montage of swooping in and out of quick vignettes showing the kids age from birth; I thought that stretch was the most impressive technically and powerful emotionally, despite having no real sustained dialogue. The second half slowed down and settled into a (comparatively) more standard narrative, which worked for me but wasn’t as stunning.

    • I somewhat agree, but I still loved all of it! And if given the chance, I would maybe (probably) watch this.

  6. *what resonates is the cosmic stuff

  7. So this means Sean Penn will now have FOUR lines in the movie?

  8. I hope he provides the full 45-minute sequence in which the European immigrants roller skate and play their favorite instruments. I need more of that please.

  9. Can someone please tell me I am not crazy for not thinking this was the best movie ever made? That I actually thought that though beautiful and occasionally transcendent, it also misfired in many key points and in the last 15 minutes ended up drowning in its own pretensions. Am I that jaded? Does this mean I can no longer love?


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