I don’t know who this person is. Her name is Trisha, though, and she also goes by the name Grindhouse Barbie, and I don’t want to look any deeper into who she is right now because you know why. I just don’t. Don’t you do it either. I have a good feeling that it will be NSFY. Not safe for you. In this (safe for you) vlog she gives her opinion on Star Wars after watching half of it on Spike TV, because she had an ex-boyfriend who broke up with her because she hadn’t seen it, and he said that she was dumb because of that. Trisha, you are not dumb (because of that)! Your ex-boyfriend sounds like a jerk! Also, what’s with your voice and face? Also, you are exactly right about everything you have to say about Star Wars!

The thing is, it’s easy to sound stupid when you’re talking about Star Wars and you don’t know a lot about Star Wars, because Star Wars is stupid. “Big gold robot,” “little post office box thing,” and “big fuzzy bear” are accurate descriptions. And it is very confusing that it is the first movie but it is actually the fourth movie! Or the fourth movie but actually the first movie! I don’t even know how to phrase it! Also, “I know there’s like a million Star Wars movies, I heard there was like 20 or something.” TOO TRUE. So, in conclusion, this person is exactly right about everything, she is very smart, and the Droid phone was definitely named that because of how C-3PO is a droid.

No one has to vlog a review of Star Wars anymore, Grindhouse Barbie nailed it. (Thanks for the tip, Dusky Panther.)

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  1. She’s not getting married today? Shocked. So shocked.

  2. I also want the fuzzy bear to live with me, the gold robot would probably be an annoying roommate

  3. Look, this comes from a place of supreme bitterness, but Trisha? Darling? Watching and understanding and even LOVING Star Wars is not a turn on to the male populace no matter WHAT they say.

    Gonna go curl up in my Tauntuan sleeping bag and watch that one movie with the guy in the dark helmet.

  4. This can really be done to anything if you think about it. What’s Batman? A guy who holds a grudge for his entire lifetime uses his dead parents fortune to exceed modern technology (withholding said technology from the world, mind you) and wear a cape to fight clinically insane escapees, all while maintaining a multi-billion dollar international company and a man-about-town reputation. Also, he is best friends with an old man (his butler) and a teenage boy (a RANDOM teenage boy).

  5. I have the feeling he didn’t break up with her over her Star Wars ignorance.

  6. I’m not going to watch this because I don’t think it can top the IRL LOL I had from that preview still alone. High fives, all around Trisha; go see a Star War.

  7. “because Star Wars is stupid”

    and here I thought I liked you Kelly. and here I thought I liked you.

    • I gotta be me, man. I gotta be me.

      • That’s a very good point, Kelly, and even though I am a big Star Wars fan, I don’t think you’re horrible for not liking Star Wars. Trisha, on the other hand, is another story. I’m not sure how far I got into her video before I HAD TO SHUT IT DOWN. I don’t recall ever having to stop reading your blog posts, even this one. lol

        I’m not sure why I’m such a fan. Perhaps it’s because I had two older brothers who absolutely adored the original three movies and I was such a wee lass at the time and wanted to belong. Or maybe because Princess Leia was such a fine role model for me. She was a princess and she fired laser guns. I’m not sure.

        At any rate, I’m almost certain that having watched the movies does not qualify you for high intelligence. And judging by this video, it certainly doesn’t make you more attractive either. IMHO

  8. This is me explaining how basketball works.

  9. You can’t win, Kelly. If you strike my Star Wars love down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. — Frank Lloyd Wan

  10. Ok, who wants to guess what I think of her opinion on Star Wars? There’s an upvote in it for you!

  11. You know, between her howling and blasting everything Star Wars in sight, it’s a wonder the blogosphere doesn’t know she’s here.

  12. So you’re saying she’s single, right?

  13. Which makes me, if my calculations are correct, literally the last person that hasn’t seen Star Wars.

    • Nope. I still haven’t.

      Please don’t murder me, internet friends. (Note to the cops: if I’m murdered, it was my internet friends re: Star Wars.)

    • Actually, one of my friends went to dinner with her dad and George Lucas, but didn’t know who George Lucas was other than “some director” and didn’t even bother to get his autograph. To this day, she still has never seen Star Wars.

      This story makes me so head-burstingly angry/frustrated/jealous.

    • My best friend hasn’t seen them. And at this point in time, I’m not sure how that is even possible. How have you never seen one of them? I mean, I understand if you don’t like them (well, no, I don’t. But whatever), but how is it even possible to not have seen them. Aren’t you at least curious what the entire internet is talking about?

      Not necessarily YOU, Pam. Just “you” in the sense of people who haven’t seen them.

  14. If she knew anything about Star Wars, she would realize that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view.

  15. is she a hoarder? i think she’s a hoarder.

  16. If Narnia were a Nashville whore house, she would be the White Witch.

  17. She could just drone Alderaan all day about this, and yet most nerds would Endor it because they think she’s Hoth.

  18. The weird thing is, by the end of that I actually started to like her. WHY DID THAT HAPPEN I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO LIKE PEOPLE LIKE THIS!

  19. I didn’t know Jaime Pressly and Pamela Anderson had a lovechild!

  20. White robots? That’s racist?! I don’t know! fart noise.

  21. Stella? you really let yourself go!
    -Ted Mosby

  22. Aren’t Star Wars fanatics usually home on Saturday nights, unmarried, lonely, on the internet, and without friends too?

    Good thing she was dressed as a bride, because it’s about time we marry a couple stereotypes and move on, don’t you think?

  23. This girl could teach her something- http://vimeo.com/2809991

  24. Ah! This is Trisha from Who Wants to be a Superhero, yes? AKA Ms. Limelight? I met her a few years back at Motor City Comicon (or however you spell it), and at the time she claimed to have auditioned for the role of Harley Quinn (prior to Heath’s unfortunate passing). So, yeah, this could well have been Nolan’s Harley Quinn…If you care about that sort of thing?

  25. I am so sorry, I am sure her thoughts on Star Wars are very enlightening and deep and otherwise intelligent but I can not get through this video. I made it through about 20 seconds and had to turn it off before my head exploded. Did anyone actually get through it? Who is following her on Youtube and why? I am at a loss. Please explain

  26. Goodness gracious (as my mom would say). For so many, many reasons.

    The best part is that she refers to the droids as ‘little animals’, but thinks her phone was named after them. That there is some deep airhead meta-irony.

    Also, she unknowingly predicted Spaceballs (which she probably hasn’t seen?) when referring to Darth Vader.

  27. I also like the guy in the Dark Helmet:

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