We haven’t had a BNPG in a little while, so what better time than on a glorious (meh) summer day to get together with friends and just have FUN! Can we have class outside today, ma’am? Bring your own blanket to sit on! This one really took off on Twitter yesterday. It should be pretty obvious how to play. (It should also be pretty obvious how NOT to play. Don’t be disgusting, ladies.) Just in case it isn’t obvious ENOUGH, though, here are some very good examples:

Little Man Tate
Good Hair
Gone In 60 Seconds
21 Grams
The Bone Collector

Haha. You get it. Penises! Gross! Movies Fun! Sorry! Play! No homo!

SIDENOTE: The photo associated with this post features Morgan Freeman as President Beck in the movie Deep Impact. Hello? Deep Impact?! Penises?! I just didn’t want anyone to miss out on my hilarious Deep Impact joke. DEEP IMPACT.

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  1. It Could Happen to You

  2. Somewhere

  3. Nothing But Trouble

  4. Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

  5. National Treasure

  6. Breakin’

  7. For Your Consideration

  8. Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

    Wait, yuck

  9. I Know What You Did Last Summer

  10. The Human Centipede

  11. The Fallen

  12. Pretty In Pink was one of my favs on twitter. Wish I could take credit.

  13. The Professional

  14. Stranger Than Fiction

  15. 8 Heads in a Duffle Bag

  16. Baby Genius(es)

  17. My Sister’s Keeper

  18. Excalibur

  19. The Shooter

  20. I Am Legend

  21. I’m Not There.

  22. Lord of the Rings

  23. The Big Lebowski

  24. Coneheads

  25. Winter’s Bone

    (“Too easy!” – Max Stone)

  26. The Man Who Came At Dinner

  27. Miss Congeniality #vagina

  28. Sideways

  29. Kindergarten Cop

    (eww eww eww sorry guys)

  30. Sophie’s Choice

  31. Hard Eight

  32. You’ve Got Mail!

  33. The Color Purple #tips

  34. Dirty Harry, but I won’t say why

  35. Orgazmo (Am I doing this right?)

  36. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

  37. The Great Dictator

  38. Fast and Furious

  39. Home Alone

  40. A Night at the Opera

  41. The Phantom Menace

  42. Bedknobs and Broomsticks

  43. Short Cuts

  44. The Jerk

  45. Mary Poppins

    (Oh, its a VERY jolly holiday with you, Bert ;) )

  46. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  47. Tropic Thunder

  48. Babette’s Feast

  49. The Whole Nine Yards

  50. The Magnificent Seven

  51. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

  52. There Will Be Blood

  53. Hot Rod

  54. Gone in 60 Seconds

  55. Dunston Checks In

  56. That Thing You Do

  57. Tomb Raider

  58. Parent Trap

  59. I’m afraid to find out what Netflix would suggest if I add this bad boy to my queue:


  60. My Giant

  61. Ghostbusters.

  62. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

  63. Must Love Dogs

  64. Big Trouble In Little China

  65. The Two Towers

  66. Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag

  67. It’s Complicated

  68. What Women Want

  69. Howard’s End

  70. Supersize Me

  71. The Fountain

  72. Almost Famous

  73. Dr. Doolittle

  74. Monsters, Inc.

  75. Johnson Family Reunion

  76. Cremaster 1

  77. As Good as it Gets

  78. the Punisher

  79. Jeremiah Johnson

  80. The Sixth Sense

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