Hey! Remember during Tracy Morgangate last week how I told that story about Jo Koy telling the exact same miserable joke and being a jerk? Well, now look.Oh jeez. Come on, jerks! Go to bed!

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  1. He went from being THE homophobic comedian, to being usurped by Tracy, to winning back the title. He’s the Grover Cleveland of homophobic comedians.

  2. Did you guys know Jo Koy is Asian? He never mentions it in his stand up so I don’t blame you if you didn’t

  3. “Jo Koy….. oh boy.” – Jo Koy’s Mother

  4. What’s even more shocking is that I am certain I heard these very same jokes from Billy, my school’s 4th grade bully. Jo Koy – the Nick Madison of our generation.

  5. Someone on Chelsea Lately is disgusting and unfunny? What a world.

  6. Is there an Asian Chris Rock to frown upon him?

  7. He says: “I made this dance extra gay since I am not gay.” And yet: “a regular in Chelsea Lately’s roundtable.” So confused.

  8. For those who are wondering, his name is derived from the formula his shows usually follow:

    Joke + Oooooyyyyy (rinse, repeat)

  9. I didn’t have a chance to delve into the last discussion on this topic, so to harp on and re-emphasize the point everyone’s already eloquently made before the ‘just jokes!’ crowd launches again, the main problem with stand-up material like this is that it isn’t subversive, it’s affirmation for a hateful percentage of the population. I went to a Tosh.0 show in South Carolina last summer, and he did his normal schtick of going down the line of offensive jokes for all different groups. He bombed with the crowd, it was intensely uncomfortable and they weren’t getting it at all. Then he said something to the effect of ‘at least A.I.D.S. will kill off the gays’ and the theatre went wild. The first and only time through three opening acts and Tosh’s hour that there was such hearty applause and laughter. That’s terrifying, and performers can’t keep pretending they’re not aware of what certain audience reaction actually represents. /soapbox

    • It amazes me how many people like that show, like I think the email forwards from my mom have more recent jokes than the videos he shows and makes terrible jokes about

      • I kind of get his appeal, this wholesome boy-next-door type with a cheery disposition throwing around shocking and offensive things in a casual manner, it’s been done but he’s decent with the delivery when he does stand up. But the actual Comedy Central show is pretty terrible, and uh oh, I just realized it might be a faux pas to even mention that on here. Sorry Gabe! You’re the best youtube deconstructionist on the market!

  10. I’m sure this is all a big misunderstanding. Who KNOWS what he’s saying behind those ***s. He probably just said – nevermind. I can’t summon the effort to make light of this. Fuck you, Jo Koy.

  11. As a gay man my radar went off just by looking at the photo attached to that story. ‘Pretty sure this guy is gay.’ – My brain talking to me upon seeing his photo. Outside of that and the Joe Mande story (which I’ve seen him tell during a performance and is an extremely funny, well told story, I should mention, because duh, Joe Mande is great) I had no idea this guy even existed.

    But yes, affirmation of hatred under the guise and immunity of ‘comedy joke time’ is bullshit. This guy was clearly on the Z-list anyway so maybe he could go away forever now please?

  12. I am not happy that I see a Videogum link on HuffingtonPost. I’d like to keep these parts of my life separate. Thank you.

  13. How dare Nick Swardson call someone retarded?
    How dare Bill Maher call someone a twat?
    How dare Marc Maron and Gabe Delahaye call someone a cunt?
    How dare BIll Hicks call someone a dick?
    How dare Lisa Lampanelli call someone a queer?
    How dare Chis Rock, Bill Burr, Eddie Murphy, and Louis C.K. call someone a faggot?

    Don’t they know they’re all being psycho/gyno/andro/homophobic jerks? Go to bed, comedians!

    Look- there are hateful people all over. There was a website I couldn’t stop looking at because I was so fascinated seeing how unhinged and sincere racist hateful people could be on their fb walls for all to see. The site was called PWSNT.com (People Who Said ‘Nigger’ Today). The dude running it was just screen-capturing people’s public Facebook wall posts whenever someone had wrote the most ignorant, hateful shit about black people (and definitely the president) and then posting them on his own website. It was a watch dog kind of site. It was so addicting. I have not experienced outward, belligerent racism face to face in my life. And to read post after post was fascinating to me. “Wow, these people are so unapologetically hateful and ignorant,” I thought to myself. “These people are not joking.”

    Labeling Jo Koy a homophobe or a hater of gay people seems unnecessarily extreme in this instance. It does not sound like he hates gay people. People make fun of other people for their perceived differences all the time, and language is a morphing, churning, unstable organism on its best day. Obviously Jo Koy’s comment was ill-timed due to the recent controversy, and he definitely just strengthened Gabe’s perceptions of him, expanded upon by Joe Mande’s account of that Event Organizer’s account we’ve all heard third hand and is now being reported on by the HuffPo with “allegedly” thrown at the front of every sentence, but that does not make Jo Koy a homophobe. It just makes him a news target for more controversy over, in my opinion, are trumped-up, sensationalist charges.

    Obviously if you hate a group of people and are seriously encouraging other people to hate along with you, you are terrible. But to start cataloguing every instance of a comedian making an off-the-cuff, insensitive, controversial remark sounds like a waste of time to me, and feels like something of a comedian witch hunt.

    And considering Tracy Morgan is the bigger star, AND is on record saying far worse things than Koy is on record saying, and we’re all still going to watch Tracy next season on 30 Rock (please speak now if you’re not), this all stinks of “if you’re famous enough, all is forgivable.” Jo Koy unfortunately isn’t famous enough or entertaining enough, so it’s ok to dismiss him as a homophobe and be rid of him.

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