You know how sometimes you’re a lady who went to a bunch of schools and you’re on a train and it’s like, I don’t understand how these people expect me to not be very terrible? Don’t they get that I went to school? Like, lots of school? Listen to the gross voice I’m using! This is just a classic case of A-Lady-Who-Went-To-Lots-Of-Schools and everyone needs to just deal with it. It’s like they’ve never been on a train before.

And also when you’re that lady, you sound just like Alison Brie’s character on Mad Men. (Via Gawker)

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  1. She’s never had a marshmallow before.

  2. She majored in being obnoxious with a minor in being entitled, or is it the other way around

  3. I like to think I’m educated and I say fuck all the time.

  4. I’ve been on the MetroNorth with someone like this once before, and, as with this video, I’m always so impressed with how polite the MetroNorth employees are to them. That must be very difficult, because I wanted to slap this lady and she’s just on a video on my computer.

  5. Dear Dr. Birdie

    I’ve been struggling with feeling like I don’t get a lot of respect lately. Even if I explain in clear, articulate tones that I am both educated and only minding my own business, people everywhere I go seem to be just barely masking unquenchable loathing in my presence, even though they themselves are all mindless dolts. How can I convince these, ahem, “people” to give me the respect someone with my level of education deserves? Please help.

    A terrible, terrible woman

  6. You know, guys, we should probably take it easy on her, The sideways letterbox just makes her look like a crazy uneducated person.

  7. “Do you know how well educated I am!?” would be fun to say at any opportunity.

  8. I was like, ‘where have i heard that voice before?’… then i remembered.

    she’s Liz Lemon dressed up like Princess Leia:

  9. I wish I’d left at the same time as the lady in the blue hoody instead of hearing any more of this jerk.

  10. Another lady who went to a bunch of schools?

  11. BNPG: Schools that lady attended

  12. This lady was recently in my neighborhood being pissed about something. I tried to avoid her but she cornered me. Before she could tell me how educated she was I told her that bad things happen but she can still live. She showed me her human eyes and flew back to her home planet.

  13. Before you monsters vilify her, we should probably find out what the schools are – she may not deserve all the flack you cretins are giving her.

  14. Did she say something at the end about “that’s why people work in a train”? I dearly hope that was a part of something she said that was super snobby about people who work in trains that are beneath her well-educated self . . . like maybe it was the tail end of, “I cannot believe she did not cater to my every whim! That’s why people work in a train!”

    • The voice sounds different to me—I actually think it was another passenger commenting approvingly, i.e. “Thank god Metro-North has calm, trained professionals to deal with horrible people like that.”

  15. “I’m not a crazy person. I’m a very well-educated person.” The two, in my experience, are not mutually exclusive.

  16. Janet Snakehole doesn’t take shit from anyone:

  17. New drinking game: You have to do a shot every time she says “I’m sorry.”

  18. If the internet starts calling out people like this on the regular, I could get into that.

  19. No amount of Que spray can make this woman appealing to me.

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  21. Guys, I’m really sorry I’ve been MIA recently but work has been crazy! Just wanted to drop in to give you a little gif(t).

    Miss you. Hope to be back soon!

  22. There are many great things about commuting on the train. The other commuters are not one of them.

    (except you, cute girl that always gets on a few stops after me, has good taste in books and, oh, goddamn it, a wedding ring on.)

  23. Honey, as we take this step together into the next glorious phase of our relationship I want you to know there is no one on this Earth I respect more. No one on this Earth I admire more. And, of course, no one I love more. After today you won’t just be my wife … you’ll be my reason for living. – Me on my wedding day to this beautiful, smart, smart woman.

  24. This is basically the remake of a very old Sprite commercial:
    “I played Hamlet at Caaaaaymbridge!”

  25. Get off the train, Penelope.

  26. Maybe it’s because I haven’t spent a lot of time on the east coast, but I honestly had no idea there are people that really talk with that affectation other than when exaggerating in movies.

    For those of you on the eastern-y side that haven’t spent much time in southern California: yes, the ‘valley girl’ accent is real, and prevalent. Even as much today as in the ’80s. But those types probably have had less private school and lean more towards the schools of hard knocks (aka porn, probably).

  27. “We’re not entertaining this, so let’s go.”
    “No, you are entertaining this!”

    She learned that in Communications 306: The Art of the Unnecessary Comeback

  28. Frequently a Nightmare-Hive but for me Gawker comments are FOREVER VALIDATED by this exchange:

    What’s so special about NYU?

    It’s easily the one of the best undergraduate schools in Manhattan south of Columbia and west of Cooper Union.

  29. Was anyone else 100% sure it was going to be Diane from Cheers before they saw her?

  30. “Well educated.” That means she was educated at the bottom of a well, right? Is this why she speaks in such a loud, yet articulate manner? After all, that is the only way us land educated folks could hear her.

  31. That’s Gabe’s girlfriend.


  32. Apparently as part of her “schooling” she had to go on a field trip to a nuclear power plant. Take a look at look on her face as she’s forced to interact with the commoners:

  33. I’d just like to say I was really hoping it was the woman from the 2 a.m. commercials who is a singing waitress that went online to take tests in search of a better degree and better job. I’m rather disappointed that it is not her as I was wondering 1. where she *did* go to school and 2. was it for singing/waiting/acting because it really should be. Where can we find HER on the Interwebs?

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