It’s Friday, and you know what that means — A FRIDAY GIVEAWAY!

It’s possible that you didn’t know it meant that, though, because this is our first Friday giveaway. First of many. Every Friday until the end of the world, give or take. So here we go!

This Friday we’ll help you adress the problem of your “signature scent.” Sometimes it can be hard to find your “signature scent.” You can only take so many (three) perfume/cologne samples from Sephora at once, and you get a good two weeks or so out of that, but what happens when the two weeks are over? You smell like garbage again. So we’d like to provide you with the chance to own an entire bottle of Que ($24.95 value/priceless), which is either perfume or cologne, it is kind of unclear.

To enter to win, what you have to do is:

  1. “Like” us on Facebook.
  2. Login to comment with your Facebook account.
  3. Comment with the food you would choose to smell like, if you had to smell like one food for the rest of your life.

Comments must be submitted by Wednesday, June 22, 6PM EST. Only submit once! And then a winner will be chosen at random. Yay!

If you are lucky enough to win the bottle of Que, though, THE FUN DOESN’T END. What you will then do is wear the cologne/perfume around a member of gender you prefer to date, maybe even you’ll wear it ON a date, document your experience, and then we will post here on Videogum for everyone in the world to read. What an exciting barbetunity! Good luck!

Comments (46)
  1. I think any answer other than Barbeque should be automatically disqualified.

  2. is AMURRICUH a food?

  3. I will continue to get my cologne for free with my 10 piece from McDonalds. No thanks.

  4. If I had to smell like a food for the rest of my life, I’d choose marzipan. Barbequed marzipan.

  5. I can’t log in to FB to comment at work (blocked), so can I do this anyway?

    If I had to smell like one food for the rest of my life, it would be Betty Crocker Funfetti cake.

    Now please give me this perfume. I’m married, so I won’t go on a date with it or anything, but I’m dying to wear it to work. I have one particularly annoying co-worker that has smelling superpowers that I would like to mess with. “What is that smell? Does anyone else smell that?” – this is said at least once a day

  6. Que is neither a perfume nor a cologne. It’s a unisex fragrance.

  7. This is racist against people who don’t use Facebook. What about those of us who want to comment on Myspace?

  8. I inexplicably want this so bad.

    I would like to smell like hot dogs, please.

    Am I doing this right? Where do I pick up my prizes?

  9. For the next giveaway I would like Gabe’s funky socks!

    Funky as in cool colors, not as in smelly. I hope.

  10. Tofu. It’s smell-less, right? No matter how much I loved something, if I had it in my nostrils 24/7 I wouldn’t love it anymore.

  11. I would want to smell like carrots, because they are healthy and that is what the ladies like.

    (Dr. Birdie? Just won a contest and I need to get a date STAT.)

  12. I am doing this wrong, because I don’t want to smell like barbecue. Call me when there’s a perfume that will make my face smell like tacos.

  13. I would like to smell like the Gatorade flavor Riptide Rush tastes. Is that a food? Am I disqualified?

  14. I would elect to smell like salt lassi, or as my family calls it, Taco Milk!

  15. I commented on Facebook instead of here. Is that valid? I don’t want to miss out on this great barbequenity.

  16. The only facebook account i have is a fake one i use for cyber bullying so i guess i’ll just post here. If i could smell like a type of food all day it would be mango ice-cream.

  17. I suppose I would most like to smell like popcorn. Popcorn smells delicious and it usually means that movies are closeby. Bitches LOVE movies! (Man bitches, too, of course. No sexist.) But I guess backyard barbecue would also make me so popular, so consider this contest entered. Yay!

    • I kind of think popcorn and stale-urine-spattered public restrooms smell reminiscent of one another.

      Which is to say, smelling like popcorn would definitely get you my number.

  18. Air Heads Xtremes.

  19. Yeah, I would want to smell like flower-soup, or something, cos smelling like barbecue seems like the kind of thing that would make wild animals follow you around and then eat you.

  20. Nachos! I want to smell like nachos.

  21. I would enter this, but I wouldn’t want to write an article about my experiences wearing it.

    There would just be a lot of talk about me sobbing, huddled as an inconsoleable ball, in the dark, with the flourescent light from a computer screen reflecting off my tear-stained face.

  22. I would like to smell like mushrooms.

  23. clams forever! suck it, world.

  24. Cinnamon Buns :)
    tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

  25. Jeb received a bottle of the fragrance (for work!), and I just sprayed some on myself. It literally smells like the smoke that comes off a barbecue grill. And now I need to go take a shower!

  26. Chocolate covered bacon.

  27. Herring

  28. The smell you smell when you first open a new box/bag of Fruity Pebbles. I want to clarify that’s because I love that smell, it’s not based on what kind of potential dates it would attract (no iced tea for me, Chris Hansen!)

  29. CURRY!

    curry curry
    furri, curri.

  30. pizza bread with cheese and red sauce

  31. I would like to smell like Self Potato

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