Shouldn’t you be in school, or just anywhere other than hanging out with Ke$ha, James Franco? ONE WEEK OF DETENTION! What was that? You want another? TWO WEEKS OF DETENTION! Say something smart again. OK, let’s make it a month. You good? I can do this all day, son. (Via @louispeitzman.)

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  1. Nickelback lyrics.

  2. Sometimes, you see two things that don’t normally go together, and it is great.

    Sometimes it’s just weird and awkward and one of the things is wearing skanky hair extensions.

    • All my upvotes to you.

    • Is this an okay place to say how I only recently started riding a bike again for the first time in years and that there was an accident caused by a turtle? — an accident in which I dove, and then also jabbed my leg back under my bike, in order to make sure that neither I nor the bike fell on the turtle.

    • I don’t know if those are hair extensions. It is possible that is how her hair looks since her handlers started following CDC recommendations. Guidelines clearly state that any Ke$ha should first be soaked in a high-concentration chlorine bath before she goes out in public. So that tangled green hair is actually a good sign, it means her management is getting serious about disease prevention.

  3. Pretty sure he texted his publicist immediately following this saying, “Who the fuck was that dirty blonde chick? She seemed smart.”

  4. Brush my teeth with a bottle of barf.

  5. And the classy elderblonde in background of photo 9 wonders why nobody pays her no nevermind no more.

  6. I think I just caught all of the STDs just by looking at the picture on the front page. Why would anyone ever click through?? Gross.

  7. She was also spotted about to make out with t-pain, but i’m not going to rep another blog in VG’s comments.

  8. Woof. I can actually smell this photo gallery, like 20 feet away from my desk.

  9. I’m gonna assume these were taken at a Jamba Juice.

  10. “Hey, you got crummy vocals on my talented acting!”
    “…And you got talented acting on my crummy vocals!”
    (chewing noises…)
    “Hey, they taste great together!”

  11. This is gro$$… and whats gro$$ is gro$$.

  12. So I guess there’s a Videogum promise for Franco now?

  13. Looks like someone just gave up after picture 5. Also, I don’t know how the captions are going to end. I AM SUSPENSE

  14. PICTURED: James Franco relaxes with one of the titular characters of his new film, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.”

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  16. they gon bone that night.

  17. Have we settled on whether or not Ke$ha is just John Travolta going through a mid-life crisis?

  18. there is a video of james franco being interviewed by MTV on the set of ‘finishing the game’. In the interview he is high as a kite. Every link to the video doesnt work or the video has been removed. Does anybody know a link that works?? Thanks!

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