• We set up a Facebook group! Join our Facebook group! You will have so much fun! -Videogum Facebook Group
  • Simon Pegg talking about his new book, Nerd Do Well. -Slate
  • Donald Glover seems like a nice young man. -ONTD
  • Salon thinks Trey Parker and Matt Stone are our country’s greatest living humorists. Clearly they haven’t subscribed to my tumblr. -Salon
  • Maybe all movie aliens should stop looking like weird bats all the time? -Vulture
  • A retrospective of actors playing Woody Allen. -FilmDrunk
  • The  Degree of Kevin Bacon score of any actor on IMDB. -Oracle of Bacon
  • Weird Al Yankovic goes grocery shopping. -SISFTI
  • The Academy has added a “new twist” to the Best Picture category. A new very unnecessary and kind of confusing twist!  -The Hollywood Reporter
  • Some on-set photos from Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming movie, The Dictator. “Nice, I like.” (The comment will never not be “Nice, I like.”) -Celebuzz
  • Samuel L. Jackson and Werner Herzog read Go the Fuck to Sleep. Which one is your favorite? My favorite is Werner Herzog. -TheDailyWhat
  • A venn diagram explaining HBO Programming. Except no it’s fun come back! -Warming Glow
  • Congratulations to Natalie Portman on her beautiful husband I MEAN BABY. -The Superficial
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  1. So David Lynch is creating a real life Club Silencio for some reason? I hear the hangovers the next morning are going to be terrifying and confusing.

    And full of angry masturbating (gross, sorry).

  2. Not to be a jerk but I’ve been using that Oracle of Bacon site for years, very useful, very site

    • I mean Topher Grace was in Ocean’s Eleven with Elliot Gould who was in The Big Picture with Kevin Bacon

    • You’ve done the world a disservice by not shouting it from the rooftops. Every conversation I have from now on will include it. It’s amaaazing.

    • OMG, same here! That’s why I was kind of confused when it popped up here. I thought maybe it had drastically changed or something. But nope, it’s still awesome.

  3. Re: the Donald Glover Q&A – Can we discuss how it’s sort of weird seeing dudes in shorts? Actual shorts, not just-above-the-knee halfpants?

    • With legs like his, makes me wonder why we *don’t* see more dudes in shorts. (I am saying that Donald Glover has very nice legs.)

    • But, the 5-inch short + deep V-neck tee + cardigan + plimsolls is a look I have seen before. He’s probably also wearing a fedora and some aviators, except he’s taken them off since he’s indoors.

  4. Werner Herzog reading “Go the Fuck to Sleep” is the best/creepiest thing I’ve ever heard. The video was recorded at the NYPL event I went to last night, and the audience wasn’t informed prior to the audio being played that it was Werner Herzog — that’s why everyone laughed at the beginning.

  5. The new twist to the Academy Awards is that Bruce Vilanch actually chooses all the winners.

  6. So, I joined the facebook group but every single update shows up as a new notification! That’s a bit annoying because it takes over my facebook life (i.e., my life). Is there anyway to change the way members get notified about new content? One of my courses has a facebook group (wow, professor, you are so hip and with it!) and I don’t get notified about updates to it. Maybe look into it? If other people feel the same way?

  7. that cartoon looks like an elderly doug, from the cartoon doug. wonder if he ever ate porkchop.

  8. That Venn diagram is all wrong (The Pacific and The Wire had fucking in it and Big Love was critically acclaimed) and it has ruined my day.

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