Vanity Fair did a Q&A with Jaleel White who gives us a brief glimpse into what dark disruptions of the human soul it takes to properly portray Urkel. Shudders.

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  1. Vanity Fair? Like THE Vanity Fair? Are you sure it wasn’t actually just a Tiger Beat magazine from 1994?

    “Let’s do a profile with Jaleel White, everybody” – Editor
    “Who?” – Everyone else.
    “You know, ‘Did I do that?’ Steve Urkel.” – Editor
    Awkward silence lasting several minutes.

  2. Hm. I didn’t expect them to actually talk about Urkel’s sausage. Thanks for that link. Sweet dreams for me tonight, I’m sure.

  3. I admire that he is able to take everything in stride, did I just say I admire Jaleel White?

  4. One night I came home from studio at like 4 in the morning and turned on the television to find an episode of Family Matters on tv. I left it on before I jumped in bed and ended up watching the entire thing. There was a rooftop party? And alcohol? And spontaneous choreographed dancing? And falling off of roofs? And seeing all of this super tired and stressed at 4 in the morning made it some bizarre Lynchian thing that I’m still not positive exists.

    (Cool story, bro!)

    Anyways, that’s all I know about Urkel. That and I feel like I once saw an episode where they fought ninjas? But I have no idea where that memory comes from.

  5. His first sentence is like an Escher drawing:
    “I almost preferred that you had a six-year-old daughter and sent her in there and let her come out with her review.”

    I don’t… I don’t know what that means.

  6. I can’t help but wonder if he discusses doing The Urkel with Bea Arthur. I think we can all agree that the nation took a cultural turn at that moment and White needs to weigh in on that.

  7. I once had a twitter exchange with Jaleel White… Hold on! Don’t push, there’s time for all of you to get my autograph.

    • On the serious though, I do like his outlook on his career. He’s not trying to pretend it didn’t make him rich, and he’s not being a baby about playing a character, as a child, that is embarrassing to think of playing as an adult. We should all be so lucky to get network TV money for a decade plus.

  8. Between sir-shoots-alot and moneybags urkel today’s turning out quite smug.

  9. We already know how the Urkel sausage is made.

  10. Article:”As White says, he made a “shitload of money,”
    Me: No shit, I bet!
    Article “even if that did mean having to cover up a newfound bulge in his pants as he aged.”

    And then I quit reading, possibly forever.

  11. One time I thrill-killed a drifter and was collared for it, but then I was all like “Did I do that?” and we all laughed. Then I ran.

  12. Urkle suasage is made when you take ur top off, baby

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