Look carefully at this guy’s face, if you can stand it. His name is Matthew Vadum, from the Capital Research Center, and he’s the, excuse my language, M-F who said on last night’s Daily Show: “It’s a straight line from community organizing to crack cocaine dealing. Community organizers exchange crack cocaine for votes.” Study his face carefully. If we see him, we’re going to point at him and say “Matthew Vadum from the Capital Research Center, you are an idiot, sir.” and we’re going to laugh. UNBELIEVABLE clip, and some information on this piece of, excuse my language, z-list pundit garbage, after the jump.

Matthew Vadum begins at 1:27. If he’s really saying this, it’s unbelievable:

So remember that name: Matthew Vadum. Remember that face: Bob’s Big Boy meets pure evil. We are going to laugh at him. We are going to laugh at him forever.

Oh, look, he has a YouTube channel for his stupid little TV appearances! And he loves Speedy Gonzalez. Isn’t that just perfect. Of course he does. We’ve never been this mean here before, but Matthew Vadum is your EX-boyfriend. If that guy was in any way serious, excuse my violent call-to-action, I want to see bad things happen to his self-esteem.

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  1. Your ex boyfriend guy recently sent me a comment on my obscure blog. It is a lot of fun.

  2. Kyle  |   Posted on Nov 3rd, 2008 0

    Yeah, I know Matthew slightly, or knew him, and he’s a sad character. The stereotype of the feeble wingnut with a grudge against everyone who doesn’t have to talk thru a blowhole. Now he’s big time, or at least getting laughed at on the Daily Show. My, my.

  3. Bart Beezle  |   Posted on Jan 13th, 2009 +1

    “With a grudge against everyone who doesn’t have to talk thru a blowhole.” WTF does that even mean?

  4. sb  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 0

    I think he worked with my husband years ago. I met him once and immediately thought I should be afraid. I told husband to never ever be alone with him or risk being buried in a cellar in Philadelphia.

  5. Matthew Vadum  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 -1

    Matthew Vadum is a fucking idiot whose head should be blown off and neck used as a toilet for my smelly dumps.

    • You are how old? I’ve always agreed that liberalism is a mental disorder and you’re proof! If you watch how a liberal reacts to anything they disagree with or don’t like, their reaction is always-predictably- like that of a young spoiled child.

  6. This is awesome. I just posted a blog about this guy and ganked a line from your article (I gave you credit), but I’m totally on board for making him bad-famous.

  7. realist  |   Posted on Aug 27th, 2009 -1

    At least he is trying to do something about the unjustices he believes are happening….Which is more than I can say for any people that would be on this site to begin with.

  8. Yes, how crazy to think community organizers would ever engage in illegal activities…

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