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  1. I did not know Quentin Tarantino had a short film coming out

  2. This is too sexy right now.

    -Inscribed on the 200 foot tall obsidian wall surrounding the center of the country by 2050, mark my words.

  4. Alternate title: ENHANCE

  5. You all thought it was a game, but it turned out the red carpet really was hot lava. RIP celebrity feet.

    “I will remember youuuuuu. Will you remember meeeeeee?”

  6. This video is right instep with what I’ve come to expect from the internet. They really nailed it.

  7. I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of racial and religious intolerance in the YouTube comments. I am sure whomever is usually responsible for those has just been busy, because racists are busy people, you see.

  8. Guys, aren’t these all just J-Lo’s feet? I mean, the poster’s name is jlofootlover.

    • Is it possible that the poster IS Jennifer Lopez? If I am not mistaken, “The Backup Plan” was about her life in the underground foot fetish sex ring. To be fair, I was only kind of paying attention to the trailer.

  9. Now I know how Peter Dinklage feels.

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