Oh no! Sean Bean (Eddie Stark on Hungry Hungry Thrones) has been stabbed! At a bar! This is the best part, though: “However, extraordinarily, he declined to attend hospital. Instead, the star walked back into the bar and, after staff gave him aid from a first aid kit, ordered another drink.” WINTER IS DRINKING! Get well soon, Sean Bean. Here is your card:

Where should I send this? Just to the bar, right? Care of: the bar.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Dude has a history of this.

  3. Vaudeville Guy #1; “Did you hear? Bean’s been stabbed!”
    Vaudeville Guy #2: “Kidney?”
    Vaudeville Guy #1: “Nope, through his arm.”

    *ragtime piano music*

  4. You are SPOILING EPISODE 10!!!

  5. Exactly Peter Dinklage, show some compassion Shrek and Stitch

  6. Yeah, like Sharpe needs a hospital. Antiseptic use during the Napoleonic wars was sketchy at best, anyway.

  7. Moments before the incident:

    • That bar is very will lit. Especially since it was karaoke night! What do you think Sean Bean was singing? My guess is “Most Kings” by Jay-Z.

  8. “Your dad drinks like a fish. What is he, a Tully? Oh, btw, sorry about that thing I did on Sunday…”

  9. ‘It gets Eddard.’

  10. But where can I get the look?!

  11. I’m sure if it gets bad he’ll be able to find some slave witch to sew up his arm, a little blood magic will have it all better by morning!

  12. Winter came to North London.

  13. Investigators have uncovered who stabbed him:

  14. Man, thank goodness he has a great head on his shoulders.

  15. In other news, Michael Biehn went to Costco yesterday.

  16. [IMG]http://nukedfromorbit.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Stupid-Ned-Stark-2.jpg[/IMG]

  17. “For England, stabbist?”
    “No. For me.”

  18. “What do we say to the God of Death?”

  19. can we just agree that he is probably better than us

  20. When you steal the Goldeneye satellite, you’re bound to make some enemies.

  21. damn. that is some straight up ballaz shit, son.

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