A woman is suing Playboy after injuring herself on a broken trampoline during a photoshoot. Yikes! Trampolines! Admittedly, this is stretching the bounds of Videogum’s jurisdictional mandate. So let us also remind you that the second season of Luther begins tonight on BBC One at 9PM (lucky England!).

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  1. I just can’t figure out what they were going for when they asked that naked lady to jump up and down.

  2. Do yourselves a favour and click on that link, if only to see the accompanying graphic. And then send me a fruit basket at my office to thank me for the heads-up. One of those good ones, like Edible Arrangements or something.

  3. How about an actual bunny on a trampoline?

  4. Vagina ain’t handicapped

  5. “sexy trampoline accident injury” – TMZ

  6. what have we done to make god angry?

  7. Luther season two starts tonight? At England 9 o’clock, which is in like two hours? Wow, yesterday was a great day to finish season one. ENGLAND, PUT IT IN MY BELLY!

    (belly = internet, it = luther s02e01)

  8. The Man Show has no idea how many bullets they dodged.

  9. I started watching Luther thanks to Videogum! It’s on Flinstant (That’s my new lingo for Netflix Instant. Whatcha guys think?!), although the episodes are numbered weird? Like it says “Episode 7 – Episode 1″ and so on. Silly Flinstant.

    Anyway, I really like it! First of all Idris Elba! Secondly, a detective who is actually just a smart and interesting detective instead of having some sort of super power. I didn’t realize how refreshing that could be! Thanks Videogum!

  10. That’s a good point. Let’s call it Flixtant!

    Although that sounds a bit like “flicks taint” and that makes me uncomfortable…

  11. And thus a Chuck Palahniuk premise is born.

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