I don’t know about you guys, but I want to EAT THIS BABY so bad!!! If I was that lion I would be like “GET IN MAH BELLAY!” Get it? Do you think that the problem the lion is having eating that baby is not the 18 inches of safety glass between them but rather that he is not making enough Austin Powers references? That’s probably it. Put your paw-pinky up against the side of your lion mouth and demand on million babies. Hahhahahha. This lion is topical! (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. Haha, eating babies is hilari…..wait, has anyone seen Notsewfast?

  2. If I said this video did not make me sad about keeping animals in captivity, I’d be lion

  3. That kid is named “Trent”? If they had shown us the titular card in the Beginning (WHERE IT BELONGS), I would have been rooting for the lion.

  4. Stupid glass shield. UGH!

  5. NOT the happy ending I was hoping for.

  6. This is just how the world works. Every time I go to the zoo I desperately try to eat baby lion cubs through the protective glass. I know my efforts are futile but I respect the tradition of it.

  7. But how does it feel about TGI Fridays?!?!

  8. So cats are just like people…the bigger they are, the dumber they are. (TAKE THAT, TALL PEOPLE! I TOLD YOU I WOULD HAVE MY REVENGE!)

  9. Here’s what you didn’t see, when the camera pulls back, you realize the people are in the exhibit and the lions are the tourists. It’s a world where LIONS are PEOPLE!

  10. “And the Lions’ losing streak continues.” -Buddy Garrity

  11. Dee Reynolds approves.

  12. Aw, she just wanna give ‘im some-a Sharptooth Kisses. Sharptooth Kiss!

  13. Zoinks! Haha, dumb lion doesn’t understand glass.

    True story: Once, several years ago, I was at the zoo outside the Cheetah cage and wondered what would happen if I sprinted alongside the cage. And the cheetah chased along behind me! (Safely in the cage of course). I was really excited so I did it again, and it was really cool to see a cheetah approach some semblance of speed inside what was really just a 50 yard-long enclosure. Then I got yelled at and I realized I was probably teasing the cheetah more than “helping it exercise.”

    But it was exciting nonetheless!

  14. Lucky for that kid he’s not a Christian.

  15. I think that if the glass disappeared or the lion succeeded in eating its way out, it would not eat the baby but probably just lick it and cuddle it and raise as one of its own, and the baby would love it and get to hang out petting lions all the time and there would be lots of cuddling happening. I’m pretty sure that’s how it would go.

  16. Carl’s Junior says you’re an unfit mother.

  17. I don’t know, without the safety glass, I think my money’s on Trent. Something about a striped hood inspires confidence.

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