Tracy Morgan has issued a (half-hearted) apology. Meanwhile, Kevin Rogers, the man behind the Facebook page, talked to CNN and came out to his parents.

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  1. Homophobia is gay.

  2. In this case, it isn’t fake.

  3. Kevin Rogers is the new Son of Gabe, congratulations Kevin it really does get better.

  4. I want to take this story behind a middle school and definitely not get it pregnant.

  5. Yes, Mr. Morgan. It was your choice of words that we took issue with. Specifically, all of the words.

    • Maybe also the order of the words. Maybe it wouldn’t be a horrible barf factory hate tirade if the order of the words were different?

      • Not if you could scramble his words into something approximating:

        “I, Tracy Jordan, want to stab myself for being homophobic” or
        “I, Tracy Jordan, simply do not exist.”

  6. I don’t know how I feel when a celebrity is found doing or saying something disgusting, and then apologizes.

    It’s interesting; in the comment section, people are angry at Kevin Rogers for saying that he accepts Tracy Jordan’s apology. And I see where they’re coming from. I don’t know Tracy Jordan, but in my heart of hearts, I think that it’s far more likely that he loathes gay people and is hoping that an apology makes this blow over. I don’t believe that he’s experienced a burst of enlightenment in the past few days.

    On the other hand, I make mistakes in my job and personal life all the time. Not “it’s funny to stab the gays” mistakes, granted, but stupid, thoughtless, sometimes cruel mistakes. If I couldn’t be forgiven for them, I’d pretty much have to become a hermit. We’re all human, and there’s no way to live in society without forgiving each other for the constant effluvia of mistakes we make. I’ve seen what happens to people who hold on to grudges, and it’s disfiguring to the soul.

    On the third hand, when I make a mistake, I’m usually genuinely sorry for it. When I have a difference of opinion with someone, I don’t want to antagonize them, but I don’t apologize, either. And that’s really what we’re talking about here, right? Is the opinion that gays are disgusting and subhuman acceptable even if it’s stated very nicely, with no threats of violence or hacky jokes?

    And on the fourth hand, is it so bad to hold Tracy Jordan to a higher standard than my wife or my parents? He doesn’t know me, and we don’t owe each other anything. Why do I owe forgiveness to Michael Richards? Or Mel Gibson? Or Chris Brown? There’s no relationship between us to hurt; I can just stay away from their entertainment projects, like I do with entertainers that I dislike but don’t find to be personally offensive.

    (For example, I understand that Huey Lewis is a very kind man, but it doesn’t obligate me to buy his records. Huey Lewis and the News have a considerable following among the learning disabled, and so they make an effort at their concerts to find a learning-disabled fan and pull them up on stage. Isn’t that wonderful? But they still suck, and I’m not buying their albums.)

    • “Is the opinion that BLACK MALES are disgusting and subhuman acceptable even if it’s stated very nicely.”

      Remember, there was a time when a large percentage of the American population viewed African Americans as ‘disgusting and subhuman’ and that opinion is definitely not acceptable now. Holding the opinion that any group of people is disgusting and subhuman is NEVER acceptable.

  7. I just made my first “That’s what Tracey Morgan Said” joke yesterday. Try it, you’ll like it.*

    *That is NOT what Tracey Morgan said.

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