• Heaven just got a little more [Proper Noun]. -ONTD
  • Unofficial new summer jam: Avril Lavigne Scremeo Cover. -Epic Ponyz
  • Clip from the new Pixar short La Luna. -Slash Film
  • Neil Patrick Harris shows photos of his cuuuttee kids on Letterman. -PopCultureBrain
  • You should look at this weird fan art of different celebrities. -Kenny Chesney Serious
  • Alec Baldwin’s sympathetic thoughts on the Anthony Weiner scandal. -HuffPo
  • You may see an R-rated thing in these Harry Potter credits if you are TOTAL CREEP. -Vulture
  • A bunch of movies that Super 8 is a little bit of. Now you don’t have to see it yaaayy! -PopWatch
  • Jake White’s divorce party…sounds…cool? -Dlisted
  • A few missing items from Joey Fatone’s estate sale. -Best Week Ever
  • Peter Dinklage and his wife are expecting their first child, awww, yay for Peter Dinklage and his wife! -The Superficial
  • Vince Vaughn’s upcoming film The Insane Laws is already sold out at all the movies theaters all over the world and also in outer space. -FilmDrunk
  • Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello plays with the Google homepage guitar and no fair I didn’t know you could use your keyboard. -TheDailyWhat
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  1. Hey Kelly, I like you. You are a worthy addition to my favorite blog. You’re prob not courting my approval, but FYI you totally have it!

    • Yes, one of my favourite things on the internet is This X That on TheDailyWhat. Now, I have two sets of awesome links from two awesome websites every weekday, keep up the good work Kelly.

  2. Am I the only one relived Peter Dinklage didn’t die? That lay out is confusing at first glance.

  3. Peter Dinklage is UHMAZING on Game of Thrones! Let’s all just take this time to talk about Game of Thrones, ok? That show is great. It is known.

    • yes, he is great and I love him. BUT! I get bummed out at stuff like that Superficial link where they’re basically like “it’s funny because he’s small!” and generally use him as LOL-fodder and talk about him like he’s not a human being.

      • That superficial post really bummed me out too (much like every superficial post). Peter Dinklage is great! Watch “The Station Agent,” everybody! But then, I went back to the videogum post about his guest spot on 30 Rock, and was heartened by all the ladies and fellas saying how attractive they found him, and that erased the damage. I definitely want to sexxx him/his voice/his acting talent, no matter what his height might be.

    • uhhhh. i basically just said what you said here but 3 minutes later and i sounded dumber. [always read the comments before posting]

      • And I upvoted you just the same because I really wanna talk about it! I’m almost done with A Storm of Swords and I might have forced all my coworkers to be in a mandatory book club with me.

        • I just bought the 4-PACK and am mid-way through the first book. This is all very exciting.

        • I’ve GOT to read the books now, because I Googled a few of the characters to get clarification on who they were (seriously, there are at least 2,000 characters in every episode) and got some INFURIATING spoilers. All I wanted to know is why Lily Allen’s little brother was hanging out with the Starks all the time if he didn’t seem to really want to be there. And now I know what’s going to happen like…. 3 books from now.

          The internet is not a friend of this show! And I’m not a big proponent of begging for recaps, because I know they’re really tedious to do (this is me volunteering to do GoT recaps!), but can we get an open thread OR SOMETHING?

  4. Can we please talk about Game of Thrones more. Can we talk about it all the time and can Gabe do recapZ.

  5. Most people don’t sell everything when they move right? That’s unusual? I’m worried about Joey Fatone you guys

  6. For the Game Of Thrones fans…

    Love the show but it was a little lost at first. I went back and watched all the episodes again after I found out about that chart.

  7. Game of Thrones you say?

  8. You spelled ‘screamo’ wrong (I’m sure nobody cares, but mehr).

  9. Noticed the comment thread for the Super 8 post was closed. Perhaps because they are a sponsor?

  10. Gabe, I like this feature, but I think you should also bold the subject (ie. celebrity, movie, whatever). The source/websit is bolded, and that’s fine. I think it would be good to also bold the basic idea of the link? Just a suggestion.

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