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  1. Another victory for Shirts!

  2. Let’s score some skins and do some spliff before the bogeys duff me rubbers! #Skins, right?

  3. And hello to them finally showing series 4 of the UK version here in the US!

    • Netflix streaming has UK “series” (lorries) 1-4! Series 4 totally went off the rails, but I make no apologies for barking out “TONY STONEM!” the second Nicholas Hoult showed up onscreen in X Men: First Class (or Sex Men: First Ass as we’ve been calling it around here).

  4. At least MTV can’t cancel my Skins/Teen Wolf Crossover Slashfic.

    • “And then the teen wolf wanders into the makeout party through an open window and mauls everyone to death. The teen wolf jumps back out the window and runs into the street, where it’s hit by a car. It turns out that teen wolves can only be killed by getting hit by cars, so he dies. The end.”

  5. but now what will i watch to make me feel like a disgusting pervert?
    oh, right…porn. carry on, MTV.

  6. Now the only place I can see teenagers get high and fuck is my apartment.

  7. I’m kind of stunned it took this long?

  8. While I don’t want to push too hard in defending what was almost certainly an awful, awful tv show, there’s just something ‘off’ about this sentence from the article:

    “These are things that could be avoidable if companies like MTV didn’t insist on pushing the envelope and took the concerns of parents and families seriously before they began production on such a thing.”

    While there’s definitely a limit to how much an envelope should be pushed at a time (if the words ‘breaches child pornography laws’ can be applied to your show, you’ve probably pushed too hard) and MTV especially ought to be wary of that limit given it’s market position and audience, it seems that everyone ought to be pushing envelopes at least a little from time to time? That’s how the medium (and culture itself) progresses.

    I have no issue with a terrible, illegal(?) show being cancelled. I object when a group such as the Parents Television Council claims the cancellation as a victory for the limits of their particular set of values.

    tl;dr: I haven’t seen Skins (US) or met anyone from the PTC; I don’t know what I’m talking about and am angry about it.

  9. Effy knows how I feel about this one…

  10. eeee me too. and nobody with me understood :( `

  11. I remember when programming that featured sex and drugs were popular on Mtv. They were called videos! Cha-Cheez!

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