After a recent performance by Tracy Morgan at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, a young man named Kevin Rogers took to his Facebook page to describe the show:

I have very thick skin when it comes to humor; I can dish and I can take. What I can’t take is when Mr. Morgan took it upon himself to mention about how he feels all this gay shit was crazy and that women are a gift from God and that “Born this Way” is bullshit, gay is a choice, and the reason he knows this is exactly because “God don’t make no mistakes” (referring to God not making someone gay cause that would be a mistake). He said that there is no way a woman could love and have sexual desire for another woman, that’s just a woman pretending because she hates a fucking man. He took time to visit the bullshit of this bullying stuff and informed us that the gays needed to quit being pussies and not be whining about something as insignificant as bullying. He mentioned that gay was something kids learn from the media and programming, and that bullied kids should just bust some ass and beat those other little fuckers that bully them, not whine about it. He said if his son that was gay he better come home and talk to him like a man and not [he mimicked a gay, high pitched voice] or he would pull out a knife and stab that little N (one word I refuse to use) to death. He mentioned that Barack Obama needed to man up and quit being all down with this just because he has a wife and two daughters. All of this being followed by thunderous cheer and “You go Tracys”. Tracy then said he didn’t fucking care if he pissed off some gays, because if they can take a fucking dick up their ass… they can take a fucking joke.

I won’t even get started on his rant about how women should be home cooking him a fucking meal and not becoming CEOs or him talking about fucking the moms of retards.

EEEEEEEEEEEEK! That is me, jumping on a table and shrieking. “KILL IT, DANNY! KILL IT!” (I don’t know who Danny is, but I would rather he have to deal with this situation. Too gross!) Obviously, uh, this is pretty unacceptable. I’m sure it was a GREAT SHOW because it sounds VERY FUNNY (JUST KIDDING I am BEING SARCASTIC) but as far as the politics of it goes: painfully reprehensible. And I bet you five hard-earned Disney Bucks that when Tracy Morgan is forced to publicly confront this and apologize, his defense will be that he is a comedian and that he was telling jokes at a comedy show. Man oh man. As someone who loves comedians and jokes and comedy shows, I sure hate that defense!

The worst part about this whole situation, though, is that the “joke” Tracy Morgan made about STABBING HIS SON TO DEATH if he ever said he was gay (in too gay a voice?) is a rip-off of SOMEONE ELSE’S NIGHTMARE JOKE!

Videogum’s own Joe Mande has a stand up bit that he does (hold on, hold on, Joe Mande is not the nightmare) about being asked to perform at a college, but the organizer of the event asking him to please be sensitive about what types of jokes he tells, because some of the students have identity issues and one of the comedians they invited recently was booed off-stage. Joe Mande, surprised, having never heard of a comedian being disliked so much that he was actually booed off-stage, asked to hear what the joke was that was so offensive. “Oh,” the organizer said, “I don’t remember the wording exactly, but he said something like if he ever caught his son in bed with another boy, he would stab them both to death.” [At this point in the bit, Joe Mande makes a horrified face.] “OK,” Joe Mande told her, “well, don’t worry, because usually when I go on stage I tell jokes? Not my hate-crime fantasies.”

The comedian that Joe Mande is talking about in that bit, incidentally, is Jo Koy, a regular panelist on Chelsea Lately. OF COURSE.

I’m not saying that Tracy Morgan definitely stole his horrifying non-joke from Jo Koy. They BOTH probably came up with the horrifying non-joke on their own. But the only thing worse than a horrifying non-joke is a TIRED horrifying non-joke that someone else has done before. (I brought this whole thing up to Joe Mande to make sure he was OK with me republishing his material, and he pointed out that in Tracy Morgan’s version of the joke, at least he only kills one person. Good point, Joe Mande!)

Gross. Gross to both of these fucking jerks. (I guess they aren’t Goop subscribers.)

And thus ends the Videogum “Tracy Morgan Promise.” Oh well! I still like 30 Rock, and I bet that Tracy Morgan will say something “wacky” on Dave Letterman and take his shirt off on the Phoenix Morning News, but FUCK if we are going to support him in such a focused and enthusiastic way. No. The hell with him. Fuck him. Welcome to the No Jerk Club. Membership is free. No Tracy Morgans (or Jo Koys) allowed! (Thanks for the tip, Amrit, Jeffrey, and Nick.)

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  2. I like the Videogum Louis CK Promise better anyhow.

      • I do, however, wish CK would quit it with the use of ‘faggot’. I mean, his explanation of his usage is similar to my justification for using “retarded” (and you guys, I will never quit with ‘retarded’) but yeah, he needs to put that shit aside.

        • I believe he has recently changed his feelings on that. I think the first episode of Louis that I watched in the one where all the comedians are sitting around playing poker and discussing the use of the word. I think that was made to be a bit of an update to his old bit about using it.

          • I’m not sure. I just watched that Ricky Gervais special (the one featuring interviews with Seinfeld, Rock [Chris, not The] and CK) and Louie said “faggot” at least once and it wasn’t while he was doing a ‘bit’ or anything. Just totally cazh about it.

          • Oh yes, then I agree, he needs to put that shit aside.

        • I mean…. I don’t think people should use retarded OR faggot as insults since they’re both kind of horrible and dehumanizing?

          • See, I get why people shouldn’t call other people faggots, because homos aren’t doing anything wrong. But I don’t see it with retard.

            For example:
            After a friend makes a statement which demonstrates less-than-average critical thinking skills.

            Me: “That was retarded.”
            Him: “You mean I acted with the same poor critical reasoning skills of someone whose brain formed incorrectly and therefore, sadly, has limited cognitive abilities?”
            Me: “Exactly, retard.”


          • Yeah, except that still devalues people with disabilities and is therefore ableist (like racist, except for people with disabilities) and it’s kind of horrible to say “Ew, you just did something that somebody with a disablity would do! Gross!”

            Yyyyyyyyyeah don’t do that.

        • As a faggot, I’m fine with Louis using the word faggot. But that’s just my opinion, sorry for being such a faggot.

  3. This is sadly not surprising.

    • well, he did the “they can take a dick, they can take a joke” line in his HBO special….can’t remember the material he did around it but it was IFFY at best. you could kinda tell that it wasn’t “i’m telling jokes” and was more “this is what i really think” so i too am not really surprised.

      • I also like this idea that’s it’s totally fine to hate people and deny them equal rights because they made a “choice” to live some way or another. Jews and Muslims clearly choose to be Jews and Muslims, so fuck them too, I guess.

  4. If I found my teenage son in bed with a boy, I’d be mad too I guess. But only because I didn’t start smooching girls until after high school. My children need to fail at the same rate as me. It’s every father’s dream.

    • If I found my teenage son in bed with a boy, I would be mad because last time I checked I did not have children so something really weird is going on. Also, my apartment only has one bed so stop having sex in my bed, fake son! Did I teach you no manners?

      • If I found my [imaginary] teenage son in bed with a boy, I would be so mad because I would not want to find my child in a compromising sexual position with a person of any gender. WHILE YOU’RE UNDER MY ROOF YOU WILL LIVE UNDER MY RULES. Which is no romantic encounters in your childhood bedroom while your age still starts with a “1.” And who wants to walk in on their kids hooking up? But I’d keep the stabbing and murdering out of the equation.

        • The only thing worse than your mom catching you having sex with your high school girlfriend is not knowing that your mom is catching you having sex with your high school girlfriend. My girlfriend was loudly yelling my name, but then my mom started yelling my name too to get me to stop. I thought there was just an echo in the room. Finally my mom got my attention by throwing a shoe at me.

          • #humblebrag

          • If I were cringing any harder right now, I think my face would just collapse on itself. Apparently my dad saw me and my hs boyfriend dry-humping in the basement once before running back upstairs. But he didn’t know what we were doing. So he told my mom, “I just saw something no father should see. They were kissing and she was on top of him and they were like moving around with all their clothes on. I don’t know what I saw, but I am never going in that basement again.”

          • So not quite a humblebrag, women don’t yell names in bed when we’re actually enjoying ourselves.

          • LOLOLOL. I just made up that story for something to say. I haven’t found a girl that wants to sleep with me yet. #swag

    • if I found my teenage child in bed and stuff I’d go watch the david cronenberg movie “The Brood”, fast forward that part where the woman with the gestating fetus bombs on the OUTSIDE of her body picks one up and sinks her teeth in to the fetal sack and all this black blood goop type fluid comes oozing out, ha ha

  5. Alternatively, I wonder how Liz Lemon will get Jack to fix this one!

    • The most disturbing parts of 30 Rock are the storylines drawn from Tracy Morgan’s actual life, like losing his longtime wife and getting diabetes and nearly losing his foot.

    • I once read an interview with Tina Fey where she explained that Tracy Jordan’s antics ARE Tracy Morgan’s antics. I laughed and thought, “but only more ridiculous, right Tina Fey?”


  6. Can we start a new Videogum promise? Like a Videogum Nick Offerman Promise?

    • No. I’m afraid of getting Nick Offerman fatigue. He’s everywhere now and one of the best things about him is his mysterious allure.

      • I’m nervous that we’d find out something awful about Offerman, like that he doesn’t sand the underside of the drawers of the custom made furniture he makes in his spare time.

        • or maybe he has a beautifully crafted, hand-carved, exquisitely polished “No Gays Allowed” sign on the door of his shop?

          the truth is, we just. don’t. know. until he accidentally tweets a picture of it on accident…

          • I think anyone married to Megan Mulally is probably cool with the gays, so I’m guessing we’re safe there. But maybe the exquisitely-crafted sign says something like “The Wire, Lost, and Mad Men are awful shows.” I’ll leave deciding which would be worse up to you (just kidding, one is definitely worse).

          • I just clicked thumbs up for every single post in this sub-thread. Good work, guys.

    • who is nick offerman?

  7. I feel like Paul Sorvino in Goodfellas when he finds out Henry Hill has been dealing drugs against his explicit orders and Henry asks him for help and all Paul can and is willing to do is give him some cash and then says “and now I have to turn my back on you.”

    Then, Al Pacino for some reason dumps a bunch of cement on him and throws Paul in a river. Wait, that was Dick Tracy, not Goodfellas. Dick Tracy: had promise, but disappointed. Just like Henry Hill. Just like Tracy Morgan. Alright, FLW brought it back around!

  8. Gabriel, are you trying to tell me that a comedian who is regularly on Chelsea Handler is something other than a wise, witty, consummate professional? Sir, I cannot believe this! Calumny!

    • Poor Jen Kirkman. She was free, only to get sucked back in. I rooted for Perfect Couples, Jen. I wanted it to be good so you could make a buck, even if it meant Olivia Munn made a buck too!

      Also, any Chelsea Lately devotees (are there Chelsea Lately devotees?) know if Jo Koy and Ross “what homophobes assume all gay people are like for easy identification” Matthews have ever shared a panel on there. As Ross would say, AWK-warrrrrrd!

      • Didn’t Scott Thompson used to panel on that show? And say nice things about Handler, etc.. etc.? Damnit, one of my favorite people, stop making this so confusing!

      • That’s the weird thing though, it seems like a lot of comedians seem to stand by Chelsea Lately and value it in some way that I don’t understand. I’ve heard a lot of comedians talking on podcasts about how glad they are that it exists, but could be that they’re just trying not to burn bridges.

        I guess that maybe a lot of people are excited that a woman has a late-night show staffed mostly by writers who are also women, but whenever I see clips of it I don’t understand how people can watch it and not see it as some sort of awful nightmare.

        • i think it may be down to the fact that most talk shows don’t have comics do “panel” with them. They just do their 3 minutes of stand up, get a hand shake, and leave. With CL (as godawful as it seems; I can’t say as i’ve never watched it) they get to present themselves to an audience outside of the tight three to four minute format and get their names out there. So I suspect that they look past the distaste they have for her* and look at the ways that an appearance on her roundtable-style segment increases their profiles? Purely conjecture on my part, but it’s 3:00pm on a Friday and I’ll be damned if I’m going to do actual work.

          *because come on.

        • I’ve heard Chris Hardwick talking about how its a really hard show to be on because it requires being somewhat vicious towards people. He had a hard time doing it for a while, but I think he’s gotten past it.

          Aries Spears had a great story about being on Chelsea Lately he shared on the Funemployment Radio podcast and not being asked back because he offended Chelsea by being wittier than her.

          Didn’t Chelsea just complain that she was “bored” with making lots of money making a mediocre show? Don’t complain!

  9. Yikes. The only correction I guess I’d make to your post is when you say there is a “worst” part, because as far as I can tell everything about that story was all the worst part.

    • i think the “worst” part is going to be the apology…

      “diabetes be messin’ my brain up. i love the gays. back in brooklyn. What UP Brooklyn?! Brooklyn in the HOUSE! we had this gay dude Gay Ray. GAY RAY! Brooklyn! Brooklyn knows Gay Ray!. What up Gay Ray?! That dude, man. We used to throw sticks at him and he laughin. Dude could take a joke. My boy Gay Ray could take a joke, man.”

  10. People forget that Traci is 75 years old and has the mind-set of a long forgotten era.

  11. Also, objectively, Paltrow > Jordan. I think we need to start drinking early today. Nothing makes sense anymore.

    • Yeah, I’m sure my gay cousin learned how to be gay from media and programming in 1984, because that’s how old she was when I knew that she was different (I had no concept of gay, nor did I care).

      Homophobic rants always make me think of Chris Rock’s Bigger and Blacker:

      “People, we need to cut that shit (homophobia) out…’cause everybody in this room got at least a gay cousin. Every last one of you got a gay cousin. You knew he was gay when y’all was kids. You was playing ball, he was jumping rope. He didn’t turn gay, he was gay then. He just didn’t have nobody to be gay with. Shit, l got a gay uncle. Call him Aunt Tom. Every Christmas, he comes over with his ”friend.” See, it don’t make no sense to hate nobody. lt don’t make no sense to be a racist,sexist, or nothing, but…. lt don’t. lt doesn’t. lt don’t make no sense…’cause whoever you hate will end up in your family. That’s right, you don’t like gays, you’re gonna have a gay son. You don’t like Puerto Ricans? Your daughter’s gonna come home with ”Livin’ la vida loca!”

      In other words, so long, Tracy Morgan. Don’t let the door bang you in the ass on the way out.

  12. Boo Tracy Morgan! Yay for Danny! I can only assume you mean Danny Pudi, in which case I will latch on to him for the VG Danny Pudi Promise until such time as he breaks my heart for being a jerk (JK THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, RIGHT DANNY PUDI?)

    I also wish that when people are terrible, they would be terrible creatively. It gets old hearing the exact same terrible over and over and over and over and over ad infinitum until I die.

    • While the whole business about Tracy Morgan being a junk truck full of awful ideas that make me hope he is not actually a parent* is truly garbage-like, the most upsetting thing about all of this is DANNY IS MINE, DANGIT. I mean, sure, there was that part where he forgot about us and got married, and then that other part where I never met him, but once we work out those little things everything will be just perfect. I guess if Danny insisted on breaking my heart (AGAIN), it would be an honour for him to break it with lilbobbytables.

      * While it would take me about ten seconds to find out if he is actually a parent, I would rather not know. I would also prefer not to know if he has a dog, because, come on, if I do not have a dog there is no way a jerko should have a dog.

  13. Idk. Is everybody just going to believe something some random guy posts on Facebook? Is that our standard now? “Oh some dude wrote about it on Facebook, so it must be true.” The alleged statements aren’t funny even if you’re a homophobe. It just sounds like an anti-gay rally speech. Why didn’t he (or someone else?) get a video recording of it? Everyone has a phone with a camera on it these days. Was this guy the only guy offended? People go to a comedy show to laugh, so somebody else would have been offended. I don’t believe this for a second. I’m not crazy about him in general, and I never liked him on SNL, but jesus, in the Internet Era of Disbelief (all rights reserved), we’re just going to believe this?

    • Yeah, I need to hear exactly what he said.

    • I’m sure a video will surface.

    • I confess that I, too, would like some objective proof of this having happened. Because Tracy Morgan is crazy, but this just seems a weird thing for him to say. And for it not to have gotten major news coverage.

      Of course, when that objective proof comes along, I will maintain that I never doubted random Facebook guy for a MOMENT.

    • he does some very similar material on his HBO special, so i wouldnt doubt he would be going a little further, especially in a club with a group of people cheering him on…but yes, “random guy posts on facebook” stories are on the upswing and troubling. but this sounds mostly credible.

    • I agree that proof would be nice, but I tend to believe Random Facebook Guy. I saw Tracy perform about 5 years ago and I spent the vast majority of the show uncomfortable and not laughing. His act was mostly lewd descriptions of how he likes to have sex with his wife, lots of anti-women talk about how we should shut up and not have opinions and really weird stories about how he “rules his household,” (for example, always walking around naked and having sex with his wife on the kitchen table in front of his son to assert dominance).

      So even without proof, I don’t doubt he went the anti-gay route for this recent show and, once he got a few cheers and claps, decided to keep on pushing that insane envelope. Yikes.

    • This is a very fair point, but I don’t think the appropriate reaction is a full-reversal dismissal of it either? Like, this guy’s description of the show brings up multiple very specific instances of hate speech, which I’m sure were probably phrased somewhat differently on stage, but the idea that he created a completely imaginary set list for a comedian that he goes to great lengths to explain he had been a fan of before this posting suggests that whatever variation from factual moment to later retelling are not completely deniable. Like, if someone wrote on Facebook “I just saw Tracy Morgan and he was homophobic!” I don’t think this would be a thing, but the list of examples is too damning. The idea that everything on the Internet is accepted wholecloth is an exaggeration, that’s just not the case. This happens to seem VERY plausible, even to people who like Tracy Morgan (me). I would also add that the refusal to make a comment on the part of Tracy’s pr and management suggests that there is something to this story, otherwise they would simply say “Tracy Morgan doesn’t discuss these types of things on stage so this account cannot possibly be true.”

      So, while I think it’s entirely legitimate to want a secondary source for confirmation, I also don’t think that the reposting and discussion of one man’s detailed and thoughtful account of what sounds like a very hateful performance is in anyway a depiction of on-line gullibility run rampant.

      • And may I just add that I am so super disappointed in him. I know that there are a lot of closeted (get it?) homophobes out there, and maybe they shouldn’t get off any lighter than someone who goes out there and straight up says that they hate gay people and that they deserve to die. However, this is just so vicious and vitriolic, and I was a fan, and it just makes me sad.

    • Yep, I saw the apology. Consider me in FULL BELIEF MODE guys. We now return to your regularly scheduled skewering.

  14. You guys keep commenting without me, I just need to flash back to a sad musical montage of all my good times with the Tracy Morgan Promise.

  15. You know, that’s a lot of bold talk for a man named Tracy.

  16. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Gabe, we have to stop Tracy Morgan” – Gwyneth #bizarrogum

  17. You would expect better from people who are clinically insane.

  18. Gabe, you’re like my Andy Rooney. Sometimes I get tired of listening to the same person complain about the little things for what feels like decades.

    …But I always come back. LOTS OF LOVE.

    • I’d just like to say that I’ve been reading this site since it was started back in 1997 and Gabe’s unwavering, no-bullshit, consistent rejection of homophobia in all its forms is one of the most encouraging and awesome things on the blogoweb. Thanks, dude!

  19. Well, this is disappointing…

  20. I would like nothing more than for this story to be revealed as false. I enjoy ’30 Rock’ and Tracy Morgan and if this is true then I’m pretty sure it all needs to be thrown in the trash. And even if the story isn’t true I would still be bummed out by the detail of the audience cheering their homophobic affirmations because it rings true nonetheless. So many people in this world instantly rally behind blind, frothing hate and it really wears on me. But yeah, let’s hope this somehow gets debunked, because … woof.

  21. Tracy, remember your roots. Brian Fellow was kind of effeminate, no?

  22. #fuckalecbaldwin #gabeformayor

  23. Someone show Tracy the previously posted video then have him try to argue that people aren’t born gay.

  24. How can Tracey Morgan hate gay people when I’m pretty sure he stole that pencil mustache from John Waters? I’m so confused.

  25. This hurts. I liked it better when he limited his rants to the government putting AIDS in chicken nuggets.

  26. Also the “If they can take a dick, they can take a joke” line is from a rap song (I forget which one) but he definitely stole that as well… I remember when I saw him HBO taping at the Apollo he also said 9/11 was a conspiracy and everyone cheered and I knew in that moment that I was in the wrong place.

    • Immortal Technique – “Obnoxious”.

      Makes me wonder if the entire rant was meant to be ironic.

      Obnoxious nigga, murderous lyrics
      I know that you hear it
      now that I’m getting closer and closer I know that you feel it
      your eating off rap, and I hope you choke on your gimmick
      niggaz said hip hop was dead but I awoken the spirit
      we’re taking it, back in the day to the golden age
      when wack motherfuckers used to get thrown off stage
      Immortal Technique, I made this the bump in your ride
      or burn it off the internet, and bump it outside.

  27. “i hate myself” -tracy morgan

  28. In a statement on HuffPo, he apologized for his “choice of words,” explaining that he doesn’t “condone violence” and that his “friends know what is in [his] heart,” but that doesn’t make me feel any better since he didn’t address whether or not he believes all the things he said about homosexuality. First Weiner, now Tracy? What’s next — Louis CK comes out as a Holocaust denier?

  29. I hated this fucking guy before it was cool to hate this fucking guy.

  30. His response somehow comes off as exceedingly bored and arrogant at the same time. So your friends know what’s in your heart, huh? Cool. You clearly went too far and what you said wasn’t funny in any context? Then why the fuck did you say it in the first place? You’re a comedian and yet you have absolutely no filter, you just spew forth whatever comes to mind? So sad, so pathetic.

  31. If my son said- “if my son was gay he better come home and talk to me like a man and not [mimicked a gay, high pitched voice] or I would pull out a knife and stab that little (white or maybe not, I don’t have a kid yet and neither does my imaginary son that is saying this bullshit) N-word to death.”, then I would stab that little a-hole to death.

  32. Tracy Morgan has announced a new comedy touring partner

  33. Maybe it was just me, but I’m pretty happy there is no Tracy Morgan promise, cos outside of 30 Rock I don’t really find him to be a very good comedian/funny person at all. Like, I’m not sure how many of these promises there are, but putting him on the same pedestal as Louis CK, even before his homophobic bit, seems extravagant.

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    • I am no Gabe apologist. Sometimes he says stuff I disagree with because that’s just life. But guess what…this website basically ***IS GABE.*** (No disrespect to Kelly and the rest of the staff) I don’t get it when people come here and complain that “Gabe is too …..” that they don’t like his posts and opinions. Like, why are you here?

      • And it’s it’s unclear why you would need more context when someone says that they’d stab their son to death if they found out he was gay. Like, maybe this person left out the part of his act where he said he would only do it if his gay son stabbed him first?

        • I guess I need to make it clearer. I can’t speak to Tracy Morgan part. I can speak to the Jo Koy part of this article which is as I wrote above: Hearsay, with little to no concrete details other than the joke “went something like this”. I’m not complaining that Gabe is too anything. I’m calling him out for labeling a comedian he obviously doesn’t know as homophobic based off of third hand information that is questionable at best. “Booed off stage recently” (especially for telling homophobic jokes)…really? When and where? That should be very easy to confirm. See Charlie Murphy.

          My point was and is, for better or worse people jump on the bandwagon with whatever Gabe says, so if he’s going to label someone homophobic, anti-gay etc, he should maybe have done a little more research before convincing hundreds of people of something that may not be true.

          Any way, as usual, dissenting opinion! Down vote away….

          • Sure, although I’m not just making it up off a story I heard on the street: it is the experience of a very good friend of mine. And to back this part up a little bit better for you (still hearsay of sorts, I guess, but perhaps an improvement): Joe Mande did this bit at a show in LA a few months ago and a couple comedians came up to him after the show and said “Hey, you shouldn’t do that bit, that’s Jo Koy’s joke.” So, first of all, it was confirmed that Jo Koy does indeed do a joke that is so exactly like this that a bit that simply recounts a third party DESCRIBING the joke is instantly recognizable as his joke, second of all: FUCK EVERYONE who said that Joe Mande shouldn’t do that bit because somehow it would get back to Jo Koy that someone was talking about his joke, because his joke is not a joke, and it is terrible.

          • I don’t know, I think the downvotes are kind of coming from your attitude in the first comment? (“Since when did Videogum become” is immediately combative.)

            Also, is it ok to give people the credit of being able to form their own opinions? I don’t actually need Gabe to tell me that a “joke” about stabbing your gay son to death is offensive and homophobic. I was able to reach that conclusion on my own. I understand you’re questioning if the story about Jo Koy related through multiple people is true, but I also think Gabe relating a story from his good friend is just as valid as a wikipedia entry, or even a lot of newspaper articles.

            So that is all I am saying, that maybe it is ok for the personal anecdote which is more about the stealing of the joke than the joke itself to be inserted into the news-worthy (although not completely verified until now) story of Tracy Morgan being an asshole.

          • This was going to be much longer but fuck it, it would be as pointless as the short version:

            Jo Koy is not a homophobe or anti-gay, despite what Gabe says, but believe what you will.

          • “Jo Koy is not a homophobe or anti-gay, despite what Gabe says, but believe what you will.”

            Aaaaahhhh….I finally get it. grinth = Jo Koy | Jo Koy’s BFF

    • This site became on March 18th, 2009:

      Also, what the hell are you even talking about?

    • Why are people down voting this?

      He is just saying “We should get good evidence before labeling someone.”

  35. tracy morgan’s new best friend…

  36. as long as ya’ll are throwing things out of the videogum lineup, can you make some sort of policy where you don’t post videos of white people laughing and using the “N-word?” that was pretty disgusting and offensive and if homophobic have no place on this site, then surely racist shouldn’t either.

  37. I stopped the Tracy Morgan promise after I saw his stand up a few years ago at Caroline’s. It was awful sans-homophobia. Unbelievable that he’s now not just kind of worse, but WAY worse.

  38. Tracy Morgan has always been unpredictable, unfunny, and offensive when he goes off script. And his most successful scripted bits on SNL and 30 Rock base most of their humor on his borderline insanity and the fact that he doesn’t come across as very smart. I’ve never really been a fan – and most of this cult following that’s sprung up around The Tracy Morgan Persona feels like a fucking minstrel show.

    Never been into it. Not surprised by this. Over it.


  40. The solution is to stop paying to hear stupid people with microphones. The ‘Dice Clay’ method.

    Fuck you Dice Clay (RIP).

  41. I’m going to have to admit that outside of 30 Rock, SNL, and whatever movies he’s been I haven’t seen any Tracy Morgan bits. I was just never interested since his style of straight crazy isn’t really my type of comedy. I, like Gabe, don’t plan on stopping watching 30 Rock.

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    • I like your idea that if people don’t like what Tracy Morgan is saying, they should just stop paying attention to him. It’s revolutionary! Gabe, you should take this guy’s advice to heart and discontinue the Videogum Tracy Morgan Promise or something.

    • “And whatever happened to freedom of speech? He can say what he wants.”


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        • I hate it when people use the line of logic you just used: disliking/complaining won’t get you anywhere, so don’t do it.

          No one is saying he can’t think/say what he wants. A lot of us just think that the things that he has said are inappropriate/hurtful/mean/offensive/etc. And don’t we also had the right to say so? Free speech and the like…

          Also, can you name ten gay comedians off the top of your head?

    • two things though Ash: 1) it’s been pointed out that there weren’t jokes anywhere in this little diatribe that tracy went on. as in, he was not making fun of gay people or trying to be funny about it – he was straight-up just ranting. so your argument of ‘it’s just jokes, people, lighten up’ just goes straight out the window. not even in his own apology did tracy make that argument. also, 2) even when they don’t mean for their words to be taken literally, EVEN WHEN things comedians say are intended as jokes, there is still a kernel of truth to them or they would not land anywhere. some comedians (who i like) sometimes say shockingly racist/homophobic/etc stuff onstage and end up undercutting it with a veil of irony, as in, it’s only funny that i say this because it is the exact opposite of what i believe. some (like marc maron, for example, who likes to say ‘i’m not racist, i’m just nervous’ and ‘asian people don’t seem to GET me’) occasionally make statements that could be misconstrued as racist by some but which are an honest exploration of how they feel about things and their navigation of a tricky space, which comes off as funny when they acknowledge that their potentially-wrong gut feeling is true to them (and thus often connects with their audience). and then there are those jokes like michael ian black’s which you quoted – which is funny BECAUSE it has a kernel of truth, not because he’s just saying nonsense words disconnected from any reality that we’re supposed to lift out of context and find funny. he’d make such a statement about his sweater, i assume, because he actually did feel like losing his sweater was a loss, and in expressing that loss made an absurd comparison both to illustrate how he felt and to make fun of himself for feeling that way so meaningless in perspective. oh! that’s the through-line i’m getting at here – all of those other examples i cited are people ultimately expressing a personal truth and making fun of THEMSELVES, which creates a point of connection to others. they’re not just talking crazy shit that means nothing and passing it off as a joke ‘so lighten up’, because pretty much nothing anybody says actually means nothing. either there is a real truth underlying the comedic premise or nobody is going to care what you say at all ever.

  43. Now that we have an opening in the VG Promise, I would like to nominate anyone from the cast of Community, but preferably Donald Glover.

  44. Countdown to appearance on Fox News Channel in 5…4…3…

  45. Did folks see this?: “I hope for his sake that Tracy’s apology will be accepted as sincere by his gay and lesbian co-workers at ’30 Rock’, without whom Tracy would not have lines to say, clothes to wear, sets to stand on, scene partners to act with, or a printed-out paycheck from accounting to put in his pocket.”

  46. At least the positive aspect of this whole thing is the reminder of that joke that I heard Joe Mande perform a few months ago. Thanks racism!

  47. He only has one slim chance now – Celebrity Rehab!

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