YESSSSSSSSS! Pretty sure this is what Rebecca Black meant when she sang “Fun, fun, fun, fun/Lookin’ forward to the weekend/weekend.” Rebecca Black references, you guys. Whatever. It’s Friday, boss. Give me a break. Watch this video again. See? You don’t care either! You’re not upset anymore. YOU’RE HAVING TOO GOOD A TIME! Dance, boss. Dance! (Via @RichJuz.)

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  1. I call this one the “Let’s Get Condé Nast-y” – that kid, probably.

    • Whoa. I almost made a joke about how that kid probably works at Conde Nast* now. Why are you inside my brain?

      *Or Hearst. I couldn’t decide, so I went with living arrangements.

  2. Greta Garbo and Monroe. Dietrich and DiMaggiHELLO.

  3. And that little boy went on to live in a small studio apartment on West 25th Street.

    You did it, little guy. You crossed that river.

  4. Someone should really tell those sailboats to slow down. Someone could get hurt.

  5. This young man grew up to be featured in a video for the Bluth’s T.B.D. charity drive. “Keep on fighting little guy!”

  6. I got nothing here except at one point in the video I could see my first apartment through his invisible shorts.*

    *If I had a nickle for every time I’ve said that phrase, I’d have 65 cents.

  7. Awww! This kid is the best. He is having so much fun! Now I’M having so much fun watching HIM have so much fun. Friday morning dance party, everybody!

  8. This horrifies me, only because I know there is video floating around of me doing numerous horrible dances, either at home or at dance recitals. Excuse me, I’m flying to GA to burn all of my mother’s tapes before she figures out that you can transfer them to DVD and upload them to the Internet.

    On a side note, was this done at Six Flags or something? Remember when they had the recording booths and video stuff like this?

  9. Oh man! I was just away for 3 days at a work meeting that was EXHAUSTING and STRESSFUL and DRUNK, and now I’m back at regular work hating my life, and then this comes along. And it’s a real, true blessing that this video exists.

    For once in my life, I’m actually HAPPY that someone’s home videos from 1991 made it onto youtube. This kid is roughly my age now. He and I could hang out and go dancing together. That possibility makes me so happy.

  10. What I’m really impressed with is how these special effects have withstood the test of time.

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  12. ahh , first that “i’m zack” bar mitzvah vid and now this, and now all my coworkers who walk behind my desk think i’m into gay adolescent entertainment.


  14. Phew, I thought for a second my mom had figured out how to transfer our old home movies to the computer, but then I remembered that the only videos like this that exist of me are of my sister and I dancing together to Janet Jackson and MC Hammer songs.


  15. This worries me, because I know there are people all over the internet today making fun of this kid. I would be horrified if my young self’s attempts at dance/singing/theater/awesomeness showed up on the internet now! But at the same time this is amazing and I want that kid to know it. Kid, if your adult self reads this blog: you are awesome!

    On a side note, I just found some of the Jonny Quest fanfiction my 12 year old self wrote. It is still on the internet! It is going under lock and key.

  16. Who do I send the cease and desist letter to? I am so embarrassed. Just kidding i am not embarrassed, I just really loved Madonna, and New York and styling bad ass fashions like a pimp.

  17. Great, now I’m feeling nostalgic for Vogueing.

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