What? It’s called music. Look it up. (Thanks for the tip, Seth.)

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  1. Downvote entrapment.

  2. Nice try, Gabe. I’m on to your apparent tricks to get me fired and/or arrested.

  3. i’ll leave it at this: girl’s got rhyme. she could school Chet Haze in a rap battle.

  4. Eventually the world will be covered in ash and vaginas.

  5. So in other words, her vagina does not require ramp access, but the rest of her does.

  6. Ugh. I hate when people say ain’t.

  7. You know, the subject matter/context might be just a hair uncomfortable, but I’m gonna take this the other way: she’s a pretty fantastic rapper for someone with a big plastic tube coming out of her throat

    • I admire her swag.

      • But seriously, let’s get real: I think she’s amazing. I mean at first I thought: “eeesh,” but then at the same time, here she is, just laying it all out there, quite cleverly, saying “just because I’m handicapped, it doesn’t mean i’m not a person who has the same feelings, needs, and desires as anyone else.”

      • so does this guy:

        i’m guessing she’s the newest member of OFWGKTA.

  8. I know it isn’t true, but I can’t shake the feeling that Seth Macfarlane is behind all of this: that he not only filmed and wrote the video but also hacked into videogum and posted it.

  9. I was gonna make a joke like this guy

    But I realized I would end up sounding like this guy

  10. I can only assume, without watching the video, this has to do with women playing golf.

  11. Of course its not! Why would be think it is?

  12. still wondering whether vagina is handicap

  13. Isn’tt handicapped an offensive term? That vagina is handicapable!

  14. Cripple with Swag to duet with Majela ZeZe Diamond, please:


  15. this is the best post!!!!!!!!!

  16. Don’t let the conservatives get wind of this; they’ll try to cut her disability.

  17. Did you guys watch any of her other videos? She covers Biggie Smalls and Prince. They were okay, but I’d like to see more of this original material.

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