If you are a little sleepy and rushing to find something to blog about, don’t assume that another blog’s fake listing of the 2011 Emmy nominations is a real listing of the 2011 Emmy nominations just because you like all the same things that blog likes. THE MORE YOU KNOW! GO TO BED!

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  1. You say it was a mistake. I say it was the Weeping Gwyneths!


  2. I predict when we see the real Emmy nominees next month we’ll be all like “Fuck this, give me Gabe’s fake nominees any day.”

  3. This is like that time I organized a book burning because I thought that there really were monsters at the end of the book.

  4. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling commenters and your dumb dog*

    *writing that Birdie is a dumb dog is very hard since obviously that’s not true

    • Hmm. On the one hand, dogs tend to be dumb. On the other hand, as a commenter on this blog, I’m pledged to defend Birdie’s honor. That’s part of the deal here, right?

  5. Even in the fake Emmy world, my boyfriend doesn’t get any love. WTF

  6. Super 8 is still up for Best Supporting Actor in a Rap, though, right?

  7. I had a really important Coach and Tami Taylor comment too :(

  8. Is Gwyneth Paltrow still the worst? Was that actually my girlfriend earlier? Are monsters even real?

  9. Aww, you got blogged!

  10. Yeah, I feel the same way, dude.

  11. I was worried there was too much talent on that list for it to be real. There’s always some terrible The Middle kind of crap in the real nods. And I’m sure that CBS show about nerds who live next door to hot girls will get attention as well. Why does that show get any attention? Not all nerds are socially retarded and not all hot chicks are stupid? UGH.

  12. Southland and the Killing better win some Emmys.

  13. Worst –
    1. Hitler
    2. Osama bin Laden
    3. Charles Manson
    4. Outsourced
    5. Dick Cheney

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