This morning, I was riding the subway (that’s right, ladies) and there was this gang of dudes sitting in the corner around a giant cooler, all wearing shorts and flip flops and tank tops, with sunglasses perched on top of their heads, and beach towels draped around their necks. They were going to the beach! What?! NOT FAIR. Oh man, I was so mad at those dudes. You fucking dudes. GET BACK HERE AND WRITE THIS BLOG. It’s just not cool when you see other people who have the right idea and you realize that you have the wrong idea. Whoops! Anyway, congratulations to all those dudes for being GENIUSES and I hope the beach burns to the ground. Meanwhile, the second summer jam of 2011 comes from a transgendered artist from New Orleans named Katey Red. (Not to be confused with Kathy Beth Terry.) This is a real jam no joke. Put your shorts on but have a spare pair of shorts just in case you ruin the ones you just put on.

The part at the beginning when everyone runs out of the house and starts booty-popping everywhere is basically the New Orleans version of the dudes I saw on the subway. So much having the right idea up in everyone’s face. Guys, we seriously need to work on our ideas and fixing what is wrong with them, which is apparently everything. (Via Dlisted.)

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  1. I hope the X-Men are there on the beach losing feelings in their legs.

  2. Seriously, you guys. I can’t find da Melph anywhere. This isn’t funny. Kevin!… Stop laughing. I’m serious!… Yeah…. Ha ha. It’s all fun and games until you lose da Melph, then what are you going to do? Sit there laughing? I don’t think so. Now get off the couch and help me find da Melph!


  4. Mark Zuckerberg: Social media pioneer and fashion trend setter

  5. Ugh, my pj pants don’t even compare :-(

  6. This is what I imagine videogum meetups all look like

  7. Dude, I honestly love Sissy Bounce music, IT IS MY JAM!

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  9. No, not too soon. Too awful. You are an awful human being.

    • Um that’s for Tony Patton obvs.

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      • yikes.

        remember when Sarah Palin got the Paul Revere story wrong and then just kept going with it? this is kinda like that. except with more racism. Tony Patton is our generations’ Sarah Palin.

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          • yeah…the thing is…i don’t get into internet pissing matches, because i’m not a 13 year old girl.

      • Okay, well, that comment was truly stupid, and I think that comment should really focus on what it wants to convey and what it means to be funny and also maybe I don’t know remember that PEOPLE DIED and that it’s quite ridiculous for the comment to expect to the internet to be sympathetic and see the better parts of its personality when all the internet has to judge it on is the comment itself, which is really the kind of thing that not very many/no non-awful people would find funny.

        YIKES, gp.

  10. I kept waiting for the song to start and then it never started.

  11. Close-up shots of high-speed booty-popping in tartan patterns makes me dizzy.

  12. Nice cinematography, Ralph Madison. You got the lighting just right on all those asses jiggling. Morris Day would approve. #purplerainjokes

  13. Methinks *somebodies* an ass man…it could be anyone really.

  14. That’s that bird what was on Treme!

  15. katey red and big freedia have played chaos in tejas 2 years in a row and they are so much fun to watch perform. everyone in attendance looks like they are having the most fun and i had the best time. punx love sissy bounce!

  16. Needs more graves.

  17. booty popping is great, but sometimes I wish that the women doing the dancing didn’t have their faces hidden the whole time. it makes the subjugation of female sexuality so overt that i feel dirty after watching.

    • Well, I know what you mean, but go down to NOLA and check it out actually happening. It really isn’t a scene of objectification or sexualization. A lot of the men do the same dance as the women, and it is more of a competitive bounce than a subject/object relation…

      The whole scene is quite humorous and queered, so I think you don’t need to feel dirty at all!

  18. I think my ears, and also those women’s behinds, are having seizures.


  20. It’s kinda like if Ru Paul and Atari Teenage Riot had a child. But only kinda.

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