I’m unfortunately not a person who knows a lot about art. I like it? I like to look at it and I understand that it is important and I read An Object of Beauty*, but generally I don’t care to know a lot about it because that’s just who I am, please get off my back. “I don’t know art, and I also don’t know what I like because I know so little about it that I couldn’t even guess.” So it’s very possible that this video of these people (these artists) buying out a convenience store in NYC is art. And it’s possible that “repurposing” the items they bought by placing them in glass boxes is art. And it’s possible that selling these items for hundreds of dollars in their online store is art. Anything is possible, especially when it comes to the confusing world of art and the confusing world of people who maybe think they are younger than they are in New York City.

Maybe the art is that I dislike them all so much even though I don’t even know them and they made the old guy happy, which is nice? (But now he has to, like, restock EVERYTHING? Ugh, what a pain.) If that is supposed to be the art then congratulations on your art, you are all the next Andy Storehols. (Via TheDailyWhat)

*I didn’t like it very much though. I’m sorry, Steve Martin!
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  1. Ceci n’est pas une flash mob.

  2. Among everything else in this video, it makes me upset that there exists small subpopulations that think videos like this (or a different group for the Kathy Beth Perry video, Larry the Cable Guy, etc.) are the FUNNIEST/COOLEST THING EVER.

    But also the syncing of the percussion to the tap tap tappy of the adding machine calculator. that makes me more upset than you’ll ever know.

    • As an artist (i know, boo…snore…boo) I think it’s totally proper to put this sort of “art” in the same kind of container that comedians put Larry the Cable guy (though totally devoid mass appeal, though such is art!).

      • clarify : what I mean to say is that there’s so much of everything so in turn there’s so much of snore.

        • I agree with this ^. I also realize that being upset that people like certain things (ANY thing) isn’t an entirely compelling argument; i guess i was just (and still am) angry that someone managed to do something that exactly resembles my nightmare and titled it “We bought EVERYTHING in a store.”

          • no i totally agree! I can’t tell people what I do for a living without eye-rolls or getting punched in the face because of people like the ones in this video. this is also my nightmare*

            *Trademark thisismynightmare inc

      • Let’s form a task force, probably_not! As an art person I am kind of sick of trying to have conversations with people where I tell them just because I work in art doesn’t mean I like all art ever. Or that all art is good. People don’t hate all music ever just because of Chet Hanks.

  3. I’m calling bullshit “repurposing” cigarettes and booze for something other than their intended original purpose. Why would you do that? I could have used those!

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the only true art in this world is the exquisite moment when you and only see something fleeting in nature and it’s gone before it even registers.

    Oh, and that black and white photo poster of two girls kissing in their underwear.

  5. I’m more than a little obsessed with what happened to the ice cream. Did it melt? Did they eat it first before putting it on display? If so, doesn’t that mean that they are selling trash in glass box? Also, was it yummy?

    These are questions that I need answered. Get on it Meredith Viera, you’ve got nothing to do right now!

  6. Is it just me or did it look like they didn’t even have enough money in that briefcase to buy the WHOLE store?

    • I was going to agree with you because it looked silly, but they had 10 stacks of $20 bills in there, so I’m guessing they had around $10k in cash. Not as impressive of a visual as they were going for, but still a good chunk of change.

  7. If only these guys would get accidentally smothered in a 500 person pillow fight in the park or their 3 story blanket fort would come crashing down on their heads and we’d never have to hear from these twee idiots again.

  8. To Sappy, Didn’t watch.

  9. Kelly should watch season one of Bravo’s “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist” to learn all about art*.

    *You shouldn’t watch it to learn about art, but you should watch it for endless laughs.

  10. I could make a lot of comments on why I hate contemporary art right now, but I exhausted that subject yesterday (convenient). “The Twelve Million Dollar Stuffed Shark” is a great read if you want to know why the art industry is pretty much the worst.

    All I have to say is: Marcel Duchamp, you are an asshole for starting this whole thing. A complete jerk.

  11. “When a simple, yet fantastically audacious idea to buy everything in a store was hatched between beers in a Hawaiian hot tub…a group of artists from a diverse range of backgrounds converged in New York City to collaborate on an art project called Store Buyout.”

    You’re white and rich and bored. Maybe you can get Sofia Coppola to make a movie about you.

  12. HA! HA! HA! HA! That old lady had to go somewhere else to get food! ;)

    • Well, see, that’s what I was thinking. The poor little old white-haired lady, who had carefully shuffled down from her 4th-floor walkup, conserving her energy as she walked gingerly, counting the steps until she got to Hercules Fancy Grocery for her weekly quart of milk and loaf of bread…and then she gets shut out by ART.

      Oh, little old white-haired lady! Don’t you know that ART is more important than your shopping or, dare I say, your life?

      “This is what we’re doing with our LIVES.” –Your Boyfriend, the ARTIST.

  13. Ignoring the art aspect (please), it must be nice to have such a good business day where you sell out the entire store. It must also be annoying to have to sell it all at one time.

    Not ignoring the art aspect. Huh? You are just trying to make lots of money, not art. I guess good for you.

    • Once on a wine trip in France, my friends and I bought a bunch of cases of wine from a small wine shop. The owner was so happy, he closed up the shop for the day and came out to lunch with us. I don’t believe this was art. The art was in geting all of that wine into the U.S.

  14. I killed one of the girls from this video and made an art for you to buy

  15. The online store is the most offensive part of this. Like, the whole “outrageous” part of the video is about how they spent a ton of money on stuff they probably didn’t necessarily need. But they want us to shoulder the burden by purchasing the things they’ve bought at ridiculously marked up prices? So in the end they’re just really stuck up scalpers?

    I feel like an angry parent; I want to sit these guys down and force them to personally consume every item they just purchased to make sure none of it goes to waste.

  16. After the girl in the studio next to me arranged oyster crackers all over the floor and then preceded to carefully step on them until they turned into dust for the next 3 hours for her final project, I decided maybe art school was a bad decision.

  17. The videogum comments section itself cannot contain an expression of how stupid this is.

  18. Have you guys actually been to the site and seen the “art”


    $150 for an “upside down” can of coke. $406 for a plain old cigarette carton.

    I wonder if they’ve seen Exit Through the Gift Shop.

  19. As an event, this is perfectly fine and fun. What an unusual and weird thing to do, we can probably all agree. Shaking things up! Everyone seems to be having fun. Smiles abound. Sure. Cool video!

    The problem is the whole website and artistic statement attached to this art. That’s where this shit gets obnoxious. Over-educated people placing meaning where it doesn’t exist through good writing. And the drastically marked-up reselling of nonsense as art, like the upside-down soda can? Hahaha. Holy shit, no. Go away. Come again never.

  20. As a musician (i know, boo…snore…boo) I am opposed to every video ever using the same 6 or 7 songs to convey a mood. Happy? “Blue Sky Sunny Day.” Cool? “Green Onions” Triumphant? “Don’t Stop Believin” Feeling good? “I feel good.” There are lots of awesome musicians making awesome music that people haven’t heard a billion times before that also convey moods. Maybe people can use them? Ok. Off my soapbox.

    • Also as a musician, I am perfectly happy to keep any music I produce far, far away from these assholes and any “art” of theirs.

      Seriously, do hipsters have to bring that frickin’ ELO song with them everywhere they go?

  21. A: Are you coming to my show?
    B: Sure, yeah.
    A: Cool. I think it’s really gonna be great.
    B: Cool.
    A: Woof, I can’t believe I’m turning 25 this year.
    B: You’re turning 30 this year.
    A: …
    B: Art!

  22. it’s the guy who traded a red paper clip for his house. I guess he had to do something else that he thought was awesome. he was..how you say…incorrect.

  23. Wait, what?

  24. As a poor person, I feel like if my friends and I could somehow pool together $10k or whatever they had in that suitcase, you could find so many better uses for it! Even arty uses. Like, hey, we got check advances and then. . .fed every homeless person in a 20 mile radius! Or took every kid in this local school to the museum!

  25. Lord help me.

  26. People with money buying things they don’t need feels like it explains a lot of ART, so sure. Sure.

    Also: bodega cat! Why can’t I find one in Chicago? I’ve been looking!

  27. THIS is what we’re doing with our lives?

  28. This reminds me of the time I bought everything at McDonald’s and auctioned off my goiter to the Smithsonian.

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