GOTCHA! Good prank. (Via SacharMathias.)

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  1. This doesn’t seem like a “prank” as much as “being a weirdo for some reason.”

  2. CWND, n00b

  3. You know starving kids in Africa don’t even get an ice cream cone to hold normally and you have to waste all this perfectly good ice cream

  4. “Submit a ‘coning video’?? What could go wrong?”

  5. if “cone-ing is the new planking” i’m kind of looking forward to seeing how some idiot accidently kills themself going for a really big cone-ing in the next few weeks*.

    *cone safely, everyone.

  6. something something cones something something Madonna something something Monica Lewinsky
    -Jay Leno

  7. This is offensive on the basis of wasting delicious soft-serve ice cream.

  8. This man is my hero. The one where he already has an ice cream cone and seems confused by it just made me laugh so hard.

  9. Loving the last one most of all. She clearly knows something horrible is about to happen after he’s already wiped it on his face twice, then that weird hover-grab– perfect.

  10. I don’t get it, is the prank the part where he has Hotmail? If so my dad is a huge prankster.

  11. Oh, man. I never feel awkward for other people, but for some reason this made me feel SO AWKWARD. I didn’t know what to do with my arms for some reason, just sitting here at my computer.

  12. “I ordered swirled, NOT vanilla. Swirled! HAHAHAHA, am I doing this right?!?” — Tom Hanks

  13. The part when he grabbed both cones, fists down, is where I wish he’s yelled “You’ve just been JEFF’D!!!”

  14. Here’s the real prank: that guy is lactose intolerant.

  15. I’m a bit confused by the drive-thru that features an H-shaped window. ‘You may have access to the arm and hand being used to hand you your food and you may also have access to my face and head but you do NOT have access to my shoulders! Ha-ha? Ha-ha!’ But yeah I think in the UK they call this Oopsing.

  16. Can he be my boyfriend?

  17. Gabe, you clearly have too much time on your hands if you’re messing with drive thru attendants all day.

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  19. Say hello to your competition, Glenn Beck!

  20. You guys, you’re missing the point. Check the accents! He’s grabbing the cone upside down because he’s Australian!

  21. This is the most I’ve liked a stranger in a long, long, long, long time.


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