We haven’t been covering the Anthony Weiner SEXTing story because it all seemed kind of a mess and also very annoying, but we have posted Anthony Weiner’s congressional speeches in the past, because he was always so clever and funny and well-spoken, and he also seemed to have a really strong moral compass (eek!) that guided him on the correct path through politically thorny issues. But it’s also obvious that if, well, basically anybody in the public eye Tweeted a picture of their dick and then lied about being HACKED and then had to have a press conference where they apologized about the whole thing, we would post that press conference because LOLOL and GOOD GRIEF (File Under: Porno Switcheroo), so let’s be honest with ourselves here, NO SPECIAL FAVORS FOR PRO-GAY RIGHTS CREEPS, and besides, sometimes you have to kill your heroes. It is unfortunate, though. He seemed to be fighting the good fight. Oh well. Goodbye, Anthony Weiner, probably!

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  1. press conference needed more baba booey.

  2. Classic case of someone trying to stay current (sexting) and doing it completely wrong (tweeting it to the world). He’ll probably get the sympathy vote from all of our parents at least…

    • I honestly think he was trying to get caught, cry for help-style. Even just sexting on twitter is risky territory. I think it prob gave him a big grey boner to do it in front of peoples’ faces.

      Otherwise I really respect & like him. Whatever… smallest skeleton I’ve ever seen, needs a cupboard instead of a closet, etc.

  3. Nobody in the world is happier right now than Jay Leno. He’s gonna get mileage out of this for years. THE MAN’S NAME WAS WEINER LOLOLOL.

  4. All this talk of weiners is making me hungry.

  5. I’m still waiting for the response that the people of Marc Weiner’s Weinerville have to say.

    • Also the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile people must be very upset.

      In other weiner related news I get to dress up as one of the Milwaukee Brewers mascot racing sausages for like 3 hours next week at a public event, and it is going to be the highlight of my month.

      • “… so I guess now the firm will operate under ‘Oscar & Mayer.’” -Leno

        Good luck at your tournament. Hopefully Brewer’s marketing team won’t jump on this story and start taking camera pictures of hot dogs on peoples’ laps to distastefully advertise your race.

  6. Just goes to show you the duplicitous nature of ALL weiners.

  7. “See what supporting gay rights does to you?” – Everyone, tomorrow, probably

  8. If you still support him, DM me a picture of your junk.

  9. See, everyone thought that photo was Anthony Weiner, but I had my money on Barbara Boxer.

  10. Whenever a public figure’s private life gets unavoidably public, I die a little inside. Yes, Weiner’s an asshole for doing this and then lying about it. Let’s move on. Ugh. I am so, so, so glad that I was barely a teenager during the Lewinsky scandal.

    Also, was it just me or was the press during the statement more ravenous than usual? The woman repeating “WHERE IS YOUR WIFE? WHERE IS YOUR WIFE THIS INSTANT?” gave me the heebie jeebies.

    • Let me amend my sentiment by stating that it does not apply to Larry Craig or next year when Rick Santorum is caught cupping the balls of a congressional aid.

    • Yeah, like #noapologist, but how is “Where is your wife?” even remotely relevant? I thought he handled himself very well (don’t) but still sad that he’s such a schmuck

    • Donna Darko, That One. I was discussing this current scandal earlier, and someone asked, “What is happening with politicians these days?!” and I said that the politicians are the same as they’ve always been (Benjamin Franklin, father of countless illegitimate children, HELLO!) — it’s just that technology has caught up to them (surpassed them?).

    • I don’t see why he’s such a terrible person. He got involved in some online flirting, how is that detrimental to the morality of his political message? Was he a staunch advocate of rigorous fidelity? His political views are divorced from online flirting. You can’t reasonably defend planned parenthood and flirt?

      The right already saw him as immoral, and the left is far less judgmental over human weaknesses such as online flirting. So what’s the problem?

      • It taints his credibility (pun intended). It’s hard to stand behind someone who’s such an effing idiot. For me, all his clever speeches about abortion rights and gay marriage are null and void as effective ways to convince people to change their minds. Also, just because I’m left wing, doesn’t mean I’m OK with cheating on your wife. And yes, I consider sending photos of your junk to be cheating, as I would most definitely be asking for a divorce if I caught my husband doing that.

        • I don’t understand why they’re null and void nor do you explain your reasoning. I don’t know why you liked him, but i liked him because he made good and reasonable arguments against deception and ignorance. I didn’t like those arguments because i though “oh this guy just seems like he would never flirt online!”. The arguments weren’t based on an anti-flirting platform and the conviction and reasoning behind them is equally strong and unchanged. And i didn’t say you should be okay with cheating, but that the left is usually more understanding of such human weaknesses, as in that if you do it you’re not suddenly an absolute moral zero and everything you ever said or did or will say or do is worthless. A picture perfect marriage isn’t and shouldn’t be the definitive moral determinant of a person.

      • I try not to judge people too harshly when I don’t know their whole story. For all I know, Anthony Weiner and his wife have an agreement about online flirting, and it’s really none of my business either way. The issue, for me, comes up in three cases.

        1) Immoral activity. Sleeping with subordinates qualifies, anything with underagers qualifies, spending tax dollars to fund your pecadillos qualifies. As far as I know, not the case here.
        2) Hypocritical activity. If you are publicly anti-gay marriage/homosexuality in general, but you are sleeping with members of your own sex, you are sad and bad. You’re probably sad and bad anyway, but you’ve compounded it by not even holding yourself to your own dumb standards. Again, as far as I know, not the case here.
        3) Stupidity. You’re supposed to be pretty smart, that’s why you’ve been given the responsibility to legislate and represent your fellow citizens. Be smart! Anthony Weiner fails this one pretty egregiously. Dude tweets all the time, it’s not like he’s unfamiliar with the tech. It likely affects how much respect and authority he can command to the issues that he (and, often I) care about. And that makes me kind of angry.

        Whether he’s a terrible person, that’s between him, his wife, and the women he was flirting/affairing with.

        • The only time i write off a politician is if he’s proven to be working against his long-held political ideals, or directly against the state outside an accepted and valid political framework. And none of that happened here. That’s all everyone should really expect of politicians as i find the opposite to be based on a malicious idea of “i’ll let you hold a presumably higher social status, but only under the premise that i will take joy in destroying you for even small human failures, regardless of them realistically effecting your quality of representation of my ideas”.

    • Did you learn what oral sex was through the Lewinsky scandal? ‘Cause I did…

  11. I’ve decided to amend this thread: Anthony Weiner SEXTing Press Conference OR Pictures Of Weiner Dogs In Buns.


  12. Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t give a shit what a politician does with their personal life? I didn’t care about Spitzer and the hooker, and I don’t care about Weiner and the Tweet (Sitcom title copyright 2011, Krasdale).

    • High five.

    • Right there with ya

    • I care to the extent that if someone isn’t smart enough to

      (a) not to tweet pictures of their dong to a 21 year old;
      (b) not accidentally send the dong picture to the entire world; and
      (c) not then tell a series of ridiculous lies about it

      then that person should be disqualified from public service out of sheer mind boggling idiocy.

      • All I’m saying is that as adults, we can all admit that we do things that would be horrifying if they were made public, but we’re not held to such high standards so we forgive ourselves and friends for doing them. But, when a politician, teacher, or whatever else you want to plug in, does something that goes public, we turn around and condemn them.

        Jesus said “Let he who hath not tweeted a cock shot cast the first stone” and then everybody sulked and went home to tweet about it.

        • I hear what you’re saying, but I disagree. We hold politicians to a higher standard and should because of the nature of the work that they do — namely, using our tax dollars to be our voice in this democracy. When a politician misappropriates those funds (SEXTing on the clock, using congressional resources, etc.), s/he has performed his/her job unethically (possibly illegally) and deserves to be rebuked. I don’t know about you, but I want my leaders to reflect the best version of society.

          • Misappropriating funds? What the H? He simply flirted online. I want my leaders to reflect the best version of society too, but i’m pretty realistic in thinking that online flirting doesn’t negate the complete history of their political message and activity or their ability to continue it doing with the same level of vision and conviction.

          • She’s talking generally about politicians, not in this specific case.

          • “I want my leaders to reflect the best version of society.”

            Good luck with that.–History.

        • I understand that we are all human, and we all have our foibles and secrets and such. All I ask is that a media hound like Weiner, who has done his best to make himself something of a spokesman for my “team” at least be discrete. Obviously he has been sending his dick shots around the internet long enough for Breitbart and crew to get a hold of it and to wait for the right opportunity. Like hellsbells posted below, the worst part of this whole thing was the fact that Breitbart gets a new aura of credibility that he can use to ruin the life of another Shirley Sherrod.

    • I agree, but I think that it is a little different when the politician is denying gay people the right to marry and condeming them to hell while tap dancing in a bathroom stall of an airport.

  13. And this, friends, is exactly the reason why one should distribute one’s weiner pics via helium balloons. Untraceable!

  14. Has the NY Post used the “Battle of the Bulge” headline yet? If not, I’d like to sell it to them for a million dollars.

  15. “The only jokes better than weiner jokes are jokes about weiner jokes” – Twitter

  16. I don’t know how, but I think this is thisismynightmare’s doing.

  17. Fake and gay.

  18. Ah fuck. I was hoping it wasn’t true. I like Weiner. That’s what I said.

  19. It would be really funny if instead of making jokes about his last name we made jokes about his first name and pretended there was nothing funny about his last name at all.

    Anthony Weiner more like PANTSthony Weiner… Because he wasn’t wearing any!

  20. I’m sure Congressman Weiner’s office is being inundated with calls from porn producers the world over. Perhaps something positive could come of this and his aids could direct them to a certain youtube channel?

  21. The worst part about this is having to apologize to Andrew Breitbart

  22. I like Dan Savage’s take on it all.

    Can we put a moratorium on obsessing about politicians sex lives? It’s kind of gross.

  23. Anyone hear that guy yelling “were you fully erect?”

  24. I hate that he lied about it but we’ve created this culture where politicians either have to lie or resign. Let’s just come to terms with the fact that politicians are 14-year-olds mentally–they think they’re invincible and lose all sight of consequences when it comes to sex–and let their private lives be private. Actually, I take that back–I really liked seeing pictures of Weiner, so I think we should continue to be really creepy and obsessive about other peoples’ sex lives BUT just not condemn them afterward. And I mean that for all the hypocrites. Weiner stands (yikes) for great things but that doesn’t mean he isn’t kind of crappy sometimes and make stupid personal decisions. I really hope this doesn’t take him down because that would be a damn shame.

  25. The most important aspect of this scandal is that it’s hilarious. Even beyond his last name being Weiner, and how fantastically funny that is, I think he’s the worst sexter since Brett Favre. The man was sending pictures of him looking like lazy Sunday next to his cats captioned ‘hanging with the pussies’. He sent messages like ‘I’ve got a ridiculous bulge in my shorts now’. I mean, no one can beat (yikes) Half-Mast Brett wearing his crocs, but Weiner mainly just looks really lame. Sorry I’m too busy laughing to worry about clutching pearls.

  26. Sitcom dad voice: I’m not mad about what you did, Tony; I’m just disappointed that you lied about it.

  27. More like a politically HORNY issue, AMIRITE?!

  28. Well, at least he had sense enough not to lie about it while under oath. Still, gross.

  29. I’ve seen this type of thing before, and I can say with abject certainty that, until he puts this scandal behind him, he doesn’t have a shot in hell of winning the Masters.

  30. I hate hacked Weiner pics.

  31. Bill Clinton. Eliot Spitzer. John Edwards. Anthony Weiner.

    Geez. I might actually have to stop having faith in the fundamental decency of politicians.

  32. I removed myself from his Facebook fan page and stopped following him on Twitter because I just can’t support someone who’s this fucking stupid. I do hope that he’s eventually able to put this behind him and get back to work on important issues.

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