Apparently, Jared Leto is the new spokesman for Hugo Boss cologne, which is called Just Different, which is a really dumb name, EVEN FOR A COLOGNE! Why don’t they give colognes more appropriate, masculine names, like “Sam”? I bet Sam smells disgusting, that is why. Like saran wrap that’s been around a sandwich. Who wouldn’t want to smell like Jared Leto? He was on that TV show 140,00 years ago! He wears eyeliner and is in a band I am convinced not a single human being on the planet actually LIKES but he made some kind of deal with Al Pacino In Devil’s Advocate Records, or whatever. Hot stuff! (Seriously does anyone in the whole world like Jared Leto’s stupid band? SHOW YOURSELF!) I feel like even 12 year olds hear Jared Leto’s awful music and are like, “I’m 12, not DEAF.” Anyway, he’s not your man but he’s the man your man could smell like, etc.

Jared Leto Hugo Boss cologne ad (for Just Different, LOL) after the jump:

Ladies. Just kidding, ladies. (Via ONTD.)

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  1. Man I have such a great gif for this. Just kidding, I’ve locked my gifs up under the stairs in my bungalow without supper.

  2. I could talk about this or I could just post pictures of Jordan Catalano.

  3. I could talk about this or I could just post pictures of Jordan Catalano.

  4. I have been watching My So Called life on the ol’ ‘flix recently. It is SO GOOD. I am Angela Chase? (LAWL I am 30) and anyway Jared Leto is very, very cute, and we mosdef live in a society that rewards such looks, and let him have this, I say. The bloom of Jordan Catalano will NEVER be off him, as far as I’m concerned. Emo-mohawks or no! (Well…they do take the color out of it but still. I’d hit That {DOT} gif HAHAHA got y’all!)

  5. I was about 15 and a freshman in high school when My So Called Life was on the air, and the boy I had a crush on at the time looked a lot like Jared Leto. I always imagined that Leto smelled like that guy smelled (probably like patchouli or something, it was a long time ago, I don’t remember). Anyway, the guy turned out to be a total asshat, so now I hate Jared Leto. Guilt by looking-like-association.

  6. Brian Krakow is in the commercial for the Designer Imposters version, “Just Slightly Different & You Can Get it at CVS”

  7. Watch the Making of this commercial afterwards. You find out what inspired him…. fascinating stuff.

  8. I bet it smells like 30 seconds of farts.

  9. No joke. Just yesterday our intern was telling me that he just bought a new drum kit so that his band could sound more like 30 Seconds to Mars like that’s a thing worth trying to sound more like so at least one musician(?) thinks that Jared Leto’s sound is worth emulating and was surprised when I told him that I suggested some different bands he try to sound like instead.

  10. Its funny you ask that Gabe, because a girl I sorta know told me in passing over the weekend that 30 Seconds To Mars was her FAVORITE FUCKING BAND. In related news, I lost a female friend this weekend.

  11. i once went to a 30 seconds to mars concert.

    i ain’t proud of it.

  12. Is there all of a sudden a problem with double posts on Vgum lately. I noticed it yesterday in the feedback post and then there are a couple of double posts in this thread too.

    “I need to go post on Videogum. Post on Videogum.” — Jimmy Two-Times.

    • Is there all of a sudden a problem with double posts on Vgum lately. I noticed it yesterday in the feedback post and then there are a couple of double posts in this thread too.

      “I need to go post on Videogum. Post on Videogum.” —- Jimmy Two-Times.

    • FLW, we greatly appreciate your commitment to pleasing all of the people all of the time by refusing to end a sentence with a question mark (see: Gabe), even when IT’S AN ACTUAL QUESTION. Between that and giving up gifs, you’re showing true solidarity with the heart of the community.

      If we have any other notes we’ll be in touch. Be prepared to modify your behavior.

  13. My boyfriend LOVES both Jared Leto as an individual and also his band 30 Seconds to Mars. So there’s that.

    He is also a really great person? and attractive? and a drummer? and I get into his shows for free and feel kind of cool? (I am totally trying to redeem myself, please don’t laugh at him/us. Or laugh. Your call.)

  14. I had a very awkward encounter with Jared Leto once. If you google my name with Jared Leto’s name you can find a thing I wrote about it if you really want to and don’t have anything else to do at all!

  15. For some reason, I keep thinking Jared Leto is dead. Who is the actor that died that keeps reminding me of Jared Leto?

  16. the best part of this commercial is where he goes ‘turn it… up-side-down” and then the screen turns upsidedown too.

    Innovative stuff, Hugo Boss.

  17. Has Kelly told her Jared Leto story here yet?

  18. This commercial leads me to believe that the cologne will make a pack of douchebags follow me everywhere.

  19. Well. I haven’t lived in NYC and I haven’t seen his band. My memories are still of Jordan Catalano. He was hot then, and apparently, he is still hot now. Never wanted to discuss my studies with him, but that’s ok.

    I don’t care that he’s been dying his tips and wearing hi-tops and doing heroin or whatever. He’s still hot.

  20. Well. I posted that before I saw the commercial. People were so anti-Jared, I had to speak out prematurley.

    He looks like shit in that commercial. Emaciated and silly. I take it all back – tips, and hi-tops, heroin – why was I defending those things?

    I do miss My So-Called Life.

  21. Omg you people are lame as fuck! Stupid, mindless and full of shit. And this article can suck my dick! It sucks! Go and mind your own fucking business. Get a life people!

    Jared is beautiful and talented. He’s a fucking miracle. He actually do care about his fans, not like other stars who cares only about fame and money. And 30 seconds to mars are awesome and their music is the best!

    This Hugo Boss commercial is great! So you all can just fuck off and shut the fuck up!

    • Smelling like Jared Leto is my business.A filthy business indeed.At least I just used to have to smell like the soap off of out of fight club.DAMN YOU JUST DIFFERENT AND HUGO BOSS.

  22. “So, Mr. Leto, HOW is this cologne different?
    “It’s JUST DIFFERENT OKAY”-Jared Leto.


  23. Now you too can have a false sense of importance while not actually meeting a single girl during your night out!

  24. Jared Leto’s children are everywhere because his seed is strong.

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