Man, this movie still looks so ridiculous. That being said, if anyone has Freida Pinto’s number, I do still need to ask her something real quick. Thanks!

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  1. I keep laughing at these. OPENING DAY!

  2. James Franco: actor/author/teacher/destroyer of civilization

  3. And if anyone has James Franco’s number, I need to ask him something real quick… that is, if he’ll refund me for Palo Alto.

  4. Is this the prequel to Every Which Way But Loose?

  5. For some reason, the two “of the’s” in the title make me want to grind my teeth to powder.

  6. Hahahaha. Jeff Goldblum was right!

  7. CAESAAAR! is the new OPTIMUUUUUS!

  8. I can’t figure out if this would look as bad if it weren’t connected to the Planet of the Apes franchise.

  9. Hi James!!!!!! I don’t want to see this, but I would still like to kiss you.

    Seriously, you don’t have to make out w/ yourself. I can step in from time to time.

  10. Who Wants to be VideogumBlog Millionaire? Freida does, I’m sure.

  11. This looks like a great movie to get to an hour late.

  12. A-S-A-P is not nearly as imminent sounding as A-SAP.

  13. “You’re trying to control something that isn’t meant to be controlled!”
    - Every movie featuring a scientist, ever

  14. Gabe, I propose a Strangers on a Train-type agreement between you and I. I will go ahead and get Frieda Pinto’s number for you. You in turn get Christina Hendricks’ number for me.

    • Can I get in on the action to get Birdie’s phone number?

      • one time when I was at Disney World during the nightly parade they do my side of the street had Chip walking by, so I yelled “we want Dale! no one likes Chip!” and then he shook his fist at me.

        I imagine a similar situation if I were to call Gabe’s apartment

  15. At the end of the movie all of the nuclear bombs detonate and kill off all the super-intelligent apes and then the rest of the normal apes evolve intelligence over the course of millions of years and enslave the remnants of humanity, right? Because that’s the only way I’ll see this stupid movie.

    • I like this plan. Then the surprise ending is a distant shot of one of the normal apes sitting at a zoo, holding a piece of paper that randomly blew into his habitat. Zoom in, and he’s clearly looking at it, zoom in one more time, and you can see it’s a flyer of some kind. Then, quick cut to the view over this shoulder and you see it’s a coupon from GNC for 50% off Gingko Biloba.

  16. “Dis movee look liek me” -Da Cake Eatur

  17. We killed Bin Laden, we can’t kill an endanger species?

  18. The CGI in this movie is kind of terrible, no? Like, I can see people 2 years from now laughing at it. They might as well have gotten that Wendy Nightmare lady to do it.

  19. What are they going to do? Weaponize feces?

  20. unless it’s a musical starring troy mclure, i am not interested in another planet of the apes reboot.

    also, isn’t this just the plot of “i robot” with apes instead of robots?

    also, if they’re expecting this to be a summer box office smash, shouldn’t the lead ape be rapping?

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